A crashing app can be one of the most annoying things. If you’re in the middle of checking out on an app or in the middle of watching a video on YouTube, then the “Unfortunately app has crashed” notification can be very inconvenient. This is an error that occurs often, and when It happens, then the app will close and crash. This occurs just because there is a glitch that causes the app software to close suddenly. This might be due to unstable internet connections, corrupted cache, or improper installation. Here are the ways that you can fix your app crashing issues.

Clearing the Cache and App Data

One of the ways to fix the issue if to clear the cache of the app. Here are the steps that you need to take to clear the cache. Clearing the cache gets rid of all of the saved files that the app keeps every time that you open the app. Although this might help you open the app quicker, these cached files might be what’s causing the app to crash. Clearing the data will erase all of the settings and accounts on the app, but that’s fine since all you’ll have to do is log into your account again and add the settings that you want.

  1. Open the Settings app. The app icon resembles a gear against a gray background.
  2. On the Settings menu, scroll down to “Apps” and tap on that option.
  3. When you’re on the Apps menu, select the crashing app from the list of the apps on your device.


  1. Once you click on the app, you’ll have to select the option one the screen that says “Storage.”


  1. At the top of the storage screen, you’ll see the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.
  2. Select each of those options, one by one.

Remove the SD Card

If the app is on the SD card and it keeps crashing, then it could be an issue with the SD card and not the app. One of the ways that you can check if the SD card is the issue is by following these steps.

  1. Locate the SD card. The SD card is usually located on the side of your phone. Look along the edges and see if you see an oval with a dot near the top of it. This is the SD card.
  2. Once you locate the SD card, you’ll need to remove it. You’ll need to use the SD card removal tool that came with your phone. It has a pointed, thin end that you’ll need to stick into the hole in the SD card to pull it out.
  3. Now, place the SD card back into your device. Make sure that it’s in your device all the way.
  4. Restart your device after you enter the SD card.
  5. Launch the app once your device is done restarting.

If the app is working perfectly, then you might have had a small issue with your SD card.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Crashing App

If the app continues to crash, then one of the things that you can do is uninstall and reinstall the app. It might just be an issue with the version of the app, and the app might download with the correct version of the app. For Android devices, on your screen, tap and hold down on the app. A menu will appear and you’ll be able to select uninstall. On an iPhone, hold down on the app and an x will appear in the corner of an app icon. Tap the x and the app will uninstall on your device.

Restart your Phone

This is the simplest fix that you can try. Hold down on the power button and restart your device. This will reset your power cycle and might stop your app from crashing.