Even the best in-ear headphones can sound horrible and get uncomfortable if they’re too loose or too tight for that matter. You can have a really good experience if you get the most out of your headphones by following my tips on how to fit in-ear headphones.

1. Distinguish between the left and the right side

2. Place the left earbuds into the left ear but don’t push it in

3. Use your right hand and grab onto the left earlobe

4. Pull downwards on the left earlobe in order to widen the ear canal

5. Use your index finger to push in the earbud into the ear canal with light pressure

6. Don’t force the earbuds right into the ear, only enough to feel a tight seal

7. Repeat the steps for the right earbuds

Once you’ve followed these steps you’ll hear an improvement in the bass and the audio will be louder than normal. Due to the seal that you created within your ear canal and the earbuds, the external noise wouldn’t be heard as much. It’s almost like you’re separated from the rest of the word which may feel a bit claustrophobic for some people.

How to Fit Sports Headphones

Sports in-ear headphones are quite different to the in ear headphones that you’d generally wear. In most cases, they usually have a hook attached to the earbud that anchors it to your ears giving it more stabilization.

You want to make sure that you’ve followed the steps on how to fit in ear headphones. There are many variations when it comes to sports headphones and ear hooks so make sure you can identify where they’re meant to be placed on the ears. The ear hooks need to be placed firmly on the ears in the correct position. This prevents them from falling off while you’re doing sporty activities.

Finding the Correct Tip

Choose the Right size Earbuds

Another reason your earphones might be falling is simply because the earbuds are either too big or too small. Its crucial that you have a range of tips to choose from in order to find the right fit. If you’re seeking for a better fit, I’d advise you get specialized tips.

Sweat Proof Earbuds

Your sports headphones will be exposed to more damage if they aren’t sweat proof. This is why most people purchase sweat proof headphones as they wont have to worry about how hard they’re going to work out just so they don’t sweat too much and damage their headphones.

You need to try on different sizes so you can be sure that you get the correct fit. This is the first thing that needs to be done so you know that it’s a problem of fit, not product.

Just make sure that there’s a nice tight seal between the ear canal and the earbuds as this will maximise the sound quality you can hear.

If you use sports headphones, make sure that they are secured correctly onto the ears and make sure the earbuds are also placed correctly in the ears.