Everywhere you look there are different styles of fonts; your phone, computer, TV, signs. The custom font world has grown tremendously in recent years and there is an unbelievable amount of choices out there for you to choose from. They are extremely easy to get ahold of now too.

One of the best places to find custom fonts has to be the Google Fonts website. This website has a huge arsenal that includes over 900 font families. This is a repository of open source fonts that is easy to access, and easy to search through.

Google Fonts was created to be used with Google Docs and on websites, but anyone can use them for whatever they would like. If you are interested in learning how to use Google Fonts repository in your Google Docs word processor or how to install them to your computer for local use, just keep reading and you will find out how.

How to Add Custom Fonts to Google Docs Documents

Before you go installing all sorts of custom fonts to your computer, you should try them out in Google Docs first to make sure you like the way they look.

1. Once you have your Google Account set up, or if you already did, go to Google Docs and click on Blank to open a new blank document in the word processor.

Click on the font drop down menu

2. Click on the font drop down menu which will probably be set to the Google Docs default of Arial.

click More fonts to open a new window

3. Now, click More fonts to open a new window.

choose a full collection of the Google Fonts to add to your Google Docs Font

4. This is where you can choose a full collection of the Google Fonts to add to your Google Docs Font drop down menu.

5. Click on the Show button and a drop down menu of different categories will appear.

6. Now you can search through an individual category instead of searching through all of them at once. Seeing as how there are so many to choose from, this will help drastically in choosing a font you want.

7. Now, choose the font you decided on and click the OK button.

8. To preview the font, just type something into the blank document to see if you like it

Using Extensis Fonts to Add Fonts to Google Docs

The Google built in fonts are great, but you have to go back into the menu every time you want to use one, and not every Google font is actually added to the Google Fonts system either. Extensis Fonts is an add-on that you can get that addresses both of these issues head on and solves them.

It fixes the problems by putting all of your fonts into a special menu that is easy to get into and it updates automatically when a new font is added to the Google Fonts library.

Getting the Extensis Fonts add-on and installing it is a simple process.

1. Open a blank Google Docs document.

Select Add-ons and then type Extensis into the search bar

2. Select Add-ons and then type Extensis into the search bar and hit enter.

3. Now, click on the +Free button and this will automatically install it after asking you which Google account you want to install it to and then asking for permission to do so.

4. When you are done installing Extensis Fonts, it is rather easy to activate it.

5. You want to access the Add-ons menu and choose Extensis Fonts.

6. Now click Start.

7. Extensis Fonts will open in a sidebar menu where you can see all of your fonts and also sort them and select them without any issues whatsoever.

How to Add Fonts to Windows From the Google Fonts Website

Using Google Fonts in the Google Docs word processor is simple enough, as you can see above, but if you want to use a word processor that has a little more umph or control over your document, you may like to use Microsoft Word. If this is the case for you, you will need to download the fonts directly to your computer rather than going through Google Docs of course.

1. You will need to go to Google Fonts to get started.

2. You can go through a huge directory of fonts here by clicking on Directory, which will be located at the top of the Google Fonts website.

3. If you want to find some of the fonts that you have used in Google Docs before, click on the Show search and filters button in the top right corner of the screen.

4. This will open a search sidebar.

5. Here, you will enter the name for the font you want into the search box or select a category filter for a new search.

6. Now, click on the Select this font + buttons and you can choose different fonts to download.

7. Then, click on a Families Selected window at the bottom of the page.

8. This will open the fonts you chose.

9. You can now click the Download this selection button to save the fonts you chose to your computer. They will be saved to a compressed ZIP file.

10. You will need to open the folder you saved them to now from your File Explorer and then click on the ZIP file.

11. You have to Extract the compressed ZIP folder by clicking the Extract all button which will open a new window.

12. Then, click the Browse button and select a folder to extract the ZIP file to and click the Extract button.

13. Next, open the extracted font folder and right click on one of the Google Font files.

14. Click on Install in the menu.

15. If you want to select multiple fonts at once, press and hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard while selecting.

16. Finally, you can open Microsoft word or any other Office software and click on the font drop down menu to select the new Google Fonts you have downloaded.