Have you ever sat down and tried to use your device, but it wasn’t charged? That’s one of the most annoying things that can happen. It’s especially inconvenient if you forgot a charger. If you do remember to always have a charge on you, then you probably charge your device at least once a day. That’s the one of the most important things about having an electronic device, but what happens if you cant charge your electronic device?

If there’s some damage to your port or charger, then you wont be able to charge your laptop or use it. There are a few ways that you can know if this is an issue you’re having with your laptop.

How to Know if your Laptop Charger or Port is Broken

Look for an Indicator Light or Symbol

The first thing that’ll tell you if your charger or port is broken is if the symbol or light indicating the charger has been stuck in.

The indication that the charger has been entered is almost always shown as a symbol attached to the battery symbol on your screen. You can find the symbol on your toolbar wherever your placed it on your screen. You can find it by hovering your mouse around the edges of your screen to find it.

If there’s an indicator light, then look for it somewhere on your laptop. It might be a red or white indicator light on your screen that pops up whenever you plug your device in. Think about the light that you may have seen in the past when you plugged your device in and see if that is lit.

If none of these things are occurring, then it’s an easy fix to figure out what’s wrong. Switch your charger to see if it’s broken. If you plug your new charger into the port and your device works, then it was your charger, but if your charger doesn’t work even though it’s new, it might be a port issue.

Check if your Charger is Plugged in Correctly

The charger has two parts: the part with the charging brick and the part that has the part you stick into the port. Make sure that these two parts are attached correctly and snugly so that charging can occur. If these aren’t plugged in correctly, then your device won’t get any power.

Part of making sure your charger is plugged in correctly is also ensuring that your charger’s plug is firmly nestled into your wall outlet. If it isn’t plugged in all the way, then you’ll find that your device wont charge at all.

You’ll need to check if your wall outlet is the issue if you’ve checked that the port and charger aren’t from the previous test. See if your charger works in a different wall outlet. If the outlet was the issue, your device will begin charging, but if it doesn’t, then your port or charger might be the issue.

See if your Charger has any Kinks

Checking the integrity of your charger is very important. If your charger has any bends or kinks, then this might be what’s stopping it from charging your laptop. Use your fingers to feel along the cord of the charger and look for any places where there might be a bump or break inside of the covering. If you notice any of these disruptions in the cord, then this is evidence that you need a new cord. If you notice nothing wrong with the charger, then check the port of your laptop and the outlet you have it plugged into.

Make Sure the Port is Clear

Shine a light into the port to ensure that there’s no debris in it. Debris can collect in the port when you have in your backpack or while it’s laying around on your desk.

Blow into the port to see if you can clear it. If not, there’s cans of compressed air that you can purchase to clear your port. Also, ensure that the charging jack is cleared before you put it in the port. Make sure it’s not wobbly and has noting obstructing the inside of it.

These are all the things that’ll help you diagnose the issues you’re having with your port and charger.