LinkedIn is a social networking platform like Facebook an Twitter that allows you to connect with people. Unlike other platforms its mainly used by business people and professions to find jobs, share their resume, and make themselves more employable to employees. Executives and HR members also use it to hire talent since most serious and professional people are on LinkedIn.

Like other social networking platforms, you can connect with people you know, like and comment on people’s posts, share statuses share posts and instantly message people. If you’ve worked and previous companies, you can connect with people and catch with them. This of it as a Facebook but for business people.

If you’ve had your account for a while now, you’ve probably amassed a good number of connections. By default, LinkedIn shows your 1st degree connections to those you’re already connected with. This means that anyone of your connections can go to your profile and add everyone to that list.

If you want to maintain a level of privacy and you don’t want your connections to see your contacts, you can hide your connections so that your 1st degree connections will only be able to see your mutual connections.

Hiding Connections

1. Go to LinkedIn in your web browser and log in.

Settings & Privacy

2. Tap on your profile and select Settings & Privacy.

Who can see your connections

3. In “How other see your profile and network information,” select Change next to Who can see your connections.

your connections can see your connections

4. Select the drop-down list. Your connections will be the default option here. This means that your connections can see your connections.

Only you

5. Select Only you in the drop-down list. This means that your connections will no longer be able to view your full contact list.

Note: Your connections may still be able to view the mutual connections in the contacts list.