Sometimes you come across a timeless video, something personal, perhaps a cherished moment with your family and friends, but the video has a layer of blurriness to it. What do you do in a situation like that? You can’t very well shoot another video from your memory, at least, not for something like that. Can you fix a blurry video? The answer would surprise you.

In this article, you’ll not only learn how to fix a blurry video on your Android device, but also how to avoid creating blurry videos in the future.

Can You Fix Blurry Videos?

That is a resounding yes. It’s entirely possible to fix blurry videos you’ve already shot, however, on the other hand, there’s many more solutions to preventing blurry videos than there are fixing existing blurry videos. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Like in the aforementioned example of a cherished video; you obviously can’t go back in time and shot that video again. The options you’re left with aren’t perfect solutions, but the solutions available to you can, at the very least, shave some of that blurriness and shakiness away for a more pleasant viewing.

While many programs come in different names, their methods are largely the same. The common practice is combing through the video for sharper frames. When a few sharp frames are found, the program then applies the sharpness of said frame to the image around it, creating results that are overall sharper than before. You can almost hear Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford’s character in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, mumbling under his breath, “Enhance. Stop.” Unfortunately, the technology you’ll be using isn’t as good as what was showcased in the award-winning neo-noir film.

At any rate, let’s start with fixing your existing blurry videos and then segway into preventing your Android from shooting anymore blurry videos.

Fixing Blurry Videos on Android Devices

Finding applications that fix photo blurriness is easy, however, it isn’t so easy for videos. You’ll have to move to something more robust, such as Stellar Phoenix Video Repair.

One of the tools in its kit is to fix blurry videos on Android devices, including iPhones. You can download it for free for personal use.

1. Fire up Stellar Repair.

Click Add File and upload the video

2. Click Add File and upload the video you want to fix.

click Repair

3. Now, click Repair and let the software do its work.

When the software is finished, it’ll notify you. Before you save the new sharper videos to your computer, clickPreview.” It’ll launch your default video player and you can watch it, see if the software was worth its salt. Depending on the video, it might sharper it some, but you won’t get a perfect conversion. It can’t add textures that aren’t there, only sharper what’s already present.

click Save Repaired Files

4. When you’re finished previewing the new vidoes, click Save Repaired Files and save them to a location you can reach easily.

Preventing Blurry Videos on Android Devices

1. Find and open the Camera app.

2. In the top left corner of the camera screen, open Settings. It’s the gear icon. When the small window appears, choose the Video tab located at the top of the menu.

3. Now, make sure that your video quality is good or the best. The blurriness you’re experiencing might be caused by your videos recording in a lower resolution. Tap Video Quality and choose the highest resolution you can go, but remember: the higher the quality, the more space it will take up on your phone’s storage.

4. Next, find the option Picture Stabilization and make sure it’s been disabled. Move the slider to the left to turn it off.

Not a whole lot of options to preventing blurriness, but there is the problem of shooting the video itself. Depending on your Android device, you shoot make sure your camera is focused before you shoot the video. Older Android devices especially have some trouble trying to focus, hopping back and forth from clear and blurriness at the drop of a dime.