On your computer or laptop, there should be a USB connector that allows you to connect USB decided from your PC to another device. This can be your phone, USB stick, or an external hard drive. There are many devices that you can connect to your PC and your USB allows you to do this.

There are different types of USB and a common one is USB 2.0. This is a standard Universal Serial Bus that almost all devices with USB capabilities have. Devices that have USB 2.0 ports have the capability to transmit data at a maximum speed of 480 Mbps. If you want to verify if your PC has USB 2.0 ports, you can do this easily.

1. Select Start and search and open Control Panel.

2. Select Network and Internet.

3. In the left column, select Hardware and Sound.

4. Select Device Manager in Devices and Printers.

5. Select Universal Serial Bus controllers. From here, you can check if there is a USB labeled 2.0. If not, your PC doesn’t have USB 2.0 ports.


1. Open the Application filter and open Utilities.

2. Open System Information.

3. Select USB in the left column that has a list of hardware devices.

4. Look at the list of USB ports at the top and check for a USB port that’s labeled 2.0. If you can’t see a label next to the USBs at the top select each port and take a take of Speed at the bottom. If the speed is 480 Mbps, then it’s a 2.0 port.