Tinder ran onto the scene with a feature that has since bled into other dating apps. Finding love can be tough, especially if you aren’t out in public often. Instead, Tinder popularized their ‘swipe left, swipe right’ feature that changed the way dating worked.

It works like this: you get a stack of ‘cards.’ Those cards are profiles, each one a Tinder user. However, that’s not all. The people in your stack are relatively nearby, as far as 100 miles in all directions. Do you like one of the profiles you see? Then swipe right. Aren’t you interested in another? Then swipe left. In other words, swiping right is accepting, while swiping left is rejecting.

It isn’t over yet. If you swipe right, and that same person swiped right congratulations! You can start talking with one another. But this presents a question: does someone know when you swipe right or swipe left? Simply put: no. However, this doesn’t apply to a Super Like.

What is Tinder’s Super Like?

So, swiping right and swiping left—whichever you choose—isn’t known by the other person. But a Super Like? That’s a different story. But what is it?

When you’re viewing profiles in the stack, you’ll notice a few icons. From left to right: Rewind, Reject, Like, and Super Like. The Super Like icon is the blue star. Most of the icons, however, can be activated with hand gestures, hence swiping right and swiping left perform a like or rejection, respectively. A Super Like, on the other hand, is done by tapping the blue star or swiping up.

A Super Like is, essentially, a way of telling the other person their profile stands out from the rest. There’s something there that you sincerely think is special.

Do You Know if Someone Super Liked You?

The way Super Likes operate are different from a regular like. Rather than keep it hidden, you are immediately notified about Super Likes.

Here’s what happens: when someone throws a Super Like at you, you get notified right away and you’re presented with that person’s profile. You’ll notice it was a Super Like when their profile is outlined with a blue border, along with a star.

Sounds great, right? Why bother swiping right when you can rapid-fire Super Likes? Well, you can’t, and there’s a reason for that: money.

How Do You Get Super Likes?

It will feel tempting to just Super Like every person you see. Who doesn’t want to be loved? Unfortunately, Super Likes are a limited commodity.

Every Tinder user that uses Tinder for free, they only get access to a single Super Like per day. That is pretty rough, especially if there’s more than one person that stands out from the rest. It adds value to it by making you feel like you need to hold onto it.

If you want more, you have to buy them. In fact, if you subscribe to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you’ll have your Super Like limit raised from one to five. That’s not a bad deal, and if you need more, you can buy more. With that being said, it’s still highly recommended that you hang onto your Super Likes for matches that blow your socks off.

Here’s how you buy Super Likes:

1. Start by opening Tinder and, if you haven’t already, sign in with your account.

2. Once logged in, head over to your profile page. When there, tap on your profile icon.

3. Next, choose Settings. It’s the gear icon.

4. In Settings, tap Get Tinder Plus or Get Tinder Gold.

If you have Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, but want more Super Likes, you can do that, too.

5. Go to your profile page, then tap on your profile picture.

6. Tap on Settings—the gear icon.

7. In Settings, select Get More Super Likes.

Bottom Line

Super Likes can be a great way to grab someone’s attention that you’re very interested in them. However, it should be noted that Super Likes—just like swiping right—doesn’t guarantee you a match. It sure does make people notice you a little more.

What you should take away from this is use your Super Likes sparingly, and when you do, do so for special individuals.