The smartphone chargers are known for their fragility and can stop working for no apparent reason. The phone users should know if their charger is working fine or else they may end up in trouble. For instance, if you put your mobile on charge before sleeping, expecting it to be fully charged when you wake up only to find that it wasn’t charged at all just because the charger was broken. These sort of situations are bound to irritate and infuriate you. You should always check your phone chargers to see if they are working properly. Here are some handy tips to do that.

Check the Battery Icon:

Every smartphone has a battery icon on the top of the screen. This icon indicates how much battery is left on your phone. So, when you put your phone on charge, the first thing you need to is to look at the battery icon. If a small bolt appears next to it or a plug appears next to it then it is a clear indication that the charger is working properly. This indication alone is enough to prove that the charger is working, but you should also check with other methods to reassure it.

Look for the Plug/Charging Sign on the Screen:

Checking the battery icon is only possible if your phone is switched on. Now the question is that what if your battery drains completely and your phone turns off. In that case, you should plug-in the charger, wait for a few minutes, and then observe if the charging sign appears on the screen. Sometimes, the charging sign doesn’t appear, but the phone turns on automatically after 5 or 10 minutes. Both these signs are proof that the charger is working fine.

Download the Third-Party App:

If you’ve ever run into issues charging your device, or you’d just like to test out how effective your charger is, or you just want to see if the charger is working or not, you can download a third-party app called Ampere. It is one of the best apps when it comes to checking your charger. All you need to do is to plug-in your phone on charging and run this app. It will provide you with the most accurate measurement of your charger’s full capabilities.

This app will only take 10-15 seconds to measure the charging capabilities and then it will present you with detailed statistics. This app comes more handy for testing the charging capabilities like how fast or slow the charger is, but it can also be used as a tool to check if the charger is working or not. The app will use orange text when you’re not plugged in and blue text when you are plugged in. so, if you put your phone on charge and the blue light doesn’t appear then it means that your charger has lived its life.

Try Using Computer:

Sometimes, it is not the charger that is faulty, but the socket in which you are plugging in the charger. If you want to check that if it is the socket or the charger, you can try charging your phone via the computer. Sure, the computer won’t charge the phone as fast as the electric socket does, but it will at least clarify the situation for you. If your phone is charging when you plug the charging USB into the computer then you need to change the socket, not the charger.

Physical Damage:

One of the easiest ways to tell if the phone charger is working or not is to look for physical damages. The charging cables are notoriously fragile and can get broken quite easily. So, if you see any damages on the cable then you should prepare yourself to buy a new cable very soon. Sometimes, a damaged cable will show the charging sign, but in reality, the charging would be very slow and your battery will die quicker than the usual. It is best to replace the damaged charging cable as soon as possible.