How to Find TikTok Account Without Username (13 Ways)

How to Find TikTok Account Without Username

Finding someone on TikTok without any lead might seem impossible and far-fetched without knowing their username. However, we have made a series of actionable steps in this guide that will help you find whoever you’re looking for on TikTok even if you don’t know their username. So let’s dive right in!

Can You Find a TikTok Account Without Username?

Yes. You can find a TikTok account without knowing the username. You can now connect with your phone contacts and even Facebook to find users who are on the platform, from here you can follow them. 

So, with all these opportunities, it won’t take long to find anyone you are looking for. So you can dive right in and apply any of the methods below to fulfill your task. 

How to Find TikTok Account Without Username

1. Sync Your Phone Contact

If you own a mobile phone, you most probably have contacts saved on it. Various additional features are now included on your mobile phone, one of which is contact sync.

By syncing two apps, you create a connection between them whereby they share information and communicate. That’s why Facebook can easily recommend and suggest new friends you probably know right after opening your account.

So, by syncing your phone’s contact with TikTok, you’ll allow the app to create a connection and access all the contact on your phone. Rest assured you’re not giving yourself out or sharing sensitive information.

All it does is check out the contacts and try to find those with TikTok accounts linked to them. When it’s able to find these, it will then give you a list of those contacts and their TikTok so you can follow them.

This method works well if you know who you want to find. Since you have many contacts and just can’t figure out the username, however, it doesn’t work if you don’t have the person’s contacts because TikTok doesn’t make abstract connections like Facebook with friends’ suggestions.

How to Sync TikTok with Phone Contact

1. Tap the Profile Icon in the bottom right corner of the screen

2. Tap Find friends, which you can find in the upper left corner of the Profile page

3. Click on Find contacts and allow TikTok to finish accessing the contacts

4. Find your friends in the List

2. Sync Facebook Friends

If you have a broad Facebook audience, it’s the right time to put that to good use. Just as syncing with your phone, syncing with Facebook works similarly.

Based on the number of friends you have on FB, you will be able to give TikTok access to their Facebook account and find those who also have TikTok linked t their Facebook.

It gets even better because syncing with Facebook means all your Facebook friends will appear for you to follow on Tiktok, and they’ll probably want to follow you back since you are already friends on FB.

However, this method doesn’t mean you’ll get 100% recommendations of TikTok accounts to follow from FB. These few recommendations are because not everyone on TikTok signed up with Facebook, and not all linked their TikTok account to Facebook. So you only get to connect with the users who have TikTok and Facebook linked.

3. Search For Their Full Name

If you still didn’t find them after trying the few steps suggested earlier, you can try searching for them directly on TikTok. This option is one of the most unlikely methods you can use to get results.

TikTok is unlike Facebook or Instagram, so people don’t usually use their real names on the platform. But TikTok has a robust search bar that makes a smart connection between entries made by the user.

Without knowing who you’re looking for, TikTok can quickly help you fish them out if you have a lead on their real name or an idea of what you think they’d be using on the platform.

So when you search their name, type it in full and hope that TikTok can make a connection between the words to help you arrive at the correct account. If this doesn’t work, you can use each of their names singly to see if you’ll get the desired result.

Even though most users keep to nicknames, you can still use their full names to find them using the keyword features of the search bar. Once again, this is not very effective, but you still have a chance of success, so ensure you try it anyway.

Also, users sometimes post on their pages using their real names; for example, whoever you’re looking for could have posted their names in a post before. So when you search, you’ll see the post in the results list.

4. Put In Their Instagram Username

If you met the person you’re looking for on Instagram and want to find them on TikTok, the easiest way is to input their Instagram handles or names when you search on TikTok.

However, social media users often stick to a single name due to the need for uniqueness and to help people find them on every platform.

Although sometimes they can change names because someone’s already using that by the time they sign up, the name is just not available, or they’d prefer a different name to match the platform.

If that’s the case, you can still find them using their uniform username because even if they use the Instagram name here, they’re probably using something similar.

For example, if you input ‘user 123’, which is their Instagram handle, you’ll probably be able to find them in the top ten result list as other names like ‘user 124’, ‘user 1234’, or any other variable they might use.

If you don’t have their Instagram handle, you can sync your Facebook account with Instagram and check out their handles (if you’re friends on Facebook).

Also, when you IG with FB, you also get suggestions on who to add on FB, which means you can add them on FB and then link your FB to TikTok, which works like the method suggested in the third suggestion in this guide.

5. Put In Their YouTube Channel Name

This method is effective if you’re a subscriber on YouTube or just came across their YouTube channel. Most YouTubers who post videos on TikTok always find a way to stick with their uniform names.

Usually, YouTube channels know the importance of being easily discoverable by users across various platforms.

They also use unique names, so there’s a high chance they’d be using a unique name on TikTok too, so there probably isn’t anyone already using it before them. So input their YouTube channel name in the TikTok search bar, and you can find them.

As suggested earlier, you can try checking other accounts with similar names if you can’t find them with their YouTube channel name. You’ll find them under a similar name with an additional suffix or prefix. You can also use their YouTube channel comment section to your advantage.

Find their most popular video and ask for their TikTok username in the comment section. You should be able to get a reply from them or some other viewers who are already following them on TikTok.

If you don’t want to drop a comment on YouTube, go through comments on their popular videos, and you might find some viewers who have asked in the past or who just felt they should drop it for other viewers.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in doing both or combining the two with TikTok questions in comment sections of related videos.

For instance, if you want to find someone popular for photography, you can ask in the comment sections of photography videos on TikTok. Just ask if there’s anyone who’s following them (use their YouTube name) on TikTok.

6. Search A Term Relating to A Video They’ve Done That Went Viral, and Their Account Might Show Up

This method is similar to the one above but is more tactical. You will probably find someone tagged the person to a post or mentioned their account for others to follow.

Go to the platform you found them on, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, and find their most popular video, which went viral across various platforms. Input this video title in TikTok’s title bar, and you’ll find those videos on TikTok too.

If you’re lucky, they will have posted the video on TikTok and used the same or similar search term you used. But if they haven’t, take your time reviewing the search result.

If other people posted or shared the video, they might tag the original account or refer to it in their post. So click on each video in the top 10 to top 20 results and check the video description to get leads.

You can also check out comment sections of posts that appear in your search. Many TikTok users will see the video and tag the actual account or try to call their attention to it one way or the other.

But be careful when you see tags because there are a lot of catfish accounts on TikTok that you will get confused when trying to find the real one.

It helps if they have the verification badge, but if they don’t, check to see the number of followers if it matches what you’d expect of the person.

7. Look Through Your Watch History

Not all accounts you searched were found on other platforms; if you came across a TikTok creator before and you can’t seem to remember their username, here is the option for you.

This method works if you know the person on TikTok or believe you’ve come across their content on the platform in the past. So, the best way is to search for names you can remember. You might b able to find their account if you search a vague term and TikTok recommends the correct one for you.

But if your memory doesn’t help, you can try finding them through your TikTok memories. TikTok keeps a tab of all the videos you watch on the platform.

So if you’ve seen a video a few days or weeks ago and you can’t seem to remember what their username is, check TikTok Watch History.

Understandably, videos can so clog up your watch history that you can’t even navigate through videos you’ve seen today, not to mention weeks ago. So it helps to recollect when you saw the video.

You don’t have to know the specific date, you need to know the month or week, so it can help you easily navigate through the history and find them in less time than you’d spend trying it go through all your history (you don’t have to do this if you hardly watch videos on TikTok and your History contains fewer video items).

8. Use TikTok Discover

TikTok has a discovery page, which is tagged ‘Discover.’ The page is exclusively for exploring the vast number of users, videos, and creators on the platform.

It allows you to get direct access to the search bar at the top of the page and recommends some of the trending topics and videos on the platform.

So, if the person you’re trying to find is on TikTok and you know what type of content to expect from them, you can try using the Discover Page to find them.

They may trend on some of the most exciting topics on TikTok, so that’s where you head to. First, check out the list of video topics you think they can trend for, then click on any of them to see all the creators trending for it. If you can’t find them, then try searching for the type of content you think they can post.

You might run into them when you search that way. For example, if you’re trying to find the user name of a Korean chef who posts recipes, you can search Korean Chef Recipe.

These keywords will display related content, and you’ll be able to find them by scrolling through the list of search results on the page.

How to Use TikTok Discover Page

1. Tap the Discover icon, which is at the bottom of your screen

2. Click on the search bar at the top

3. Tap Search when you’re done to locate specific content or explore trending videos, hashtags, creators

9. Check Your Notifications

TikTok has a notification page that allows you to check out any platform update or activity related to your account. So you can check comments that you were tagged in or if anyone recently mentioned your username.

This page is usually busy if you have an active account, it will be crawling with updates after updates. But TikTok also has a navigation tool that allows you to keep track of different activities.

You can use the “All Activity” tab at the top of the “Inbox” page to categorize your notifications into different types. So if the person you’re looking for has tagged you in a post before, you can select Mentions to find them in the list of mentions you’ve gotten.

If they’ve also left a comment on your post before, you can use the Comments option to access all comments made on your post; others include Likes and Followers.

10. Look Through Your Friend’s Following and Followers

Okay, so you have TikTok friends and want to find someone else? Your friends can help you out. If you’ve not tried asking them already, you can do that immediately since they might be able to recollect their TikTok handle or be avid fans on TikTok.

Asking does save you a lot of stress, but if you’ve asked and they don’t know either or weren’t able to ask all your friends, it’s time to use their followers’ list to your advantage.

Since you are friends, there is a chance you have similar interests, including mutual favorites. So your friends could be avid fans of the person you wish to find or already a step ahead of you by following them.

You can check through their following to locate the username you seek. If it’s a mutual friend you all know, check all your friends’ followings on TikTok.

You can also check who is following them since they might not follow the person while the person already follows them, so check the list well.

11. Look Through Your Liked Videos

Some TikTok users are allergic to liking videos, but if you’re not part of this small fraction, check your liked videos. It’s pretty easy to like a video on TikTok, and you might even do it without noticing.

So, when trying to find someone you already know and don’t have their username, following this method might help and save you some time.

But if you have a lot of liked videos averaging thousands of videos, you might want to reconsider and go for any other suitable option you can find in this guide.

It’s possible that you’ve come across their video on TikTok and liked it, but now you can’t remember their username.

Use the Liked Videos tab on your profile page to navigate the list of videos you’ve liked since joining TikTok (if you’ve never cleared the information before by unlinking videos).

Check between dates you think you might have seen their video for more straightforward navigation.

12. Look Through Your Favorited Videos

It’s rare to look through your list of favorited videos and find videos of a random person you’re looking for, but it’s possible. Most people we search for on social media are those we’ve met recently or a long time ago and would love to reconnect with.

So, if you had met the user on TikTok and can’t remember their handle, you might find them in your list of favorited videos.

This favorite video list is easier to navigate than Liked videos because users rarely favorite a video unless they want to safe-keep it for future purposes.

This method also calls for users to consider adding any video or creator they like to their favorite list. So that when they wish to find their recent videos or follow them, they can do so easily by checking the list.

13. Ask Your Friends

This suggestion should come before you check your friend’s following and followers on TikTok. But since you can easily do that by opening TikTok and checking the info, it’s a faster method of getting results than this.

Either way, asking your friends is also a smart move. We have discussed how friends are likely to have mutual interests, so you and your friends might find the same comedian funny.

So if the person you want to find is a celebrity, your friend might also like them and could have been stepping ahead of you in finding them on TikTok. If that’s the case, you can ask them, and they’ll give you the username saving you the stress.

If you’re seeking someone who’s not popular and you think your friend also knows the person, you can ask them if they know their TikTok, Instagram, or any social media username that can give you a lead in finding the person.

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