If Someone Deletes Hinge Do They Unmatch?

How to Know If Someone Deleted Their Hinge Account

If you matched with someone on Hinge, you might find yourself excited; after all, each match is potentially introducing you to your next romantic partner.

Sometimes, however, your newly found match disappears into thin air. There are actually a few different reasons this could happen, so immediately assuming the account was deleted may not be correct.

How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Hinge Account

One reason could certainly be that they deleted their entire Hinge profile, and you will not exactly get a notification if your match chooses to do this.

However, some indicators indicate that your match is no longer on Hinge. With a little detective work, you may be able to figure out if someone deleted their Hinge account.

1. The Match Disappears

It does not matter if the person you matched with on Hinge completely deleted their profile or if they unmatched you because the result is the same: you will no longer be able to view their profile, nor will you be able to have a conversation with them.

Hinge will not tell you one way or the other, so it will be left up to you to try to figure it out.

There are numerous reasons a match could disappear, including them, choosing to unmatch you, being banned, a technical glitch, or because they deleted their account.

Unfortunately for you, it will appear the same no matter what the reason is, so a match disappearing is not a guaranteed way to determine if the Hinge account was deleted, but it could be a possibility.

You know if you have something happened to your connection with a match on Hinge if you can longer see their profile and you were once able to see it. Again, they could be missing action for more than one reason, but they also could have deleted their profile.

After all, Hinge will not tell you, so you cannot know for sure. Regardless of being unmatched or a profile being deleted, there is nothing that can be done.

Even if you really thought there was a connection there and chose to reach out to Hinge, they will not be able to help because they will not give the personal information to you to be able to contact them.

This is basic security, and Hinge has to maintain integrity, or else people are going to turn to a different dating app.

If the user was banned from Hinge, their account would also disappear, leaving you unmatched and causing them to go missing.

Hinge will ban a user if they do anything to violate their “Terms of Service”, and that would include behavior like catfishing, harassing other users, or having more than one Hinge profile.

Chances are, if your match ended up banned from Hinge, it is probably for a good reason, and you may have dodged a bullet.

Sometimes, Hinge has technical glitches that could result in you no longer being matched with someone, but these are rare. The results, however, are the same as anything else: your match will no longer exist.

If the Hinge user deleted their profile, it could be a good thing for you, even if you do not realize it at the moment. To start with, the reason behind their deleting their profile may have nothing to do with you.

You never know what someone else is thinking, nor are you able to control someone else’s actions. If they choose to delete their profile, they have their own reason.

Another reason a Hinge match deleting their profile could be could for you is because then you are not making yourself available to someone who cannot or will not reciprocate your feelings, and that is kind of the goal when you are connecting with people on any dating site.

If you are using Hinge, you are looking to make a connection with someone. Relationships are very much a two-way street, and if you were the only one putting in any effort, then the relationship was already doomed.

Hinge tells you when you create your account that their app is “designed to be deleted”, meaning they want you to find a match and then not need them anymore.

Though a match disappearing from your “Matches” tab does not guarantee that the profile no longer exists, it still means that you are freed up to the opportunity to meet someone.

2. Your Conversation With Them Disappears

It is discouraging to find that someone you were connecting with on Hinge has suddenly gone missing.

If you thought the relationship might be going somewhere, it comes as a blow when you lose the ability to talk to them, especially if you had not yet reached a point in the conversation of exchanging information so that you could continue to talk through other methods.

In a perfect world, someone that you have been chatting with on Hinge would respect you enough to at least give you a reason or a head’s up regarding them deleting their profile, but we do not live in a perfect world.

An account holder does not have to tell you anything, just like you do not have to tell someone anything if you decide to unmatch them or delete your own Hinge account.

If you find that when you go to your conversations within the Hinge app and their conversation is gone, it likely means that they either unmatched you or that they deleted their profile.

When either occurs, the ability to have conversations with them also disappears, just like their profile.

3. You Never See Them When Swiping on the App

A good indicator that someone deleted their Hinge account is that you do not encounter their profile when you are swiping through the app.

Hinge shows you profiles of people that you were never matched with to help you make a new connection. The variety of profiles is what makes the app appealing, because if you kept seeing the same matches over and over, you would potentially not find a person.

If you were previously matched, and they unmatched you or deleted their profile, they will not appear as a possible option for a potential relationship.

Unfortunately, you cannot exactly determine if their missing profile is the result of being unmatched with them or because they deleted their profile because both scenarios will cause you not to encounter them again.

There is one way that you could see them again when you are going through your potential partners.

As long as you have not gone through the process of matching with someone and then subsequently unmatching with them on Hinge, you could potentially see them again without anyone having to make a new profile.

If you just sort of skipped over them the first time around, Hinge might eventually show you their profile again; however, there is nothing that you can do as a user to make it happen. It would be up to Hinge and their algorithm.

If they were to show up again when you are going through your daily swipes, it would guarantee that you lost the ability to speak with them because they deleted their Hinge account.

Because Hinge will not show you former matches, seeing them again means that they created a new account. If that happens, you can certainly try to match with them again and pick up where you left off, but understand that it might not work out.

4. Ask Them

People delete their dating profiles all the time for different reasons. Sometimes, they realize that they are not ready to be back in the dating pool and need to focus on themselves.

Other times, they met someone with a connection, so they wanted to see where it went. It is possible that they realized that online dating just was not for them, so they may not even feel a need to warn their matches ahead of time, especially if they choose to delete it because of a spur-of-the-moment decision.

If you two exchanged information to be able to speak on other platforms, you can certainly ask them what happened. If they are on another form of social media or gave you their number, you can still contact them and are not limited to Hinge.

Make sure, though, that if you have the ability to ask them about it and are going to go through with it, you word it carefully.

You do not want to come across as aggressive or angry. Remember that people delete their accounts all the time for different reasons, so it might not have had anything to do with you.

If there is actually a connection with them, it is good practice to communicate honestly, especially if you could end up in a potential relationship with this person.

Just remember to be respectful about it, and no matter what they say, respect their decision, just like you would expect someone to respect your decision if you chose to delete your Hinge account.

If Someone Deleted their Hinge Account, Do They Unmatch You?

If someone decides to delete their Hinge account, you are technically “unmatched” because their account no longer exists.

Once an account is deleted, it will not be returned. That does not mean that your former match cannot make a new profile on Hinge and eventually be seen again, but the first profile will be gone.

Hinge does not differentiate between being unmatched or an account being deleted; either way, you see the same thing: no longer being able to view their profile or have conversations with them.

It can be a bit of a blow to your ego when you are matched with someone, and you had the intention of talking to them but needed a little bit of time to think of what to say.

When they are suddenly gone, you might start to think they either deleted their profile or unmatched you, and you could start taking it personally.

It also stings a bit if you thought you were hitting it off and find that they are suddenly gone. If it does happen, and it very well may because that is a risk of using a dating app, try not to take it personally. It is not necessarily an indicator that you did anything wrong. It might not even have anything to do with you.

How Do You Know If Someone Unmatched or Deleted Hinge?

As stated previously, it is not possible to differentiate if someone unmatched you or chose to delete their Hinge account because the results will be the same. You will, however, know for sure that one of these things happened if you observe the sections below:

1. If You See Their Profile Again, They Deleted Their Account

They will no longer appear under your matches if they unmatched you, whether on purpose or on accident.

You will not see their profile again because Hinge removes them from the list of potential romantic partners. Once a match and unmatch has happened, it is over.

If they deleted their profile or unmatched you, you will not encounter them again when you are swiping.

However, if they disappear because they deleted their entire Hinge account, they have the option to join again and will have to make a new profile. This new profile will not be recognized as a former match by Hinge, so you could actually encounter them again.

Encountering the profile of someone that you were previously matched with on Hinge who suddenly disappeared is the only guaranteed confirmation that an account was deleted, resulting in your unmatched status.

Because Hinge will not show you profiles for people you were already matched with, you will know for sure. You cannot, however, guarantee when Hinge might show you the new profile since it all depends on the algorithm.

2. Ask Them If They Deleted You If You’re Talking Somewhere Else

Hinge has some serious potential and could lead to you ending up in a good relationship. The platform uses an algorithm to try and introduce you to people that you would be compatible.

It is not, however, a perfect science, and sometimes people do not realize that a match is not even close to the person they are looking for by reading a profile on its own. After all, anyone can put anything, within reason, inside of their Hinge profile.

If you had exchanged information to be able to communicate before they deleted their Hinge account, then ask them to use a different platform. You can text them if you have their number or send them a message on a social media site like Instagram or Snapchat.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know what happened, but keep in mind that the person who disappeared might have had a reason. Try to be kind about it when you ask them and respectful about whatever they tell you.

Does Your Profile Disappear When You Delete Hinge?

Yes, your profile completely disappears whenever you delete your Hinge account. This applies to not only your profile but also your conversations. Hinge designed it this way on purpose.

They do not want you, or anyone else, to appear as a potential partner for someone if you are not going to be available to interact on Hinge or respond to messages.

If they left every profile visible after accounts were deleted, users would get frustrated with the constant ghosting and turn to a competitor.

If you choose to rejoin Hinge at a later date, you will find that everything from before is gone. You will have to start over, make a new profile, and start the process of wiping through potential partners.

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