You’ve got a few notes hanging out in Google Keep and you want to import them to, say, another application. Thankfully, Google Keep gives you the option right out of the gate, whether you’re using Google Keep on a computer or mobile device.

Importing Notes from Google Keep via Website

Here’s what you do:

1. Head over to Google Keep. Sign in with your Google account if you aren’t already, preferably with a safe and secure network.

2. Now find the note you would like to import to another source. When you hover over a note, there will be three vertical dots–that’s More. Select it.

Copy to Google Docs

3. In the drop down menu, choose Copy to Google Docs.

Open Doc

4. When the note is finished being copied, click Open Doc at the bottom.

5. From here you can download the document with various extensions based on your needs and import them via upload.

Importing Notes from Google Keep via Mobile

1. Locate and launch Google Keep.

2. Find the note in Google Keep that you would like to import. When found, go ahead and select it.

3. In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap More. It’s three vertical dots. A menu will appear at the bottom of your screen.


4. Choose Send. A menu will appear across your screen.

Copy to Google Docs

5. Now, you can choose to copy your notes to Google Docs or share it to another application. If you would like to copy, tap “Copy to Google Docs.” If you want to share, tap “Send via other apps.”

Google Docs

6. When the note is finished copying to Google Docs, you’ll get a message at the bottom, confirming the copy. Tap Open. From here you can choose to save your notes as various extensions.