Finding out if someone that you know is on a dating app is easy; however, it might be a little time consuming. Wanting to know if someone is on a dating app requires a little sleuthing, but you should definitely think about why you’re investigating this in the first place. If you need to make sure that your significant other is faithful or if you’re trying to help out a friend, then that’s completely fine since knowing is better than wondering.

However, you shouldn’t use this information to blackmail or threaten anyone. To find out if someone is on Bumble, there are two ways: making an account of your own and going through who’s on Bumble in your area or using the account of a friend to go through who’s on Bumble in your area.

Using a Friend’s Account to see who’s on Bumble

This requires you to have someone that you trust that already uses Bumble. You can ask them if they’ll be willing to let you use their account to look for the person that you’re interested in. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to find the person that you’re looking for. Your friend’s account will be legitimate and they’ll be more likely to see the person on Bumble, especially if the person that you’re looking for lives in the same town as them.

You should recognize that you only get a certain amount of swipes per day. Also, pay attention to the preferences of your friend’s account. You might need to set the preferences so that you’re more likely to see the person that you’re looking for. Age range and gender are very important. You also might want to increase the distance if that person lives further away. This may take you a few days of swiping, especially since you’ll be stopped after swiping so many times.

Making your own Bumble Account

If you don’t think that you have someone who will let you use their account, then you can make your own account and do your own swiping. This might also take a few days and you might have to play around with your preferences on the app to find the person that you’re looking for, but this is a method that’ll work well. You should know that you’ll have to put a little more effort into this method.

You’ll have to make a fake identity for a little while, unless you don’t care about being seen on the app by others in your area since Bumble is a location- based dating app. You don’t need a picture if you’re doing this for a short amount of time; however, if this might take a while for you, then you’re going to need a picture. You can take a picture of yourself that won’t be recognized or you can get permission from someone else to use their picture.

You can ask a friend, but realistically it might be easier for you to take a picture where you won’t be recognized. Pose with the phone in front of your face in a mirror selfie or choose one that was taken far away where your face isn’t seen. If you want, you can visit a free image repository for a few pictures that you can use. Unsplash is a popular one that you can use. Either way, Bumble has been cracking down on catfishing, so this is why you might end up needing a picture.

You’ll also have to change your preferences on your account to take into consideration who the person is. Change the age and the distance to assure that you’ll eventually see the person that you’re looking for.

Hopefully, you find what you’re looking for while you’re searching through Bumble.