A typical Facebook timeline is filled with information, ads, videos, wedding pictures, baby pictures, travel stories, etc. Some people like to post unwanted information or things that you may not like or are least interested in. What do you do in this situation? Well, you can hide that someone on Facebook and will no longer see any updates from them. This is better than unfriending this person, as that can hurt their feelings and turn them into a killer.

In this post, we will show you how to hide someone on Facebook using built-in features. The social network easily allows users to hide content from a friend, page, or media outlet. If you don’t like the things that your friend posts, simply hide them from your Facebook Timeline. Here’s how to do this.

Hide someone on Facebook via Snooze feature

Facebook recently introduced a new feature called Snooze, which allows users to snooze someone’s posts for a maximum of 30 days. This is a temporary move and you will stop seeing the posts from the snoozed person for 30 days or less. This option is best if you want to take a break from the person’s posts, but would like to see what they post in the future. To snooze a person on Facebook, follow the steps below.

1. On your Facebook TImeline, look for the person that you would like to Snooze. Find a post by this person.

2. Click on the three dotted menu next to the post.

Snooze option

3. Now select the Snooze option in the drop down menu.

4. You will now stop seeing posts from this person for the next 30 days.

If you would like to see this person’s posts, then you will have to visit their Facebook Profile. To start seeing their posts again, you will have to tap on the Snooze icon next to their profile. Click on the End Snooze button and you should start seeing their posts on your timeline. This is the best way to hide someone on Facebook, but only for a temporary period. If you want to stop seeing all posts from a friend, then try the method below.

Hide someone on Facebook using Unfollow feature

If you hate seeing someone’s posts on Facebook and don’t ever want to see any posts from them again, then you can simply unfollow them. This is also an in-built feature on Facebook. You will remain friends with the person, but you will not see any updates from them. This works great against annoying friends who post inappropriate content, fake news, or just post photos of everything from breakfast to bed-time. Here’s how to unfollow someone on Facebook.

1. You can either find this person from your Friends list, or you can locate a post from them on your timeline.

2. Again, click on the three dotted menu next to the post.


3. Select the option that says Unfollow.

That’s it. You will no longer see any posts from this person on your Facebook timeline. If you do want to see updates about their life, then you will have to head over to their profile. You can click on the Follow button to start seeing their posts on your feed.

Although Facebook is a great place to see what’s happening around you and to stay in touch with friends, sometimes it can get a bit too much. Especially if someone is spreading hate, fake news, and other content that you may not like. You can either Snooze them for 30 days, or you can choose to not see any posts from them forever. Both of these options are great when you don’t want to unfriend the person, as that may hurt their feelings.

Most people don’t like to be unfriended. So, there you are, that’s how to hide someone on Facebook. Of course, you can visit their profile and see what they’re up to whenever you like, but you will not see any posts from them on your timeline.