Believe it or not, your PS Vita can play the PSP’s library of games. Through the use of clever ‘hacking’ and an available PSP ISO game file, you can install your favorite PSP games to your PS Vita and relive your childhood. But how? Let’s find out!

What You’ll Need Beforehand

Obviously installing PSP ISO game files to your PS Vita isn’t going to be, as they say, “a walk in the park.” You’ll need a few things before you can get the ball rolling.

  • A ‘hacked’ PS Vita with the appropriate firmware. Some hacked PS Vitas run a custom firmware that’s built into the Vita’s operating system. You’ll need one that’s running the official firmware version 3.18 or lower before you attempt to ‘hack’ your PS Vita.
  • PSP ISO game files. It isn’t recommended that you pirate your games, Techzillo doesn’t condone it considering it’s illegal. You can turn the PSP games you own into ISO game files for personal use.
  • Download and install CMA, otherwise known as “Content Manager Assistant.” This tool will allow you to enable data transfer between a PS Vita system to your computer. It’s important for transferring your PSP ISO game files to your PS Vita. It’s available for both Mac OS and Windows.

Once you have those two very important components, you can move on with the guide. Let’s get to work!

Installing PSP ISO Game Files on Your PS VIta

Now that you have yourself a ‘hacked’ PS Vita and all the games you legally obtained, it’s time to get them working on your PS Vita. So, what do you do?

For starters, you’ll need to create backups of your ISO and or CSO game files. Install PSP games to your PS Vita is a bit tedious. Having backups of your ISO and or CSO game files will ensure that, if by some chance you make a mistake, you’ll have a way out.

1. On your computer, rename the ISO and or CSO file. You’ll want to rename it to something that you’ll easily recognize, but don’t make it any longer than 8 characters. You should also type it in all caps, including the extension.

[NOTE]: If you don’t see the file extensions, you’ll have to enable them. Open File Explorer > Click the View tab at the top of the folder > In “Show/Hide,” select “File Name Extensions.”

2. When you first ‘hacked’ your PS Vita, you created a specific folder for it. Find that folder on your desktop.

3. Right click on the PSP ISO and or CSO game file and choose Copy from the drop down menu. Open the folder you used to ‘hack’ your PS Vita with and right click empty space. In the drop down menu that follows, choose Paste.

Content Manager Assistant

4. Locate and launch the Content Manager Assistant, or CMA, on your computer and start targeting the PSP ISO or CSO game files for transferring.

[NOTE]: It’s advantageous that you use a USB cable for the transferring of your ISO and or CSO game files, as they aren’t exactly small. If your Wi-Fi strength is weak, then you might as well make yourself some coffee because it will take awhile. Save yourself the time and use a USB cable.

5. Locate and launch the Content Manager on your PS Vita. You will be establishing a connection between your PS Vita and computer now.

6. In the Content Manager of your PS Vita, select Copy Content located in the bottom right corner of your screen by tapping the “X” button.

PS Vita System

7. When asked to choose the type of connection, select PC —> PS Vita System under the “Copy Content” subsection.


8. Your next step is to highlight and select Applications.

Saved Data

9. Under Applications, choose PSP™/Other, which is located under the “Saved Data” subsection. You’ll have to scroll down to find it.

ISO or CSO game file

10. With the connection established by your PS Vita and computer, you’ll notice that every PSP ISO and CSO game you legally own is available in a neat list. For the sake of simplicity, select a single ISO or CSO game file you want to copy over. Then select Copy.


11. When asked to overwrite data, go ahead and allow it. Tap Overwrite.

12. Since you have a ‘hacked’ PS Vita that can play PSP games, you will want to launch the TN-V exploit, that’s the PSP emulator. The game you just copied over will appear as an option to play, but you aren’t done just yet.

13. Highlight the game you just copied and press the Triangle button. In the menu that appears on the right hand side, select Install. When finished, delete the game file when asked.

Now, you might be wondering why your game just disappeared. Don’t worry! It’s not a bug or anything.

14. Press the Select button on your PS VIta. In the VSH Menu, choose Restart VSH. Doing so will reboot the PSP emulator and refresh the menu, which in turn will make your newly installed PSP ISO game file reappear!

15. Enjoy your newly installed PSP game.