Snapchat is a mobile social media app that’s constantly on the rise. Snap is the company that owns Snapchat, and users enjoy (or don’t enjoy) constant changes to the app. There’s a revolving choice of filters that many people have even chosen to post on other social media platforms, and the uniqueness of the content that users can post is the reason that Snapchat has hundreds of millions of users.

The main appeal of Snapchat is that the content you send has a time limit that it’ll be available to the person who received it. This is why Snapchat has become the main platform for conversations among younger users. Since many times users will have tons of friends on the app, they might want to hide a few. Here’s how you hide friends on Snapchat.

Hiding Friends on Snapchat

best friends

Because Snapchat is always changing, some of the features today are features that would’ve never existed before have been adopted by Snapchat as users have voiced their complaints. In old versions of the app, users could see the best friends of the other people that they were friends with. That was invasive and many users complained about that feature, so now this feature is no longer available. You cannot hide your friends on Snapchat since no one can see them except you, which is a lot better. No one can see who you interact with.

Friend Emojis

friend emojis

The features that have taken the place of the public friend feature is the friend emojis. No one can see your friend emojis, but because they disappear when that emoji no longer matches your friends, you’ll know. For example, the double hearts to the right of your friend’s message thread means that you two have been each other’s number one best friend on Snapchat for two months. If this goes away, then you know that someone else has replaced you as their Super BFF on Snapchat.

There are a numerous amount of emojis and you can even customize them. There are emojis for super best friend forever, best friend forever, besties, best friends, and mutual best friends.

That’s all you have to know about friends and privacy. There’s no need to hide friends since they aren’t public so enjoy being friends with whoever you like. If you worry about someone going into your friends list, then consider having a strong password on both your account and your phone.