Netflix is a streaming service that nearly everyone is familiar with since there are so many television shows, documentaries, and movies that you can stream. Most of the time, Netflix users are used to having all their shows beneath their fingertips that they can view anytime.

However, the exception used to be that you can only view the shows and movies that you like on Netflix if you were connected to a Wi- Fi connection, but Netflix changed that. In 2016, they introduced the downloading feature so viewers wouldn’t need a Wi- Fi connection to view the content that they wanted to see.

The Netflix Download Feature

You may be wondering why this feature might be needed when we constantly have access to data or a Wi- Fi connection. The thing is that might not always be the case. This feature is great for if you don’t have unlimited data to spare any time you want to stream something. This feature also works great if you have access to a weak Wi- Fi connection that would usually cause you to watch a Netflix movie with increased amounts of buffering and pauses.

If you download what you want to watch later when you have access to a strong connection, then you’ll be able to enjoy the content that you want to without a struggle. Of course, as great as this is, it doesn’t come without restriction. There is a download limit as well as expiration dates for downloaded content.

What is the download limit and the expiration dates on Netflix?

Netflix places a limit on how many titles their users are allowed to download. Users can only download around 100 titles on one device. Once you reach that limit and you try to download something else, you will see an error that stops you from downloading any more content on your device. While this may sound like a lot, if you watch most of your Netflix content by downloading it, then you’d be greatly inhibited by this limit, especially if you keep them on your phone to rewatch it. There’s also a limit on how many times you can download a particular title to your device.

The download limit is also accompanied by an expiration date that limits what you can download and how long you can have it downloaded. This varies since it’s based on what the licensing agreement between the creator and Netflix included for that piece of media. You’ll be alerted about the expiration a week before it so that you can watch it, but sometimes you won’t get this chance. If that content is deleted from the platform, then it’ll be deleted from your downloads.

Why does this download limit exist?

This download limit and all the restrictions may make you upset that you’re paying for a streaming platform with all the limits on it, but there’s a few things that you have to realize. Although Netflix has its own original content, it still holds licenses for the majority of the media available on its platform for streaming. The download limit is controlled by the stipulations in the license agreement that Netflix received. This means that some download may allow you to download it more times than others. Also, certain downloaded titles may take longer to expire than others.

Getting Around the Download Limit

So, there isn’t a way to trick your Netflix app to get around these download limits. With all the different errors that you may receive because of what you download, there are a variety of things that you need to do to fix the error that you receive. Here’s what you can do to fix the errors that you receive:

Delete your Older Downloads

If you delete your older downloads as you watch them, then you’ll never have an issue with the download limit only being around 100 titles. Usually, you’ll receive this notice when you try to download a title, you’ll receive an error that tells you that you have too many downloaded videos and that you need to delete one before you can proceed to download the content that you attempted to. Here’s how you delete an older download:

Netflix app

1. Launch the Netflix app.

2. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see labeled tabs. Tap the tab with the downward arrow that’s labeled “Downloads.” You should be navigated to all your downloaded content.

mass delete downloads

3. In the right corner of the screen, you’ll see a pencil. Tap this pencil so you can mass delete downloads.

all your downloads

4. You’ll see an empty box appear next to all your downloads that you’ll need to tap.

5. After you’ve selected the box next to all the downloads, you’ll need to tap the trash can in the upper right corner of the screen.

All the content that you checked will be deleted. You’ll also have to do the steps above if you get an error that says you have too many devices with downloads on them. Delete the downloads on one of the other devices or increase the amount of devices that you plan allows you to have on the website.

An Error that you can’t fix

There’s one error that you won’t be able to fix and that’s the one that tells you that you that you’ve reached the yearly download limit for the title that you’re trying to download. As mentioned earlier, Netflix places a hard limit on how many times you can download a single title. This limit may be four times or 20 times, and you’ll never know what it is until you’ve hit it.

You’ll have to wait an extended period of time before you can download that title again. What you can do, however, is try to find that title on one of the other streaming platforms that you use. It’s possible that multiple streaming platforms have a license for that title, so you might want to try that before you give up.