In search of these apps, users find an exciting app and then make it popular among the Apple family. The Showbox app is one of those apps which got popular in a blink of an eye. Just a few months ago, no one even heard about this app, but now, almost every iPhone/iPad user has it on their device. This is an app which provides its users with the opportunity to stream videos, play movies and buffer TV serials or shows in real time.

This app also allows you with various distinctive features. You can:

1. Watch the movies and TV shows in different quality with the option to download. You can search the movie/TV show you want to watch or download. Most of the movies and TV shows are available in HD quality.

2. No hassle of signing up or signing in. This simply means that you won’t have to register an account or provide your card number to start streaming. Just open the app and start streaming straightaway.

3. A huge collection of movies and TV shows. You will be able to search thousands of movies and TV shows no matter how old they are or to which genre they belong.

4. Simple and user-friendly interface. You will not experience any complications, and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to crack this app.

5. Importantly, no subscription charges, no hidden fee, and no additional charges. It is absolutely free. You may think that this is the case for most apps in initial days and later they start charging you. Rest assured, you can keep on accessing this app for free as long as you like.

You may get all these features in some other apps, but most of these apps would cost you a lot of money. Downloading this app for free is a bliss considering how difficult it is to stream movies for free these days.

However, the only thing different about this app is that it is not available on the App Store anymore. It was made available for both iOS and Android during its early days, but it was then removed for undisclosed reasons. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you cannot download it. The procedure is a bit different, but it is as simple as that:

1. Launch Safari on your iPhone/iPad.
MovieBox Download

2. Now type MovieBox Download in your search bar and hit GO.

3. From the options, watch out for the source that looks authentic and scam free. Usually, it is the first option in search result so tap on it.

4. Upon tapping the preferred website, you will be able to see the option Install or Download. Tap on it.
process of installation

5. This will initiate the process of installation and hence it will require some time for completion.

6. Once it is completed, you will be able to locate the app MovieBox on your home screen. Tap on it to launch it, and just go with the flow to enjoy a number of movies and TV shows.

Now you must be wondering it was supposedly Showbox that you needed to install. Just to clarify, both the Showbox and MovieBox Pro are the faces of the same coin. You will be able to enjoy the same functionality as of Showbox. Downloading Showbox was doable just recently, but now that method has been discarded as it was having way too many glitches.

Another important thing regarding this app and process is that many people deem it as a Malware or a Virus. Just to clarify, it is far from a virus or a malware and it doesn’t impact on any of your iPhone or iPad settings by any means. Moreover, the app gets regular updates and therefore doesn’t have any functionality issues. However, if you face any issues then the best thing to do is to go to the webpage and upgrade the app to its latest version.