TikTok is a popular social media platform that focus on short videos. In this post, you will learn some of the ways you can get famous on TikTok. If you’re all about making funny videos and entertaining your followers, then TikTok is a great platform. Yes, YouTube is better, but TikTok is easier and pretty much anyone can use the platform with ease.

To get famous on TikTok isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes patience, commitment, and a lot more to get millions of followers and become an influencer on the platform. There’s no shortcut, but we do have a couple of tips that will surely help you gain more followers and eventually get famous.

You can also earn a decent living from TikTok if you get famous. As mentioned earlier, TikTok is all about short 15 second videos and is very easy to use. You will be able to create your own personal brand and get a loyal following that can help you get famous on Tik Tok.

Get Famous on Tik Tok – Tips

Below, we are going to list down some tips that can help you get famous on TikTok. Before you start, we recommend that you download the app on your phone and signup with a funny or catchy name. This can help users find you more easily and will also create a brand for yourself. You must also think about what kind of content do you want to create. Stick to one thing instead of going all out and doing everything possible. You can choose between things such as dancing, drawing, painting, singing, comedy, and more. If you can figure out what you want to do, that’d be a great start to your TikTok career. You can also do things that are currently trending, like a song cover, dance steps, or a dialogue from a movie.

Start Uploading videos

You have to stop procrastinating about uploading videos, and just get to it. Start uploading once you’ve decided what you want to do on TikTok. You can decide on an upload frequency and stick to it till you start seeing new followers. Upload one or multiple videos every day if you have the time. Don’t stop uploading if you don’t start getting any responses to your videos or see any new followers.

Stay Active on TikTok

Apart from uploading frequently, you will also need to stay active on the app. Make sure that you reply to any comments and follow other users, comment on their uploads, and more. You will have to remain active on the app and interact with users if you want to get more followers. If you don’t follow users or don’t reply to comments, then the user will not be interested in following you, unless you have something really good to offer. Engagement is key and you will need to reply to comments and acknowledge compliments. If someone doesn’t like your content and criticizes you, don’t feel bad, simply take it gracefully and do better or just ignore the haters.

Stick to your Niche

As mentioned in the beginning, you will need to stick to a niche if you want to get famous. There are millions of users on TikTok who are all trying to get famous and looking for attention. If you do like everyone else does, then you will never get famous. Find your specific niche and stick to it. Do something different that no one else is doing. Even if you already have plenty of followers, you will need to get a niche to get famous and grow. You can also promote yourself better to targeted audience if you can stick to a niche. You will get loyal followers this way and they will stick by your side.

Use Trends to your advantage

Even if you haven’t found your niche, you can use current and popular trends to your advantage. Look at the data, see what’s trending on the platform, what’s getting the most likes, comments, etc. Search for popular songs, video clips, and more that users are searching for. Use this to your advantage and create content with this data. This is a guaranteed way of receiving some attention. And when you do, make sure you interact with the new followers and make them stay.

Collaborate with Influencers

Once your account starts attracting users or if you have something that no one has, then you can start thinking about working with influencers. This is a sure shot way of getting famous on TikTok. If you don’t have a lot of followers or aren’t uploading anything interesting, then influencers will most likely not want to work with you. However, if you’ve got something different to offer, then you can surely work with an influencer and get your account to new heights. Make sure to keep interacting with the influencers and comment/like/follow their content and followers.

Don’t pay for fame

Several users pay to get famous, and that’s not really a good idea. Yes, you will see a lot of new followers, but these aren’t genuine or active users. You will find several services that offer you followers, views, and crowns. However, TikTok is already getting rid of such fake users and accounts, so it may not be a good idea to pay for followers.


It isn’t easy to get famous on Tik Tok, but it’s possible with a lot of patience, effort, and your time. You will have to remain active, post continuously, work on being different and interact with followers and other users. So there you are, some tips on how to get famous on Tik Tok. We hope that this article helped you with your quest of becoming an influencer on the platform. Good luck!