It isn’t uncommon for your phone to be ringing all day by phone numbers you don’t recognize; it’s a side effect of having one. Normally, you might let it go to voicemail or decline the call altogether. But what if it was a friend with a new number? Or maybe you just want to put a name to that phone number.

Can it be done? Absolutely. In fact, there are different ways of snagging the name behind the phone number. How you go about finding their name is entirely up to you; pick the method that works best for you, but try more than one for the best results.

“Google” Their Phone Number

“Google” Their Phone Number

Of course, this can work for any search engine, but Google is certainly the most popular. With any number, simply punching it into a search engine can fire back results you’re looking for. You may find that the number is listed on a business website, like a CEO’s office number, or–if you’re really lucky–find that it’s a personal phone number. And it isn’t uncommon to find it linked to social media.

Either way, be sure to change the format of the number, too. For example, area codes can be written with or without parentheses for the best results.

Ask About Their Name

Ask About Their Name

Obviously, tossing a simple text message can save you a lot of searching. It’ll only take you a few moments to type, “New phone. Who dis?” before, hopefully, getting a response. It never hurts to just ask.

Use a Phone Book

Physical phone books have largely fell out of use, what with smartphones being the dominant force they are. But believe it or not, for you youngsters, phone books were all the rage when landlines–phones that do nothing be call and receive calls–were commonplace. Not so much these days. However, the same can’t be said on virtual phone books, or online phone directories.

Use a Phone Book
Find the name to a phone number with websites like

There exists dozens of websites with databases full of phone numbers and the names associated with that specific number. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Whitepages
  • AnyWho
  • PeopleFinders
  • Instant Checkmate
  • Zabasearch
  • Pipl

Anyone of these websites can score you the name from a phone number, but it’s highly recommended you try more than one database because one may contain numbers the other does not.

Look Into Your Phone Records

This method is for phone numbers that are restricted. In order to actually search that number, you need to know the digits. Get in touch with your phone provider and get your phone records sent to you. If you weren’t aware, your phone provider keeps track of numbers sent out and that have reached you.

And it just so happens that phone records, more often than not, can reveal restricted phone numbers. If or when you get the number, you can then use it to reverse search it with one of the methods listed here.

Look On Social Media

This is a coin toss. Either you’ll get really lucky and someone will have their phone listed or you’ll come up short. This is because most social media platforms come with privacy settings, which may or may not hide their phone numbers even if they list it on their profile. Facebook, for example, gives you the option of searching for someone’s number on their platform.

Best case scenario: their profile is public and you can see their phone number. Worst case scenario: their profile is private and you’re back to where you started.

Bottom Line

Names behind the phone number are surprisingly easy to find, sometimes too easy. It isn’t as personal as you would like it to be. If you feel that your number gets passed around too often, or you’d like to consider alternatives, try out burner numbers. After all, if it was easy for you to find someone’s name doing a simple search, then it’s probably just as easy for someone else to find yours.