How to Get Someone to Follow You on Instagram

How to Get Someone to Follow You on Instagram

The steps that are going to be provided to you are alternatives that work like a charm! So, let’s get jumpstarted and dive right into the choices of methods so you can finally upgrade the numbers of your fanbase!

Can You Get Someone to Follow You on Instagram?

Yes, you can get someone to follow you on Instagram. Creating an account for Gram and posting your content can be rather simple. However, many consumers of the app want to gain followers in a way that doesn’t require too much hassle.

In this guide, you are about to discover different ways you can get others to follow your profile.

The steps that are going to be provided to you are alternatives that work like a charm! So, let’s get jumpstarted and dive right into the choices of methods so you can finally upgrade the numbers of your fanbase!

How to Get Someone to Follow You on Instagram

There are many people who can create an account on Instagram without a doubt. However, many people want to know how they can get people to follow them on their new or current accounts.

Some people can simply create an account and start following multiple people and waiting to see what happens. Therein lies the problem. That is not the only way that you can get people to follow you.

There are other ways you utilize your account to get other people to start following your content.

Some of those ways consist of following the other person back and liking and commenting on their material, sending a quick DM to the person you want to follow you, updating your pictures, branching out to a mutual friend, tagging the people you want to follow you in your posts, and so many other alternatives.

The methods we are about to look into are steps you can take to get others to start following. And allow me to let in on a little secret; the steps are easy and quick to follow. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Follow Them and Like/Comment On A Few of Their Pictures

The first method we are looking into requires you to take a little more action than what you are normally used to. You can simply follow the person and start liking or commenting on their content.

Some people may see this as time-consuming and aggravating because it requires a little more initiative. I’m here to reassure you that this alternative is anything but agitating.

To start off with this method, first, you must follow the person you want to follow you back. This is the initial action that will automatically get their attention. After you have followed the person, look at the content that is posted on their page.

View the videos and pictures the person has posted recently. After taking a glance at their content, start to like and comment on the posts that you find appealing. And if you want to go a little further, you can scroll further down to view older photos and videos.

This is something that is considered in the social media world as a “deep-like”. When you deep like someone’s profile, this means that you have scrolled all the way down on their profile and viewed content that is months or, possibly, years old.

Deep liking someone’s profile is a great way to get their attention.

After you have taken action by following the person and liking or commenting on their content, this will appear in the person’s notifications, and they will automatically see that you have followed them, liked them, and commented on their content.

Although some people may consider this to be nerve-wracking, it’s actually pretty fun to utilize. Not only are you following someone just to follow them, but you are getting a glimpse into their life by checking out their content to see what type of person they are.

2. When You Follow Them, Shoot Them A DM At the Same Time

For this next method, it will also take a little courage and initiative on your end if you want to get someone to follow you. Basically, when you follow the person you want to follow you back after you follow them, you can send them a DM right after you follow them.

Sending someone a DM on the Gram can be taken in so many ways. There are so many people looking for certain things when they are using the app.

Some people are looking for love, others are advertising products and services, while there is also a vast number of people who are just looking for friends. If you want to get someone to follow you, you will have to proceed with the latter approach.

In other words, to really connect with someone and to get them to follow, you have to have the approach of wanting a friendship.

If you are someone that wants to get someone to follow you for professional reasons or for products and services you offer, the main thing that people fail to understand is that you cannot gain a following by throwing your product or services at the other person in their DMs.

That is a quick way for them to disregard your messages. This also goes for if you are someone that is looking for love.

You don’t want to bombard the person with annoying messages trying to get them to go out with you. The main objective here is to get someone to follow you, not shoo them away.

After you have followed the person, you can send a message that is decent and approachable. In other words, after you follow them, please take a look at the profile to check out their content.

If you see posts that are really enjoyable, you can send them a DM letting them know you really liked a particular post. This will build up the person’s confidence which will then lead to them following you back.

And if there is something relatable in some of their posts, you can let them know how much you were able to connect with whatever the posts were.

With that being stated, if you have a post on your page that is similar to a post you have connected with you, in the message, you can let the person know that you have a similar post on your profile and extend an invite to them to check out the post on your page.

The prerogative is to get the other person to like you enough to follow you back. The only way to accomplish this, if you decide to utilize the DM method, is to send a message that will snowball into a full-on conversation.

Eventually, the conversation will expand into a friendship. And typically, when this happens, during the conversation, the other person will eventually follow you back while you are conversing via DM.

3. If You Know Them, Text Them Saying to Follow You Back

Whenever we set up a social media account, we also take the initiative to add the people we know best. So, in other contexts, we add our close friends or people we may know.

Sometimes, when you follow a friend on social media, it might not dawn on them to follow you back. One way alternative to get them to follow you back is to shoot your friend a quick text message to follow you on Instagram.

Once again, it’s all about your approach to this type of conversation or text message. It may seem a little abrasive if you send a message saying something along the lines of “I need you to follow me back on the Gram!” That would cause a side-eye reaction.

It’s not about what you say, but it’s how you deliver it and say it. You can initiate the message by asking how their day is or what they are up to so that you can build up to the conversation.

After initiating the conversation with a question, then you can ask them if they have followed you back on Instagram.

This will trigger a response where they may apologize because they forgot, and then they will follow you. And if you have other friends that are in this same scenario, take the same approach when it comes to asking them to follow you back.

If you are true friends, your delivery must be on point and considerate of the other person.

Although you may be trying to build your likes, if your delivery is off when it comes to asking a friend to follow you, it can be uncomfortable. So, before sending your friend a message, make sure it’s a friendly message, my friend.

4. Make Sure You Have Attractive Pictures

If you really want someone to follow you, it’s all about the content you post and the information you share.

In other contexts, people aren’t only looking at your bio and information, but they are checking out your profile pictures and other pictures and videos you post of yourself. So, you may want to ensure to post pictures that are considered attractive to the public eye.

Some consumers may see this part of our conversation as superficial. However, it’s not entirely from a superficial perspective.

When you post pictures, it is essential to ensure that you look your best before presenting the picture to the world for everyone to see. Most of the people you follow on social media that have attractive photos will most likely have a large fanbase or following.

Looks do play a part in the attention you receive on social media, especially if you are someone that wants a mass following from tons of people on Instagram.

When you take attractive pictures for your profile, in terms of the word “attractive”, this doesn’t actually mean you have to lower your standards to take a great photo.

If you are someone that tends to take pictures of yourself wearing your professional attire and you jump into taking a picture of wearing a bikini, that may strike more concern than followers.

Although you may get a few followers due to being spontaneous, the people who already follow might start asking a few questions. Overall, if you want to appear more attractive in your photos to gain more followers, you simply must be yourself and smile more.

Along with smiling more, try some new poses or even test out some filters. If you decide to take the filter approach, it is essential not to overdo it. Meaning you can use filters but ensure to take pictures that show your natural beauty as well.

It’s all about having a balance between the two if you decide to utilize filters in your Instagram photos.

Ensuring you are taking and posting attractive photos doesn’t always mean doing the unthinkable. This can simply mean if you feel you need to put on a little make-up or wear clothing that is appealing, this will set the trend within yourself to be more confident.

And that is the key to taking an attractive photo. If you are rocking something simple, let the world know that you are wearing it in style and in confidence. On Instagram, there is competition when it comes to style.

However, the only person you should be in competition with is yourself. Test your boundaries with different styles, poses, and filters, and this may be your go-to method to achieve more followers.

5. Tell A Mutual Friend to Ask Them to Follow Them

It’s pretty common to follow someone on Instagram that has mutual followers and friends. If you happen to have a mutual following with someone that you want to follow, you can reach out to your IG mutual friends to ask the person to follow you.

Sometimes, if you have a mutual following, there is a chance that the people you have in common might actually know the person who you want to follow you back.

That being stated, you can reach out to those mutual friends to ask them if they can reach out to that individual to see if they can follow you back.

This is a useful alternative for people that may be a little social media shy and don’t feel as if they have the courage to reach out to someone to ask them a question such as this.

Also, this is useful if you have attempted to reach out to the person to follow you back and you aren’t getting a response.

Utilizing your mutual friends is a great weapon to proceed with. If you have friends that are mutual and you follow the same content, there is a chance that you have a lot in common. So, this is something that may make the conversation a little bit easier.

So, if you don’t want to reach out to them to ask them, or if you cannot get in touch with the person to get them to follow you, take a glance at your friends to see who you have in common.

Who knows? That mutual friend just might be the one to jumpstart a long list of followers.

6. Tag Them In Your Pictures

Normally, when we take pictures to post on Instagram, it doesn’t dawn on us to tag people in photos if we want them to follow us. Well, this alternative is more useful than you realize.

When you tag someone in a photo, you are immediately getting the person’s attention. When you tag someone, the information automatically goes to the person’s notification, and they will see it was you that tagged them in a photo.

Now, when it comes to the photo you are tagging them in, that’s where you must think before you react.

Before tagging someone in a photo or image, you have to look at the message of the photo.

Are you promoting something you have produced or created? Are you posting a sexy, attractive photo in hopes of looking for love? Or are you taking a moment to post something inspirational, and you want others to see it as well?

Whatever the case appears to be in this scenario, it is vital that you are aware of the energy and intentions the image is giving before you tag them.

Now that you know the primary basics of what it takes to tag someone in a photo, let’s go a little further.

After you have tagged the person in the photo or image, it would be grand if you were to reach out to those individuals via their DMs if you want them to follow you.

You can just simply reach out to them, letting them know you have posted created a post and tagged them in it. And as you are letting them know about the post, you can talk a little bit about why you have tagged them.

This can spark an intriguing conversation which can then lead to them following you if they haven’t already after seeing the post they are tagged in.

7. Try and Get More Mutual Followers, So They are More Inclined to Follow You Back

For this next method, you may have to utilize the following button a little more. Moreover, you can get more mutual followers so that the other person will be intrigued to follow you back.

When utilizing this method, if you follow the people the other person follows, you have to consider that your content has to match the mutual followers in some way or form.

In other words, if you are trying to get someone, or certain people, to follow you back, following the people they follow is a way for you to see what that person likes to see in their feeds.

Although this is not always going to be the case, people would be more inclined to follow you back if your content and posts are similar to what they see from people they already follow.

However, if it is not, the upside to this is that you can still utilize the method to follow people they follow to build a mutual following.

Either way, if you have a large mutual following from other people that follow the person you want to follow you back, that individual will check out your profile and eventually follow you back.

8. Leave Your Instagram Open

Leaving your Instagram open is a way of keeping your status active online. If you have a constant status that is active, you have a chance of getting more people to follow you.

However, there is more that comes along with keeping your Instagram open. Meaning you must not only appear as active, but you have to BE active on the app.

While you are following other profiles and reaching out to people via their DMs, it’s essential to keep up appearances by consistently posting. This will give people the impression they aren’t following a ghost account.

When people have ghost accounts, they are little to no followers. For people who constantly post content on a daily basis, this will not only build your profile and portfolio of beautiful pictures but more people will be intrigued and inclined to follow you.

For you to check to see if your status is open and active on Instagram, you can proceed with the following steps:

1. First, open your Instagram app and tap on your profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Next, select the three lines in the top right corners of the screen and tap on the settings option.

3. From this point, select privacy and scroll down and select Activity Status.

4. Lastly, you will see an option for Show Activity Status. Tap on it to toggle on your activity status.

Doing this will allow people you follow and other accounts to be aware of when you were last online. This is even essential when you are sending DMs so that the other person is aware of your status.

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