How to Get Facebook Dating Back

How to Get Facebook Dating Back

Some users have reported issues when trying to access the dating services through their Facebook applications. These issues are centered around the dating service tab disappearing from its place on the Facebook homepage.

This guide will break down the causes of this and offer detailed troubleshooting methods to help you resolve these issues. You can also find general information regarding the Facebook Dating services if you are interested in trying them out.

It is important that you are able to use the features of your Facebook application the way they are intended. This guide can help ensure that you are always able to access your Facebook Dating features properly.

How To Get Facebook Dating Back

If you have recently noticed that your Facebook Dating services are not available in the Facebook app, you should consider this list of troubleshooting methods to help resolve your issue. These are the most common troubleshooting methods proven to resolve these types of issues with the Facebook Dating services.

1. Have A Friend On Facebook Dating Send You A Link

If you cannot access your Facebook Dating services the normal way, you can consider having a friend who is also active on the Facebook Dating service send you a link to the app.

To do this, they will simply need to go to their settings while in the Facebook Dating tab and click the Share The Love button. This will allow the user to share their Facebook dating profile with you through a regular message.

You can then click on the link you receive and it will open up the dating services on your device. This should also restore the dating service tab.

2. For Android Users: Use Marketplace To Access Facebook Dating

Android users can access the Facebook Dating services by clicking the triple line to show the menu for their device. Clicking on the View Your Profile tab will reveal a half-shaded heart to indicate that you are back on Facebook Dating.

3. Update Your Facebook Application

You should update your Facebook application if you are having issues accessing the Facebook Dating services. If it has been a significant amount of time since you have updated your Facebook app, you could not have access to the dating services due to not having installed the application it was introduced in.

4. Clear Your Devices Facebook Cache

Sometimes files associated with your Facebook’s data cache can become corrupted or damaged. When this happens, it could cause functionality errors. To remedy this, you should enter into your phone’s settings menu and clear the cache associated with the Facebook application.

This will remove any problematic files that may have been causing your Facebook Dating issues.

5. Check Internet Connection

If you are having internet connection issues, your Facebook app could be having trouble loading in all of the appropriate services, including the Dating service. You should check your internet connection and consider restarting your router if you are experiencing an outage.

If you are experiencing a significant outage, you should consider contacting your internet service provider for more information. They can provide you with a more detailed account of your outage as well as an estimated timeframe that you can expect it to be resolved.

6. Contact Facebook

If you are having persistent issues with your Facebook dating services, you should consider contacting Facebook and having them further investigate your issue. You will need to provide a detailed account of your issue which will be investigated by Facebook Support.

Facebook Support will then get back to you with detailed troubleshooting methods that you might have missed as well as suggestions for resolutions. It can be frustrating dealing with customer support over the phone, but rest assured that Facebook Support is the leading authority on the Facebook app and can offer the most insight into your current issue.

This should be considered as a last resort after trying all of the other troubleshooting methods listed here. Facebook Support is likely to suggest to you many of the troubleshooting methods that are already listed here.

Why Did My Facebook Dating Feature Get Removed?

If you are experiencing issues with your Facebook Dating features, including the dating service not being present in the Facebook app anymore, it could be caused by a few different things. One of the most common causes of the Facebook Dating service to be removed from a user’s Facebook application is out-of-date software.

Other common causes of this issue are Facebook Dating being down, internet connection problems, cache data corruption, or incorrect account verification. All of the issues could potentially cause your Facebook application to not load correctly, leaving users unable to access the dating services.

Consult the troubleshooting methods later in this guide to help you resolve your Facebook Dating issues. These can help resolve your issues quickly and easily.

Why Can’t I Get Facebook Dating Back?

If you are having trouble accessing your Facebook Dating services and the problem has persisted for a long time, it could be due to server difficulties at Facebook or you could have been restricted from using the Facebook Dating service.

If your behavior on the Facebook dating service has violated the Terms and Conditions set in place by Facebook, then you could have your access to the dating services removed. You will also not be able to get your Facebook Dating service back if Facebook has determined that you are under the age of 18.

If Facebook receives reports of underage activity on Facebook Dating, they will investigate and determine whether or not the age associated with the profile is legitimate. During this time, you will likely not have access to the Facebook Dating Services.

What Is Facebook Dating?

Facebook has such a vast userbase that it is only natural that it became a place where people would go to try and find potential romantic interests. With the introduction of the Facebook Dating features, users can now use Facebook for a more streamlined dating experience.

The dating features include personalized dating profiles, advanced matchmaking algorithms, and many safety features that help people users of the Facebook Dating services safe. The Facebook Dating feature is relatively new and was released in other countries before officially being released in the United States.

Users must be eighteen years of age or older to access the Facebook dating features. Users coming from other popular dating apps will be met with a familiar user interface, along with some unique features that Facebook has to offer. The most significant feature is the wide userbase and user data stored by Facebook.

You will not need to download a separate application to use Facebook dating, but you will have to set up a separate dating profile to access its features. Once you have set up your Facebook Dating profile, you will be presented with potential romantic interests that match your unique preferences.

Other factors that will play into who you are potentially matched with are your location, age, and interests. Facebook will pull from users who are in the same Facebook groups as you. You will not however have the option to match with users who you are currently friends with on Facebook. You can manually turn this setting on which will allow you to match with your current friends.

With the US debut of Facebook Dating came many new security and safety features intended to help keep the dating experience safe and harassment-free. Internet dating can be dangerous, so having the appropriate safety features in place is important for any dating application.

Instagram has also been automatically integrated into the Facebook Dating features. You will be able to link your Instagram account to your dating profile and be potentially matched with users across both of the applications.

This is one of the biggest draws for Facebook Dating, as it has access to user pools from two of the biggest social media applications on the planet. Along with this large user pool, the Facebook Dating service has some of the most unique safety and privacy features of any dating application on the market.

One of the features is the ability for users to automatically share their date information, including the location and time, to another friend in the Facebook Messenger application. This will notify the friend you have chosen to send your date information to the ability to track and monitor your location during your date, to ensure that you are where you are supposed to be.

The user you chose to share your data information with will have access to your location for up to one hour. This is a highly advanced safety feature that makes Facebook Dating one of the safest dating services currently available.

The next part of this guide will walk you through some of the more basic functions of Facebook Dating for those who might be just getting started on the application.

How To Use Facebook Dating

You can access the Facebook Dating features from the main menu of the Facebook application. Unlike the messenger application, it does not require a separate application download to use. You will have to setup up your Facebook dating profile the first time you attempt to use Facebook Dating.

You will need to specify your gender, age, and interests. Facebook will use these criteria to accurately pair you with matches based on the information you provide. You can also provide additional information regarding your hobbies, job, and past education.

Just like your regular profile, you can add pictures to your profile, in addition to ice-breaker questions generated by Facebook. Once you have your profile set up to your liking, Facebook will automatically start the matchmaking process using the information provided in your profile.

Other factors that the Facebook Dating algorithm will use to match you with potential romantic interests are your location, shared Facebook Groups, and alumni status. The Facebook Dating algorithm will only match you with potential matches that are located within your area, typically around 80 miles away at maximum.

You will need to have your location services turned on and accessible by the Facebook Dating feature to accurately match you with romantic interests in your area. This will also help to verify your identity and location.

The Facebook Dating format does not feature the popular swipe-right functions that other dating apps do. It instead utilizes user profiles that must be responded to directly to initiate a conversation.

The profiles that you are shown will be based on the information you provided in your profile, as well as your expressed interests. You can also secretly reject a user’s profile by tapping the Not Interested option. There is also an additional feature that allows users to review a recently rejected profile.

Due to the prevalence of malicious romance scams on the web, Facebook has set up some preventative measures to keep users from falling victim to these types of web scams. One of these measures is keeping all Facebook Dating conversations stored in a separate messaging inbox.

In the Facebook Dating inbox, you will not be able to send pictures, links, or payment information. These restrictions are put in place to lower the chance that someone will fall victim to a romance scam.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information that you need to gain access to the Facebook Dating services after they have somehow disappeared from your Facebook app. Using this guide, you can accurately identify your issue and apply to appropriate troubleshooting method to resolve it.

Facebook Dating is quickly becoming one of the most popular dating services on the market. The information provided in this guide can help ensure that you are always able to properly access the dating service and meet potential matches when you need to.

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