How to Find Metro Account Number and Pin

How to Find Your MetroPCS PIN Number

MetroPCS is a phone provider that’s known for its customer satisfaction. One of their greatest UPS is they allow you to use your phone on a month to month basis whereas bigger companies only allow you to have a contract which is usually 12 months and 24 months.

If you’re with MetroPCS, then you’re able to login to your account on their website and view things such as your billing statements, when your next payment is due, and how much you own. To login to your account, you’ll need your phone number and PIN or Password. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, then you’ll need to retrieve it in order to login to your account.

As long as you have all of your account’s information, then you’ll be able to retrieve your PIN or Password.

How to Find Metro Account Number and Pin

You may need to find your Metro account number for multiple reasons. Your Metro account number will be nine digits long, and can be found a few different ways. Luckily for you, it should be no hassle at all to find your Metro account, and if you want, after finding it, you can write it down so you won’t have to repeat the process in the future. Here’s how!

How to find Metro account number using their website.

1. Go to the official Metro website: You’ll be asked to login using your phone number and account PIN. By default, your PIN will be your eight-digit birthday.

2. Log into your account.

3. Click on ‘Payments’. It should be located at the top, but may differ depending on your device.

4. Select any month. It doesn’t matter which, as long as you select a past month you already paid for. In the payment information, it will show you your account number, and it’ll be 9 digits long.

You now have your Metro PCS account number! We recommend writing the account number down somewhere secure so you won’t have to repeat the process again.

How to find Metro account number from texts:

Every time you pay your monthly Metro PCS bill, you’ll be sent a payment confirmation. This confirmation will always include your account number on the message. It’ll also be included in the monthly bill reminder text you receive every month, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

How to find and change Metro account PIN Number:

Your PIN Number (sometimes called your Security Number) is the passcode you use when you call Metro PCS. By default, it’ll be your eight-digit birthday (for example, 03211998) unless you changed it.

If your PIN number doesn’t work, or you previously changed the PIN number but forgot what you changed it to, you’ll have to contact customer service to get your PIN number reset. For PIN Number assistance or help with other issues, call (888) 863-8768 or visit their website.

How to recover Metro account password:

If you lost your MetroPCS password, you’ll be unable to login to your online account. This means you won’t be able to manually pay your bill, upgrade your plan, or view previous payments. Luckily, you can quickly recover your lost MetroPCS password with just a couple steps!

1. First, head to the MetroPCS account login page and click ‘Forgot Password’.

2. Now, enter your phone number associated with the account. A password recovery link will be sent to you via phone or email, based on your account preference.

Using the link, you can then create a new password for your account and you’ll be good to go! Just remember to write this password down in a secure location so you won’t have to go through this process again.

Forgotten PIN

Your MetroPCS PIN is an 8 digit number that you created when setting up your account. If you didn’t create your PIN, then it could be the 8 digit birth date that you used to create your account provided to you by Metro PCS.

MetroPCS login page

1. Go to MetroPCS login page.

2. Enter your Phone number. This is so your account can be identified.

3. Click on Forgotten Account PIN. You may need to enter a code before you can access this page.

You can choose to answer a security question that you set up, or you can choose to have a text message sent to the phone number on the account containing the pin.

Forgotten Password

1. Go to MetroPCS login page.

2. Enter your Phone number. This is so your account can be identified.

3. Click on Forgotten Account PIN.

4. A password recovery link will now be sent to your email. With this link, you can create a new password for your MetroPCS account.

Contact Customer Service

contact customer service

If you still can’t find your PIN, then you can contact customer service by phone. From here, you’ll be able to ask them for your PIN provided that you give them some more information about yourself.

1. Call the MetroPCS number.

2. Press the correct number on the keypad to speak to a representative.

3. Provide the representative with the information needed such as your billing address and phone number. From here, they’ll be able to provide you with your PIN.


If you need to find your Metro account number, you can look through your payment confirmations you’re texted every month. The account number will be 9 digits long. You could also log into the website and view your previous payments, where your account number will also be shown.

To find your Metro PIN or security number, by default it is your 8-digit birthday (for example, 03211998). However, if you changed this, you’ll need to contact Metro customer support.

If you forgot your Metro account password, use the Forgot Password link on the official Metro website. You’ll be texted or emailed a reset link where you can then reset your password.

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