Having to check each one of your different emails is a past-time that you no longer have to deal with. Instead of juggling a million different emails, why don’t you forward emails sent to your other accounts to a single parent account? For example, if you have an AOL account and a Gmail account, but you like Gmail, you can forward any and all mail from AOL to your Gmail account. After the connection is made, you can stick to using Gmail and never have to open AOL Mail again.

Forwarding AOL Mail to Gmail

1. Fire your preferred web browser and head on over to Google’s website. In the top right corner of the page, click Gmail. When prompted, log in with your Google account credentials. If you’re already logged in, you’ll get redirected to your Gmail Inbox.

click on Settings

2. In the upper right corner of your Inbox, click on Settings, the grey gear icon just below your profile picture. In the drop down menu that follows, click on Settings near the middle of the drop down menu.

3. Near the top of the Settings page, just below the search bar, you’ll see a handful of different tabs. The one you want to focus on is Accounts and Import. Go ahead and click on it.

4. Head down the page to “Check mail from other accounts:” and click Add a mail account located on the same line.

Punch in the AOL email

5. A small, secure popup window will appear. Punch in the AOL email you want to forward AOL mail from and then click Next >>.

6. Provide the password for your AOL email account and, while optional but highly recommended, put a checkmark next to “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server.” as well as “Label incoming messages.” Afterwards, click Add Account >>.

Now, with the steps above any AOL mail coming to your account will also get forwarded to your Gmail account. However, what this doesn’t do is forward any existing AOL mail in your inbox, this only applies to new emails. With that being said, Gmail leaves that option open to you, allowing one to move any mail from AOL to a Gmail account, including contacts.

Import Contacts and Messages from AOL to Gmail

1. If you’re still in your Gmail inbox, head back into your Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, just below your profile picture. Choose Settings from the drop down menu.

Click on the Accounts and Import

2. Click on the Accounts and Import tab again, but this time, head down to “Import mail and contacts:” and click Import mail and contacts on the same line.

type in your AOL email

3. In the window that pops up, type in your AOL email and click Continue.

4. Next, Gmail will ask you to log into your AOL account to confirm the import of emails and contacts. Click Continue.

5. Decide which data you want imported. Contacts or Email or both? When you’ve chosen, click Start Import and, when prompted, click OK.

Sending Emails from Gmail with AOL

One of the most helpful features that Gmail has is being able to email but still using your AOL account. It can be a boon for people looking to migrate to Gmail, but still want to hang on to their AOL account for the sake of business or for contacts that are familiar with their AOL handle. On top of that, it also means you never have to leave Gmail to send an email with your AOL account, especially if you have your AOL mail getting forwarded to Gmail.

1. If you haven’t left your Gmail inbox, go back into your Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, just below your profile picture. Choose Settings from the drop down menu.

choose Accounts and Imports

2. At the top, where the different tabs are, choose Accounts and Imports tab one last time. Make your way down to the section “Send mail as:” and click Add another email address from the same line.

provide your AOL email address

3. When the popup window appears, provide your AOL email address as well as a Name. Afterwards, click Next Step >>.

4. Now, you need to verify the connection. To get the process started, click Send Verification. Then head over to AOL and log in with your account. You should see an email from Gmail. Open the email and follow the instructions provided.

5. Once the connection is made, every time you send an email, you can choose to send it as your AOL email by clicking “From:.” If you have your Gmail account set up to forward AOL mail to Gmail, even if they reply to your AOL email, you’ll get it in your Gmail inbox.