Your precious Sony speakers were bought with the intention to hear a sound. When your speakers aren’t producing any sound or when it does, it’s at such a low volume, it can be incredibly frustrating. How can it not?

Obviously, your Sony speakers need to be fixed. Determining how drastic a fix they need is largely based on when the problem started which is a question you need to ask yourself and continue accordingly.

For example, if it’s recent and they weren’t damaged in any way, then chances are a bit of troubleshooting will fix it right as rain. On the other hand, if they started acting up after recent physical damage, then it’s likely that it’s a hardware issue. Unfortunately, troubleshooting isn’t going to fix hardware; a professional will.

So, how do you fix Sony speakers with no sound or low volume? Let’s run through all the steps necessary.

Troubleshooting Your Sony Speakers

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact issue, so rather than break down every possible fix, you’re going to troubleshoot your Sony speakers by process of elimination. You will perform the most obvious solutions, but this method benefits from hitting the problem at every angle.

1. Start by checking the volume of your device. Are your speakers hooked up to a TV? A set-top box? Use the appropriate remotes to increase their volume. Yes, it is obvious, but hey, sometimes it’s the simplest solution.

2. Next, if increasing the volume didn’t work, check that your device hasn’t been muted. Use the appropriate remote to unmute whichever device might be affecting your speakers.

3. Reboot the device your Sony speakers are connected to.

4. Speaking of speakers, if your speakers are hooked up via Audio/Video, or “A/V”, check that your cables have been inserted properly.

5. Are you using headphones? If so, remove them. They may be interfering with the distribution of sound.

6. Check the balance of your speakers. You, or someone else, may have altered the position of the balance. Move it to the very center. Balance, in this context, determines how much sound comes out of each speaker.

7. Unplug your speakers. Reconnect them but switch their input positions. Connect the right speaker into the left speaker input and do the same with the left speaker.

Note: If this actually worked, but one of the speakers is giving you issues, then it’s time to have them repaired or replaced. The same step applies for speakers that refuse to work.

8. If your Sony speakers are connected to your TV, open your TV menu and check that MTS has been set to Main or Stereo. If not, change it.

9. While you’re in your TV menu, also check that Simulated effect has been disabled. You can find it by checking in Audio or Sound.

10. Still in your TV menu, there’s another menu option to look for: Volume Offset. Select it and bump it up to the highest value.

11. In the TV menu, make sure your speakers have NOT been set to “Center Speaker.”

12. Are your Sony speakers actually enabled? Check your TV menu to find out. If not, enable them.

13. There’s a menu option called “Headphone/Audio Out.” Find it in your TV menu – either in Audio or Sound – and set it as Audio Out.

14. If your model comes with a test tone function, run it.

Note: Not all models have this feature.

15. Lastly, do a bit of testing by plugging in a different set of speakers. They don’t have to be Sony, provided they can be connected. Try aiming for speakers that have the same kind of connection as your Sony speakers. This doubles as a way of checking the port itself and whether or not it’s faulty. If another set of speakers aren’t working either, then it may be the device itself and not your speakers.

Bottom Line

It sure can be anger-inducing to be without sound. After all, you aren’t watching a silent film; you don’t pay to hear the sound of silence. It’s totally understandable, especially when you drop a pretty penny for a great pair of Sony speakers.

But, like all technology, it doesn’t always want to work and it is in no way a mark against Sony. Sometimes technology fights back. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of troubleshooting solutions that, hopefully, reinstated the sweet sound of your Sony speakers.