How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on Whatsapp


Have you wondered if you can get notified when a person you want to chat with the most is online? When wanting to track the usage of friends or family members, remember that people may not want to be monitored on their WhatsApp movement.

Some of these third-party apps not only will tell you when the contact is online but also how long they are on WhatsApp. If you are tired of playing phone tag and want to get notified when your friend is online this guide will tell you if that is possible. 

Can You Get A Notification When Someone is Online on Whatsapp?

If you are looking for a way to get notified when a friend or family member is online on WhatsApp, the answer is not through the app itself. However; you can use a third-party app that will allow you to get notified when your friend is online.

WhatsApp does not give the users the option to get notified when another user is online. That does not mean you can not download another app that will send you notifications when your special someone is online. 

These apps will also give you more information on the contact than just their online status. Some apps will track their usage giving you a record of what your contact has been doing on WhatsApp, and other tracking apps will tell you who this contact has been charring with as well.

There are different apps you can download, some of these apps require a small fee, and others are a free app you can use as a tracker for your WhatsApp.

How to Get A Notification When Someone is Online on Whatsapp 

Listed below are apps you can download if you are wanting to get notifications when your friends and family are online on WhatsApp.

These third-party apps will link to your WhatsApp account and send you notifications when the person you want to talk with the most online. There are apps that are available on the Android and iPhone, sending you notifications whenever your friend comes online.

This can come in handy when you are tired of missing whenever this person is online and wanting to sit down and have a good talk with them. 

Remember when you are online and using chat apps to be kind to other users. Some people might not feel comfortable with being tracked on an app they are using, especially if they do not know their actions on WhatsApp are being watched by other users. Another thing to look out for is if these apps are safe to download.

Be cautious when downloading a third-party tracker, some may come with viruses and send it to your phone. This can create problems later on for your phone’s performance.

1. OnlineNotify

For iPhone users, a small fee of $1.99 (US) OnlineNotify is one of the best WhatsApp trackers. This app will notify you when your WhatsApp contact is online if this contact has read the message and when they are typing.

Using OnlineNotify it will show you when your friend is offline, and if this contact is chatting with other people on WhatsApp. You will be getting notifications when your contact is online, but also if they have read the message.

This will give you a chance to see your contacts routine on WhatsApp, making sure you do not miss it when they are online.

2. WaStat

If you are an Android user and want to track when your friend is online on WhatsApp, WaStat is one of the best WhatsApp trackers for the Android phone. WatStat is a free tracker app, letting the user get notifications on the status of their contact on WhatsApp.

Using WaStat makes it easy to track your contact on WhatsApp, displaying when your message was last seen, and letting you know when your contact is online by sending you a notification to your phone. 

WaStat lets you monitor up to ten different accounts, letting you see these ten accounts’ statuses on WhatsApp. It will also analyze online stats from the last 30 days.

On WaStat it will show you your contact time intervals, showing you how much and what time your contact is on WhatsApp. When you are wanting to keep an eye out on a certain contact WaStat may be the app for you if you are an Android user. 

3. mSpy Whatsapp Online Alert

There are two plans you can buy when you download mSpy, if you are wanting to get notifications if someone is online on WhatsApp and more, mSpy may be the app you are looking for. This app will work for both the Android and iPhone devices.

You can either buy the Basic plan or the Premium plan, giving you options on how you want to track the contacts usage on WhatsApp. With using mSpy you will get notified when your contact is online, and tell you what time they are on WhatsApp. 

If you are looking for a tracking app that will be incognito mSpy will run in the background not letting the contact know they are being tracked.

When you have mSpy it will show you the person you are tracking, call logs, contacts, most recent times they have been on WhatsApp, when they are typing and so much more. With it being available for both the Android and iPhone, mSpy might be the best third-party tracking app. 

4. WhatsDog

Being a simple and easy app to use when tracking a contact usage on WhatsApp. If you have been wanting to see when your contact is online on WhatsApp so you do not miss their message, then WhatsDog will send you notifications to your phone if this contact is online.

Even if this contact has hidden their last seen or has blocked you, you will still be able to see their usage on WhatsApp.

You will see when they have last been on WhatsApp and how long they are on the app, letting you see into their schedule when they are most frequent on WhatsApp. 

When you are curious how long the contact has been on WhatsApp giving you a record so you can track their usage. WhatsDog lets you see the activity on one contact at a time.

If you are wondering when this contact is most likely to be on WhatsApp, WhatsDog may be the app you are looking for. Some users have had issues when using WhatsDog, pay attention to what you are downloading and see if it is worth it.

As stated above there are a few things to consider before you download a third-party tracking app. The first thing is that the contact who you are tracking might not want to be monitored by another person without knowing.

It is a huge invasion of privacy, this friend, family member, or someone special may not want you tracking their usage on WhatsApp. The second thing to think about is are these third-party apps safe to download and whether they will work correctly if downloaded.

You never know if the app could be tracking someone that is not your contact, as some reviews have stated. Or this third-party app could have a dangerous virus that could not be safe for your phone.

If you are willing to risk these things then the apps above are meant to track your contact usage on WhatsApp, they will also send you notifications when your contact is online.

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