Sharp offers a whole host of various TV models, each with their own variation of quality; some output in 1080p, others are in 4K. But regardless of specifications, quality is always a concern with Sharp products. While that may be the case, error is bound to happen and one such error is with volume.

A few Sharp TV owners are experiencing issues with volume. How do you fix the volume on a Sharp TV? Thankfully, the issue most likely lies with settings. In the rare event that it’s more than that, there’s a solution you can take advantage of.

Check Sound Settings and Sound Peripherals

First and foremost you need to check your sound settings and sound peripherals. You have the option to improve the quality of various components of your Sharp TV, such as a sound bar, Bluetooth speakers, or surround sound. Those are examples of sound peripherals.

First, check the volume of your TV. Did you accidentally press “Mute” on your remote? Locate the remote and simply tap “Mute” again. If it was unmuted and the volume still isn’t coming through, increase the volume.

Still have audio problems? Do you have sound peripherals connected? Sound bars and speakers can often come with their own remote and own volume control, in which case you use that to change the volume. And if that doesn’t work, unplug all sound peripherals and check the volume again.

Reset Your Sharp TV

Surround sound, sound bars, and speakers connecting to your Sharp TV may have altered the audio settings in some way. The best way to determine if it’s a problem of software, and not hardware, then you should perform a reset.

Now, it should be noted that resetting your Sharp TV—if it’s a smart TV—will uninstall any and all apps that didn’t come pre-installed on your Sharp TV. In other words, it’s reset to its default perimeters. It’ll be as if you just brought the TV home. If that isn’t a problem, continue on.

1. Start by unplugging any and all sound peripherals. Any connection or device that isn’t a part of the Sharp TV needs disconnected.

2. Grab your remote and open the TV menu—the Settings.

3. In the Settings menu, choose System.

4. Under System, there’s an option called “Factory Reset.” Select it.

5. When you select Factory Reset, your Sharp TV will ask you to confirm the decision three times and each time select OK to continue.

Leave your Sharp TV to reset back to factory settings and, hopefully, if it was software that was causing the problem, it should be fixed.

If All Else Fails…

After all that and your Sharp TV is still giving you sound problems, then it’s time to take it to a technician. It’s almost guaranteed that it’s a hardware failure and not software or linked to sound peripherals, such as sound bars. If you had the foresight to buy a warranty, definitely use it. You can check out Sharp’s warranty information on their support page.