In Chrome, Inspect Element is a tool that lets you view and edit the HTML and CSS OF web pages. Any edits you make will take changes immediately on the web page but those changes will only affect your personal screen and not the actual code of the web page. Once you refresh or leave the page and revisit, the page layout will go back to how it was before – so no permanent change are made to the screen.

If you’re a developer, then Inspect Element is something that’s crucial to your career because it allows you to steal code and implement it on your own project. Since the inspect element is only readily available and easy to access on your desktop in Chrome, if you don’t have a desktop with you, then your only other option is to use your phone.

Using Inspect Element on your phone is a longer process but it’s quite easy. Preferable you do want to use a desktop, but since a phone is your only option, you can use the steps down below.

Inspecting Element on Android

Since there’s no way of right clicking in Chrome on your Android, you’ll have to use another means to Inspect Element. You can do this by downloading Inspect and Edit HTML Live. This allows you to Inspect elements, edit a web pages source code, inject JavaScript into a web page, view the HTML source code, and change the CSS style of various web elements.

1. Open Inspect and Edit HTML Live.

Visit the webpage

2. Visit the webpage you want to inspect element for.

hand icon

3. On the right, select the hand icon. This is demonstrated by a hand.

4. Select the element on the page you want to inspect. This will bring up the code used to make that element.

modify the code

4. From here, you’ll be able to modify the code. You can change the html, and CSS from here, as well as change the text of certain elements.

Tap on the arrow icon in the upper right corner to go back to the modified webpage. Here, you’ll see your changes appear on your webpage.

The code changed on any website will only be stored locally on your device, therefore it will disappear after the page refresh.