Without having a professional look at your computer, sometimes you have no idea what’s happening once it starts messing up. It’s normal to make a few guesses to make strides to fix it, but it’s hard to know what’s happening without a solid background.

One of the worst things for your laptop experience is a battery that needs replacing. There are a few easily recognizable battery issues, such as overheating and charging issues, but there are a few other signs that you need to replace your laptop battery as quickly as possible.

How to Know When your Battery is Bad

Having a Short Use Time

You’re probably familiar with the amount of time that you can use your computer battery. If you notice your battery draining faster than normal, this is a symbol that you’re having a worsening battery. When you charge your laptop, its charge should last you around 6 hours, but it could last you longer if you don’t use any battery draining apps. Before you decide if your laptop’s battery is worsening, then think about the games and programs you run on your device. If you’re only running simple programs, then you can rule out this being a sign you’re experiencing.

Experiencing a Slow Charge

While charging a laptop takes time, you shouldn’t be waiting a long time for a full charge. Your charge should also keep once you disconnect it from the charger. One thing that you need to try before you decide that your laptop charges too slowly is if your charger is broken. Fell along the charger cord for any bumps or kinks in it. If you feel any, then a broken charger might be the reason for its slow charging. Replace the charger and see if you still experience slow charging. If so, then you might have a battery issue.

Having an Old Laptop

Many laptops are designed to last long due to their quality, but no matter how great it is, you’ll never have one that lasts forever. Laptop batteries have 300- 400 charge cycles, which is how many times your battery is drained and then brought back to full charge. If your laptop is older than 2 years old, you might want to consider getting a new laptop since your battery is nearing the end of its charge cycles.

Experiencing Overheating

Your laptop shouldn’t overheat since all laptops have a cooling system and a way to release any heat that it experiences. If you notice that your device gets hot when you’re using it, then this means your laptop’s battery is working too hard and it’s overheating. Another sign of overheating is a loud device. If you can hear the fans in your device, then it’s overheating. You should stop using your device when this happens to avoid worsening the damage. Replace your device as soon as possible if this occurs.

Now that you know the signs, you can decide when to send your device in for repair. If your device is old, however, you should consider replacing it just to avoid any other future issues that can come with having an older device.