How to Know If Someone is on WhatsApp Call

How to Know If Someone is on WhatsApp Call

If you’re an active WhatsApp user, you’ll know the WhatsApp platform can offer some great features such as voice calling. If you have a significant other, children, employees or friends, you might have noticed them using WhatsApp a bit too much and this may lead you to wonder if they’re on a call.

If you’re in the same vicinity as that person, the obvious way to know if they’re on a call is to check to see if they’re on a call when you’re with them. But in most cases, you won’t be with that person if you’re wondering if they’re on another call in WhatsApp.

How to Know If Someone is On WhatsApp Call

There are a few ways to know if someone is on another call. WhatsApp does give concrete ways to know if someone is on another call however it’s quite invasive. If you don’t want to be invasive, then there are certain things that you can use to gauge if they’re on another call.

Note: Using the methods below, you can also tell when someone is on another call on your native phone app whether on iPhone or Android, and even on messenger.

1. WhatsApp Says They’re On Another Call

When you try and call someone who’s on another phone or video call in WhatsApp, it’ll say that they’re currently in another call. This is the only concrete way to know that someone is on a call whilst they’re using WhatsApp.

You’d have to call them to know for sure if they are on another call – if you do call them and they aren’t on another call, the call will ring and they’ll pick up if they want to.

If the person is using their native phone app to be on that call, then the WhatsApp call will still go through like normal and you won’t know that they’re speaking to someone using their native phone app. You might see it say busy when you call someone and they’re on another call. You’ll only be told that they’re on another call if you try to call them using WhatsApp.

2. Check If They’re Active


Unfortunately, if you don’t try to call someone on WhatsApp to see if you’re told that they’re currently on another call, the only way to gauge if they’re possibly on a call without calling them is to check if they’re active.

  1. Go ahead and open your WhatsApp on your device.

2. Next, find your Menu Bar at the bottom and click Chats to go to the list of people you’ve been talking to.

3. After you open this section, at the top where you can see their profile picture and their name, you should see their status beneath their chat name. If they’re online, it should read online. If not, it should read last seen [insert date/time].

If you can see that someone is online, there’s more of a chance that they could be on the phone to someone else, and the best thing to do in that situation would be to call them, however, if you don’t want to call them, then this is as close as you can get.

3. Ask Them

If you’re feeling brave, another thing that you can do is to check if they’re on another call with someone is to simply ask them if they’re on another call with someone. Doing this would consist of you messaging them on WhatsApp and waiting for their response.

4. Call Them And See If They Answer

You can call the user and wait for an answer, and if there is no answer, there will be a warning alert that will pop up on the screen telling you they’re already in a call. It is a good way to see if they’re currently occupied and on another call.

Either the call will go through and tell you they’re on another call through an alert or it will not go through at all. After, you can try calling again and seeing if the line picks up, but usually, it will go unanswered if they choose to continue their call or they are still busy.

WhatsApp phone lines work a lot quite like normal telephone lines except they can actually tell you if someone is busy on a phone line.

If calling them doesn’t work, send them a quick text asking if they’ll be available soon or if they’re on a call. Waiting a bit before calling again is also effective since they’re already available earlier.

5. Ask The Person You Think They’re on Call With If They’re on Call

If you know the person they usually call around that time, a good way to see if they’re contactable is by calling and asking that same person.

If the same happens, the phone line goes to busy and gives you an alert or it makes you wait before being declined, they’re probably on call.

Shoot them a quick whatsapp message through the text messenger option and wait for their reply. This way is a little less invasive than calling the person you want to talk to but still invasive towards your mutual friend.

How to Know if Someone is on WhatsApp Call Without Calling

Maybe you’re a bit embarrassed by the prospect of having to call, which is understandable, here are some other ways you can find out if someone is currently using Whatsapp call without calling them;

1. Ask Them

Go to the texting feature on WhatsApp and you can message them even if they’re busy on a call. Asking them really quickly if they’re preoccupied or already on call because you’re not sure is also more polite.

This will also ensure you get a quicker reply since they should already have their phone in-hand if they’re on a call. If they don’t respond, you can take the next fews steps to deduce whether they’re on a call by using the next few steps and suggestions.

2. Check If They’re Currently Active on WhatsApp, It Might Mean They’re on Call

Checking if they’re currently active might tell you if they’re on a call. Usually, WhatsApp users are shown as inactive if they’re only texting people throughout the day.

An active sign or green bubble next to their profile picture usually indicates that they’re in the middle of a call and won’t respond if you try to call. If you’re brave, refer to the step above and ask them when they’ll be available and whether they’re busy.

1. Go to your phone screen and locate and open the WhatsApp app.

2. Find the menu bar at the bottom.

3. Go to ‘Chats’ and scroll through the list of people you’ve been talking to.

4. After you open this section, at the top where you can see their profile picture and their name, you should see their status beneath their chat name. If they’re online, it should  read ‘Online.’ If not, it should read last seen with the date and time they were last active.

5. If you can see that they are online, there’s more of a chance that they could be on the phone to someone else, and the best thing to do in that situation would be to call them.

Once you know the most recent date of their activity, you should have a more solid tell as to whether they’ve been calling people recently or not.

3. Ask The Person You Think They’re on Call With If They’re on Call

You can text the person you think they might be on call with. Going through a list of close friends or relatives and messaging them might be a bit taxing, but if the person doesn’t directly answer, whoever they’re calling might instead.

Keep in mind, they might also be busy and not respond, but it doesn’t hurt to try. If this doesn’t work, you can wait a bit longer and then try to call them again.

Why Does Whatsapp Says on Another Call When You’re Not

When WhatsApp servers are down, it might say you’re on call even if you’re not due to a bug. This can be detrimental since WhatsApp is one of the few international communication apps there are, and many use WhatsApp to talk to relatives in foreign countries.

It might just be an inconvenience because they think that you’re ot available and avoid speaking to you.

But if for whatever reason, your family needs to know that you are available, there are things you can do. There are easy ways to fix this so your friends can still contact you when necessary;

1. Delete and Reinstall WhatsApp

You might just want to restart the system by deleting and reinstalling the app. Deleting the app can be done through the front phone screen or through the app store.

Give it a few minutes to refresh before trying to restart the app or call the person you want to talk to. This should fix any temporary bugs or issues that might’ve been keeping others from calling you. If it doesn’t, you might need to contact support.

2. Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

If you’re experiencing this, there’s a possibility this is a sitewide bug that is affecting several accounts. Giving it a few hours’ rest will probably be enough for it to be fixed and running efficiently again.

If it still doesn’t after a long wait, it’s recommended to contact support for further help. You can find support at

3. Tell Them You’re Not on Another Call and WhatsApp is Bugging

Alerting close ones that the network or WhatsApp itself is bugging is a good way to make sure they know you’re still contactable and within reach even if the system says that you aren’t.

This will also let whoever you’re trying to contact know you’re open to conversation whenever. You might have to use your phone app instead, which won’t be usable internationally like WhatsApp is.

It also won’t be free like WhatsApp is, which is one of its major marketing points for a reason. Telling others that you can only text that day is an easy fix.

What Does it Mean When You Call Someone on WhatsApp and It Says on Another Call?

It means that the person is already on call and busy. This means that they can’t be accessed through the phone right now.

WhatsApp will alert you if you call someone on a busy phone line through an alert telling you they’re occupied with another call.

This might not work if the system is bugging or if they’re using their native phone number to be called to.

Will Someone Know If You’re on Another Call on WhatsApp?

Yes. They can either check if you are active through your profile or they can attempt to call you and be told that you are already on another call.

They can also attempt to call you even if you’re already in a call, and they will get an alert that you are busy and on the phone with someone else. If they try to call you, you will see another phone line appear, with accept and end or decline possible.

Does WhatsApp Tell You When Someone is on Another Call

Yes. WhatsApp will tell you someone is on another call if you attempt to call someone who is already in the middle of a call. The call will decline and there will immediately be an alert telling you that the person is busy with another call.

You can text them through the app to make sure they know you’re trying to reach out or ask them who they’re talking to if relevant. Be mindful of other people’s time and space as you do this. Just because they are active doesn’t mean they want to talk.

What Happens When You Are on a Phone Call and Someone Else Calls on WhatsApp?

If you’re on a phone call and someone else calls you on WhatsApp, you will see the incoming phone call along with your current phone call. You will get an option to either ‘Decline’ or ‘End and Accept’ which will end your current call and start a call with the incoming call. You can accept and end your current call or decline

How to Remove Another Call in WhatsApp

If you’re seeking to remove a call from WhatsApp, there are some ways you can do that. There are multiple ways to remove calls from Whatsapp, both in terms of receiving and records. One of these ways to remove another call in WhatsApp is to mute incoming calls to your WhatsApp account.

1. Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.

2. Go to your profile.

3. Navigate to the “Settings” menu.

4. To back up your chat history, go to “Chat Settings” and select “Chat Backup.”

5. Here, you will find features regarding calls.

6. You can turn off audio for calls here.

7. To stop your phone from vibrating every time you get a WhatsApp call, select ‘Vibrate’ from under the ‘Calls’ section inside the ‘Notifications’ screen. When prompted with a list of options, choose ‘Off’ to completely disable vibration for incoming calls.

Now you’re muted from receiving any calls and don’t have to worry about getting calls coming from anyone. This does mean everyone, and if you want to block a specific person, you might just want to go to their profile and block them. This way only they can’t call you at all, instead of limiting all of your friends.

To remove any calls, go to your call logs on WhatsApp and clear them, or delete the particular one. This will get rid of the record of the call happening.

Does Calling Someone on WhatsApp Make Them Active?

Yes. Calling someone on WhatsApp will change their status to active. There’s no way around appearing active and being on a call, unfortunately. All their friends and followers will know that they are online and active.

This feature comes with being able to take calls through the app and can’t be avoided unless you use a third-party app, which is dangerous due to their unknown nature.

Calling on WhatsApp is a pretty important feature since it’s a rare conduit for calls that are encrypted end-to-end and can be held internationally.

For this reason, knowing how the system works and updates can be important for the consumer’s usage of this. Be aware and cautious of these little details as they may become relevant in your interactions with the application later.

It’s pretty easy to find out if your friend or loved one is on a call, and if not, ways to contact them later and find out. The disadvantage to this is that it can’t be helped that you will be visible to others as well when it comes to profile activity and others knowing whether you’re on a call or not through the application.

WhatsApp is a great messenger app because of its encryption and international use and completely free usage, but it still has its issues from time to time. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and assistance. If needed, contact WhatsApp support at

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