Believe it or not, finding someone’s previous address is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Why is that? Well, your address isn’t as private as you would like it to be, after all, all your neighbor has to do is add one or subtract one from their own house number to get your address. In other words, your address and previous addresses are public knowledge, which includes the previous address of someone you’re seeking.

That easily accessible information is a double-edged sword. For starters, it makes finding someone’s previous address easy. Unfortunately, that means someone looking for yours will probably have just as easy of a time finding it. And that can be done with several different, and unique, methods.

Let’s start with the easiest.

Give Google a Try

Google Search Engine
Google Search Engine

Your first method is a coin toss: search on Google. The more relevant information you have on someone, the easier it will be to find them by performing a quick search with Google.

This solution makes use of the search function and links those keywords together. For example, typing someone’s name and, say, adding “Facebook” as a keyword will provide you with pages that use all of the keywords you used.

Access Public Records

Websites like PeopleFinders can gather relevant information, including previous addresses.

Your best bet is thumbing through public records. Fortunately, this can be done in two ways: do the handwork yourself or pay someone else to compile the information for you. Such platforms can compile information on someone’s phone numbers, relatives and, yes, even their past address (and current). PeopleFinders is a perfect example.

Unfortunately, such a service will, most likely, come with a monetary tag.

Use Facebook to Find an Address

While Facebook may not provide an exact address, it can give you the town or city in which the person has lived and currently lives, provided that information is available to the public. If the person has that information hidden, the only way you’re seeing it is by being a friend or retrieving that information from a friend of theirs. This can be done with a computer or the Facebook mobile app.

Using the Facebook Mobile App

1. Locate and open the Facebook app.

2. Log in with your Facebook account if you aren’t already logged in.


3. At the top of your screen you’ll see the search function represented by a magnifying glass. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll find it at the bottom of your screen. Go ahead and select Search.

See [NAME]’s About Info

4. Type in the person’s name and visit their profile page. Scroll down and select “See [NAME]’s About Info.”

Places [NAME] Lived

5. Scroll down their About Info page until you come to the subsection “Places [NAME] Lived.” You’ll see their current city and or town, which is where they live, and a hometown, provided you’re privy to that information.

Using a Computer

1. Start by heading over to Facebook’s website and signing in with your account, if you aren’t already logged in.

2. Click on the search bar in the top left corner and type in the person’s name and visit their profile page.


3. At the top of their profile page, just below their cover photo, click About. It’s to the right of “Timeline” and to the left of “Friends.”

Places [NAME] Lived

4. In the left hand column, click “Places [NAME] Lived.”

Again, this doesn’t give you a definitive address, but it can provide a focus point. You can then use that information to cross reference any friends you have that live in the area. Perhaps one of them may be able to fill in the gap for you.

Bottom Line

Being able to check into previous addresses on a potential tenant or employee can be valuable. It provides an opportunity to speak with people that have had direct contact with them, fleshing out the personality of a potential employee, renter, and so on.