How to Fix Vizio TV Sound Problems

How to Fix Vizio TV Black Screen

If you’ve got a Vizio branded TV at home and are facing sound problems on it, then you’ve come to the right page. This post will help you to fix Vizio TV sound problems without doing much. Vizio is a popular TV manufacturer from America, whose TVs are made in China and sold in various parts of the world. The company offers great TVs for affordable prices, which made them very popular since its launch.

However, things can sometimes go wrong with the TV set and you may face issues such as sound not working. Do not worry though, as there are a few ways to check the TV so you won’t have to send it to repair right away. Most likely, there’s something wrong a connection or some setting on the TV and that’s why your Vizio TV isn’t playing any sound. We have listed down some basic troubleshooting tips and hopefully they can fix the Vizio TV sound problems.

We are only listing down basic tips as we cannot really fix any major sound issues without taking a look at the TV itself. And since that’s not possible, these tips are the next best thing. Try them out and see if you can sort the Vizio TV sound problems by yourself.

Check TV

This is a basic step, as mentioned above. What you need to do here is check all the connections to the TV, then unplug the TV from the power outlet, wait for 30 seconds and turn it back on. This will reset your Vizio TV and can fix issues such as audio not playing properly. Hopefully, if the sound problem was related to a power connection or voltage, then it should be fixed. If not, try the next problem.

Check Cables

As mentioned in the previous method, disconnect all cables connected to the TV. It could be from the Set top box or from the DVD player or a soundbar. If you’re using a Home Theater or soundbar for audio, then check those for loose connections. If there’s an HDMI cable required for the audio, then try changing the cable to see if that fixes the problem. Connect everything back and see if the problem if solved.

Check Connecting Device

If the TV is connected to a set top box or Chromecast, or DVD player, then check those connections. Disconnect them or connect one by one to see if audio is not working on all of them. It could be that the set top box isn’t playing audio with video. Try playing the audio over WiFi with a streaming device such as Fire TV or Chromecast. Check if the audio is working with the different input.

Check Audio settings on TV

You may want to check the audio settings on your Vizio TV to see if they aren’t all the way down. Check the volume as well, sometimes it could be muted and you may not know about it. Return all audio settings to default and check if things are back to normal.

Check external audio

If you’re using a soundbar or home theater, then disconnect them and play audio on the TV. If the sound comes from the TV speakers, then that means your soundbar or home theater is at fault. If you’ve just connected external speakers, then check the connections to see if all is good.

Best way to fix Vizio TV sound problems

The best way to fix sound problems with your Vizio TV, is to make sure you connect and disconnect all equipment and check for sound. You can disconnect each device one by one and try it till you find the fault. If you’ve finished testing everything and there’s still no sound from the TV, then it probably is time to take it to a service center.

If you Vizio TV has warranty, then the company will send personnel to check out the TV and fix any issues. You will not have to pay any extra money for the service. If the TV is out of warranty, then you will be charged. Several Vizio TV owners have stated that they have been facing sound issues. It is a known issue with some models and had something to do with the audio board on the TV. However, Vizio will fix it for free if it was a manufacturing defect, so do not worry.

Ultimately, if nothing works, the best thing to do would be to contact Vizio Customer service. If the TV needs to be repaired, it could be an expensive affair if it is out of warranty. Therefore, you might want to consider purchasing a new one instead of fixing the old TV. Most LCD and LED TVs are very affordable these days.

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