How to Know Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

How to Find Someone's Birthday on WhatsApp

You just met a new person, got their phone number, and you decide to add their contact on WhatsApp.

You look at their profile and begin to wonder, when is their birthday? Is their birthday close? Well, if you want to figure out someone’s birthday by using WhatsApp, this is how you can do it.

Can You Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp?

Yes, it is possible for you to know if it is someone’s birthday through WhatsApp. As a social media network, it is important to show as much information to its users as possible.

Since Whats App needs you to input the phone number of another user in order to add them as contacts, the privacy of every user is protected under this form of identification.

It is also possible that someone added another person to their WhatsApp by accident, and therefore, they should not be getting their information since they do not know the person they added.

Still, if you do know the person you have added, there might still be the need to know their birthday since this type of information is important for every person.

Since privacy is a very important feature of WhatsApp, the information that you might be looking for is not going to be available straight away.

How to Know Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

There are ways that you can find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. Many people decide to change their status before their birthday as a way to clearly show people on WhatsApp when their birthday will be.

There is also the possibility that they post about their birthday before the date on their story.

The most direct route you might want to take is to ask the person directly when their birthday is or ask any close mutual friend you both have on WhatsApp. There are many different ways that you can find out when their birthday is through WhatsApp.

1. Track Their Status Updates

If you want to know about their birthdate, make sure that you are continuously tracking the person. As previously stated, most people will post about their upcoming birthday to let others know and be ready for the event.

If you want to know if someone’s birthday will be soon, make sure that you watch all of the stories that they post.

Even when their birthday might not be close, they can decide to post some type of story about past birthdays, and in said posts, they might show details about the month and perhaps the exact date their birthday is on.

Whatever might be the case, you should make sure to follow the postings they make on their WhatsApp story to make sure you do not miss any information they might post.

2. Go to About and Phone Number

WhatsApp has a feature to show others a status that will be shown if they enter your profile information.

The status that is shown is whatever you might choose, and if a birthday is coming up, the chances are that the status will make a mention of this upcoming event to let others know about it.

To do this, head onto a person’s profile by clicking on their picture on any active chat you might have with them. Once you open their profile, the status information will be shown in the top left corner.

If you check it at times, a birthday message will be present for everyone on WhatsApp to see.

It might also be possible that they might have their birthday under their status all year round to show anyone their birthday. This might appear as a date followed by a birthday cake to show others why the date posted on their status is important.

3. Ask Them

The most direct approach to the problem is to ask them directly when their birthday is. It might be difficult to ask them about their birthday, especially if the person you are investigating has known you for a long time.

But while it might be awkward to ask someone when their birthday is, this is the most direct way to get the information.

Asking a person when their birthday is might be taken badly since they might think that you do not pay attention to them, but most likely asking them about their birthday will show them that you care about them and their lives enough to risk any ideas that might arise from the question.

Asking directly for the information that you want to know from others is the best way to approach any problem since the answer that they give you will be the correct information you are looking for.

Since people are not likely to lie to others once a direct question is made, the answers you receive will most likely be the truth.

Also, asking a person about their birthday may lead to deep conversations about their past birthdays, the presents they have liked the most, the most memorable birthdays, and much other information about their birthdays.

These deep conversations may lead to the relationship between you two. Whether it is a platonic relationship or a romantic one, it is bound to further in ways that it had not before since sharing information about important events in their lives will deepen any bond.

4. Ask Their Mutual Friends on WhatsApp

If you do not want to ask a person directly when their birthday is, one of the other direct ways to get the information is to ask any mutual friend that you might have on WhatsApp.

Asking a person about another person’s birthday may be less awkward than asking the person directly, but if the person that you are asking is close friends with them, it is possible that they will make the other person know about your question.

Also, asking a mutual friend does not always result in an answer being given by the other person. Asking a mutual friend about another’s birthday will only work if you know that they both know each other well enough to know important dates in their lives.

If you ask a person about another’s birthday and they do not happen to know when their birthday is, you can go ahead and ask them if there are any other mutual friends who you may ask.

If you keep on asking mutual friends about a birthday, it might come across as being too interested in their birthday if the people decide to tell them about your questions.

5. Check Their Facebook About Section

As opposed to WhatsApp, when looking through Facebook, the information on their profile will be available to friends of the user.

Since it is needed for both parties to accept a friend request, this means that only the people that the user permits onto their profile information will have access to the information.

To check to see when a person’s birthday is on Facebook, you need to check theirs about section on the platform. First, you must head onto the profile of the person you want to learn about their birthday.

The about section is placed right under the basic information the person has on their profile.

Under their about section, not only will you get their birth date, but you can also tell what that person is interested in, which makes it easier to buy them presents for their birthday.

At times the information about their birthday might not be available because they have decided not to share this information with clothes. If this is the case, you will not be able to see this information.

6. Check Their Instagram Posts and Highlights on Instagram to See If They Posted on Their Birthday

If you have gone through a person’s Facebook profile and you were not able to find any information about their birthday, the next thing you might want to do is search for their posts made on Instagram.

Since Instagram is a social network that focuses on showing people pictures and videos about important events in their lives, it is very likely that their birthday will be one of the events they have previously posted.

To see if there are any posts regarding their birthday, search for any posts which might have balloons on them, a cake, or a big group of people in the picture.

While it is important to check the pictures, most of the time, the description will give away if there is really a birthday party going on.

If you find a picture or a group of pictures that show a birthday, check to see the date that the pictures were posted.

It is possible that the pictures might have been posted a day after their birthday, so check their descriptions to see if it contains words such as “Last Night” or “yesterday.”

On their highlights, they may have posted content showing their birthday, but the date might not be as apparent under their highlights.

When you get to know new people, there is a lot of information that there is to learn about them and important events in their lives are one of the most important.

Knowing the birthday date of others is important because this will make you feel more connected to them as well as give you enough time to prepare for this important event.

Thanks to social media networks, much of the important information about others is available to their friends, family, and acquaintances.

If you want to find out someone’s birthday using WhatsApp, the information might not be as available as on other social media networks, but there are still ways that you can find out when their birthday is.

The main ways that you can learn the birth date of the person you are currently investigating is to directly ask the person when their birthday is or ask mutual friends when said person’s birthday is.

There is also the possibility that people will post about upcoming birthdays on their WhatsApp stories or even change their status to let others know that there is a birthday approaching.

Using social media networks to find out about others’ birthdays is possible since the information available in their profiles will give you all of the answers you need.

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