If you’re a fan of mobile messaging services, you must’ve no doubt heard of Kik. With 300 million users and counting, Kik provides an unmatched messaging experience, with features including, but not limited to, funky GIF keyboards, full-fledged web browsers, and unique Kik Codes, which simplify connecting with others.

Even though the popularity of applications such as Messenger, Whatsapp, and Viber has risen greatly over the past few years, Kik remains a classic old school application, that may remind you of your youth. However, despite all the popularity surrounding the much-loved application, there’s still no official Kik application for Mac users. Windows, Android, and iOS have developed Kik applications, with Mac users missing out on the versatility and ease that comes with using mobile applications on their personal computer.

There’s still hope, though, since Kik can be used on a Mac, as long as you use an emulator. An emulator is a piece of hardware or software that allows a computer system, known as the host, to act like another computer system, known as the guest. In other words, the host system is able to run software that was initially designed for the guest system, when an emulator is used.

In the case of installing Kik on a Mac the best emulator to use, brace yourself, is yes, an Android emulator. This is due to the ease that comes with installing such an emulator. The emulator may not run at optimal speed due to carrying out processes on a non-native platform, but it will run and work, nonetheless. For information on if running such an emulator will slow down your Mac, skip to the last paragraph of this article.

BlueStacks, is by far the best Android emulator out there, allowing you to play mobiles games, and use mobile applications on your computer, just as you would on your smartphone. The only drawback to such an easy-to-use emulator is that BlueStacks is ad-supported. You have the option to remove the ads, by signing up for a monthly subscription, valued at $2.00 per month, a fair price for efficiency. To download BlueStacks and begin using Kik on your Mac, follow the instructions below,

Bluestacks website

1. Visit the BlueStacks website, in order to download and install the emulator. You will see a green Download button as depicted above. The button will automatically be able to detect your operating system, in order to download the proper version.

opening Bluestacks

2. Click on the download file after the download has completed. Please be patient during the process, as it may take some time. You will see the window above verifying and opening the installer.

Bluestacks icon

3. Once opened, a window will pop up, asking you to click the BlueStacks icon to install the emulator, as seen above.

4. The installation process is fairly swift as BlueStacks is a lightweight program. Once it’s installed and booted up, you will see a window that looks exactly like an Android home screen. In order to install Kik, you will need to open the Google Play Store. You will find the Play Store on the Home screen.

The Google Play Store has a white background in the shape of a suitcase, with a triangular play button on top, as seen below. If you’re new to Android devices, know that the Google Play Store is the official application store for the Android operating system.

5. Search for Kik using the Search Bar in the Play Store. Download and Install the application. Note: If it’s your first time using Kik, it’s best to do your initial profile setup from a mobile device, or any other device capable of using Kik without an emulator. This is because initial setup may be time consuming, and therefore, best done on a native platform.

You have now successfully installed Kik on your Mac computer. Though it’s recommended to do your initial profile setup from a native device, your Mac will be able to carry out the setup if you don’t want to use another device. You may experience some resolution and speed issues, but other than that, you now have access to all of Kik’s features, including the aforementioned web browser and GIF keyboard.

Furthermore, as the application releases updates, you will also be able to install these updates, since you initially downloaded the application from the Google Play Store. It’s very important that you update the application as often as possible as this will prevent problems from occurring within the application and will improve speed, along with efficiency.

Will BlueStacks Slow Down My Mac?

Downloading an Android emulator might make you wonder if your Mac will slow down as a result. After all, isn’t hosting a guest operating system over your current operating system quite a strain on your CPU? Yes and no. You see, your Mac will likely continue to perform the same way as it was previously performing, before you downloaded and installed BlueStacks. However, know that BlueStacks is using your systems RAM.

RAM stands for random access memory. Put simply, RAM is used to load data in order to provide quick read and write access to a storage device. Using RAM is much faster than running data off of a hard drive. BlueStacks will use a hefty amount of RAM, so this means if you need to run another process which will also require a large amount of RAM, you may find that your Mac computer is slowing down.

This is completely normal and only temporary. If you have more than 4GB of RAM, you definitely don’t have to worry about this issue, and your system will fair very well with BlueStacks involved. If you have less than 4GB of RAM you may occasionally experience some problems, but you shouldn’t be alarmed, as this is normal. BlueStacks is also updated often, thankfully, which means that its efficiency and speed are constantly being improved. So get on out there, download BlueStacks and enjoy using your favorite old school messaging application from the comfort of your Mac.