How to Know If Your Messages Are Ignored on Messenger

How to Know If Your Messages Are Ignored on Messenger

What happens if you realize that the other user has read the message and it takes them a bit longer than expected for them to answer? Could it be that they are, in fact, ignoring you?

There are some ways to tell if you are being ignored on Messenger so if you want to figure out if you truly are being ignored, read on and figure it out.

How to Know If Your Messages Are Ignored on Messenger

1. They’ve Read Your Message

The first and the most foretell sign that someone is ignoring you on Facebook Messenger is probably the most common one and the one that is most easily frustrating to many users, and that is that you already noticed that the other user had read your message.

As mentioned before, Facebook Messenger has a feature that allows users to know if the other person in the conversation has read the message you sent them.

So, in this case, specifically, where you want to know if you are being ignored, this is the feature that will be the first to let you know.

So if you want to check this, go ahead and head over to the Messenger chat and check if you have a read message.

Seeing if the other user has already seen your message is super easy as well. The way that Facebook Messenger lets you know that the other user in the conversation has read your message is by showing you that user’s Facebook profile picture next to the message that you sent them.

So once you are on the chat and want to verify if the other user has read your chat, simply see if you can spot their profile picture next to the message you sent them. If this is the case, you can confirm that they did indeed see the message you sent them.

This might be the first sign that the other user is ignoring them. But do not be so fast to believe that the other user is ignoring you as many times they might get busy and simply read the message, and it’ll take a bit to respond.

If you have more than one reason to believe they are ignoring you, then read on to see some other signs that you could be getting ignored on Facebook Messenger.

2. They’re Taking Long to Respond

Once you have verified that the other user in the conversation has read your message, how long it has been since they’ve read the message and how long it has been since they have replied to the message you sent.

Everybody gets busy at times but sometimes, showing the other person that it is taking you a while to answer might be one of the signs that you are simply being ignored.

Depending on the person, the amount of time it takes for them to reply can be considered a normal wait time, or it can be considered to be long. It all depends on how well you know the other user’s response time.

Take this into consideration: if the person is usually someone who responds quickly and doesn’t wait hours in order to get back to you.

This last time that you messaged them happens to be a time in which they have taken hours to respond, which could easily be taken as a sign that they are trying to ignore you and the message you sent them.

But there could be another side of how things should be read instead. If you know that the other user usually takes a long time to respond to any kind of message, you should not go crazy over being ignored immediately.

Instead, give them some time to see if they will respond in a few hours, but if that goes past a response received in a day, then you are most likely being ignored by the other user.

3. They’ve Been Active For A While, But Still Haven’t Replied to You

Another important feature that allows Facebook Messenger to overcome other social media and messaging platforms is that it also allows users to check if other users are currently active or at least can see if they are active at the exact moment in which you are also able online.

This feature will basically let you know if the user is online at the moment or not.

The app sometimes does let you know by minutes how long it has been since the user has last been online, but many users have reported this feature malfunction and give incorrect estimates as to the last time the user was online and actually using the platform.

This is due to how many users have the app idle in the background but are not actually using the app and sending messages to other people.

The app will still show the user as being online even if they are not necessarily active within Messenger.

So how can you tell that the other user that you are trying to figure out if they are ignoring you or not is online and using the messaging app? You will first want to head to the message conversation with them.

Here you will want to look at the top of the conversation, where you can see their name and their profile. Next to their profile picture, you should be able to see a green dot if the user is online at the moment in which you see the conversation.

This green dot next to their profile picture indicates that the user is indeed online during the time you are checking.

Now that you know that they are online and active, check how long ago they received the message from you and have read it as well.

If you noticed that it has been a while since you sent the message AND that they also already read it, then you could take this as a sign that the other user is ignoring you.

Of course, this could always be taken lightly as they could simply be choosing to answer to other messages before your, or there are other messages that are more important to answer than yours at the moment.

All in all, this is one of many signs that could indicate that another user on Messenger is ignoring you. Remember that these are to be taken not too seriously as they are not confirmations of what could actually be happening.

4. They’ve Told You They’re Going to Ignore You

One thing you do want to consider that is probably the most foretelling sign that someone is ignoring you not only on Messenger but on any social media app is that they actively told you that they would ignore you.

Whether it is done jokingly or seriously, if someone tells you that they are going to ignore you, then you should most likely take that as a sign that they do plan on following through and ignoring you.

It was mentioned that this could be said as a joke at times, and the other person is playing around to get a reaction.

But if someone has told you that they plan on ignoring you, and you send them a message, and you don’t get a response.

They have seen the message; this is essentially the confirmation that what they said was something to consider.

Now that all of those signs were considered, you might want to see how many of these were fulfilled by the conversation you had with the other user.

What to Do What If Someone Ignores You on Messenger

Now that you know what the signs you are being ignored are, you should try to see which signs the conversation is showing to move forward and confirm that the other user is truly ignoring you and the message you sent them.

First of all, if you have sent them a message and they did directly read it, consider that. Secondly, if they are currently active on the social media app, then that is also a sign that they could be ignoring you on the app.

Lastly, if the other user has recently told you that they plan on ignoring you, this is the last and final sign that you have a reason to believe that the other user is ignoring you.

So now that you know that the user is ignoring you, what are some things you can do to either get a response from them or make things better to avoid getting ignored again?

Follow the next steps to move forward with making things better and not get ignored again.

1. Wait

The first thing you will want to do is probably one of the hardest since it involves not doing anything and simply waiting for the other person to respond to your message. Many times, things come up that make it harder for others to respond to your message.

So it might be best not to take things too personally and give the other person the benefit of the doubt.

Emergencies happen, and people are not always on their phones either. Do not overreact if it has been a few hours since the other person has responded to your message.

Many times others do not have a signal, so the message that they sent you could be a bit delayed in getting to you, or they haven’t been able to respond because they’re in the middle of nowhere.

There are always things that could be keeping the other person from responding to a message, so do not get ahead of yourself and give them some time.

Waiting can bring some frustration, but in the end, it might be best to be patient instead of moving in too quickly.

2. Send A Question Mark

Patience can serve for only a certain amount of time as being patient can end up in one-sided correspondence in the conversation that two users are having.

Because of this, you will want to send a follow-up message to get the conversation moving again and make sure that the other user is aware of the case and that you are still waiting for a response from them.

The easiest way to do this is simply to send over a sweet and short message so it does not seem like you have been waiting for a response from them for hours.

One of the most common responses that lots of users find suitable to send when they are still waiting for another user to respond to them on a messaging app is simply to send them some sort of question mark or one-worded response to get the conversation flowing once again.

What this does is that it not only makes sure to send the other user another notification of the chat in case they had already forgotten about it, but it reminds them that you are still waiting for them to respond to your previous message in the conversation.

Sending over this kind of message where it simply is just a question mark raises the question as to why they have not responded to you yet without the conversation taking a passive-aggressive turn.

3. Send Another Message On Another Platform

Going back to why the person in the conversation is not responding to your messages earlier could be that they may have seen the message, but they simply are not as active in the Messenger app as they are as active on another messaging app that is out there.

As mentioned, many social media and messaging apps are out there, and the options for what to use are endless.

Perhaps the other user simply got bored and tired of using Messenger and decided to move forward and start using another messaging app instead.

If you believe this is the case, you might want to consider this when it comes to messaging them again to get a conversation going with them again.

Find another messaging app in which you believe the other user is active and know they are actively messaging other people.

Once you have found the messaging app you want to try to contact them, go ahead and either make an account or, if you already have an account, start thinking of how you want to approach the situation.

Shoot them a quick message and start up the conversation again. Do not mention why they have not responded to you on the other messaging app, as this can bring up very bad vibes for the rest of the conversation.

4. Ask Why They’re Ignoring You

If you believe that you have the right relationship with the other user in the conversation to the point that they will be comfortable with you asking them some serious questions, then it might be time for you to consider the next step in order to resolve the situation and actually find out if they are ignoring you or not.

This means that the next step you will want to take is to go ahead and bring up the conversation as to why the other user has not responded to you in the previous conversation you were having with them.

Simply ask the question if it comes out of the blue in the old messaging app that you were using with them, such as Facebook Messenger or if you were able to start up a conversation with them on another app, then bring up the question there in order to get the conversation going.

This can be something that can be intimidating for many as it can bring up other issues that perhaps lead to the other user not wanting to keep the conversation going with you.

But it doesn’t hurt to try and ask and get some resolution from asking the question.

This can help you both move forward and will definitely save you some anxiety that comes from not being able to know for sure the reason as to why you are being ignored really is.

5. If You’ve Done Something Wrong, Apologize

If you went forward and were able to ask the other user in the conversation why they were ignoring your messages on Facebook messenger, and you now know the reason as to why you were being ignored, then it might be time for you to fully solve the reason as to why this was happening in the first place.

Many times, arguments or issues in relationships can cause conflict and can then lead to passive-aggressive actions such as ignoring messages in conversations that were being had with the other person in the relationship or friendship.

Because of this, these issues need to be solved in order to be able to move forward with not only the conversation but also with the relationship that was there before all of this happened.

What you must do when you have gotten to this point of the resolution process is to go ahead and apologize to the other person for the reason that might have been causing them to be upset.

Apologizing can be difficult for many people, especially when it comes to pride and not wanting to be the first one to apologize. But apologizing, in the end, can bring forward lots of resolution and peace to the friendship.


Now that you understand the reasons as to why someone could be ignoring you and you have already gone forward and confirmed that they were truly ignoring you, you will want to move forward with the various steps that there are when you want to make peace with the other person and get with the conversation working again or moving forward elsewhere.

As mentioned before, there are several things that you can do if you want the conversation to keep going or if you want to make sure that you have the opportunity to talk to the other person once again.

First, after you have confirmed that they are ignoring you, you will want to wait out the response for a few hours, at least in case the other person was busy or had an emergency in which they were not able to respond to your message.

If you have already waited for a while now and believe it has been more time than what could be needed, you will want to move forward with sending them some sort of follow-up message in order to get the conversation going again and to send them another conversation in the case that they have already forgotten to respond or forgot about the conversation in general.

Another thing you can do is try sending them another message on another kind of social media or messaging app in the case that they are not as active on Facebook Messenger as they are on other apps.

This will make sure that they know that you want to stay in communication with them. If you have already sent them a message on another app, you might ask the other user why they are ignoring you in the first place.

This will be helpful in allowing you to make sure that you do not make the same mistake again and get ignored once again.

If you know why you are being ignored and it was an issue caused on your end, go ahead and apologize to the other person to ensure everything is okay moving forward.

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