Online casinos are becoming more and more popular at the moment. With so many on the market, it can be difficult knowing where to find the safest place to play at. Naturally, there are several sites that people will flock to for reputation, such as Dingo Casino, but these can sometimes be few and far between. So, how do beginner players find the safest and most secure sites to play at? We’ve put together the definitive guide to help you locate the top sites on the market.

Look for Regulation

There are a variety of different regulators on the market, but not all online casinos have an official governing body monitoring their activities. This is the first thing that you should look for. If an online casino is regulated, then this should be deemed as a good sign. While not having a regulator in place shouldn’t automatically raise a red flag, being attached to a regulator will give players peace of mind when they gamble online.

The top regulators on the market are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Association and Swedish Gambling Authority. However, there are other industry regulators that are also considered trustworthy. The most prevalent of the smaller regulators is the Government of Curacao.

Data Transfer Encryption

This is something that most websites have these days, but it is critical for an online casino to have one in place. All reliable online casinos will have an SSL certificate, which stands for secure socket layer. This provides encryption for all incoming and outgoing connections to a website. If a site has a valid SSL certificate in place then it means you can connect to and use the site without having to worry.

What data encryption essentially does, is make any data you send or receive from the site unusable to outsiders. When playing online casino games, there is a good chance you will be making deposits and withdrawals to your bank account. This is why high-quality encryption is absolutely vital.

There are a lot of different SSL certificates on the market, so it doesn’t really matter too much which one a site uses. All that you need to check is that the site you wish to play at has one in place. If this is the case, then you can be assured that your personal data is protected.

High Quality Software Developers

This is something many players will overlook when trying to find the best site to play at. However, it’s actually a very important aspect. High-quality software developers ensure that there are no security leaks within their games. While it’s something that doesn’t happen so much anymore, especially now that HTML5 has replaced Flash as the development environment of choice, it is still important to look for the most trusted names in the industry.

Some of the top providers are developers such as: NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Red Tiger Gaming. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and there are a lot of highly trusted developers on the market. This is also linked to regulators too as the most trusted developers will be fully regulated.

There is another aspect to this that often gets missed. There have been instances in the past of sites using fake versions of games. These titles have tended to be cunning, insofar as they have manipulated the mathematical functions of a game to make it less fair. This isn’t a common occurrence, but it does mean that it’s important for players to verify that legitimate versions of games are used. This is also another factor that is tied to regulation. If a site uses fake versions of games, then it makes it extremely unlikely that a regulator will grant them a license.

Payment Methods

Checking that a site uses legitimate payment methods is another way to make sure the casino games are secure. Payment is a hugely important facet of playing at an online casino and if the payment choices don’t look right, then it’s something to be worried about. However, if the payment options are well secured, then you know that your data is safe when you play.

This also applies when using cryptocurrency to pay. As it’s a relatively new way to make payments, not all sites offer this service. However, as long as the site has 2-factor authorisation and the relevant regulation, then there is no reason to think a crypto casino isn’t secure.


This is the final and most important element to look into. If a site has been found to either lack security or behaves in an untowardly manner, then it will ultimately have a bad reputation. A quick search online will always mention how reputable a site is. By doing these preliminary checks, it will make easier to find the most secure sites to play at.