How to Check Samsung Region Code

How to Find Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code

Some people are unaware of the CSC Region code associated with their device. While this isn’t something the ordinary client would need to know, it can benefit fans.

When an OEM develops firmware for a smartphone, they do it with a specific geographical location in mind.

It might be due to various factors such as language obstacles, national regulations, local collaborations, and so on. Numerous factors influence the decision of firms to develop region-specific (and, in some cases, carrier-specific) firmware for their mobile phones and tablets.

What Is A CSC Region Code?

CSC is an abbreviation for country-specific code, and it is most commonly associated with Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the Android community.

Samsung manufactures various software for different nations; thus, we must first determine what firmware we are running on our device to transfer the software ourselves.

However, this can occasionally extend beyond establishing a code for a single nation. For example, the United States appears to be a logical CSC region code for Samsung cellphones marketed in the United States.

The company can break down these larger markets into firmware images exclusive to cellular carriers in some cases. In reality, the CSC region codes for AT&T (ATT), T-Mobile (TMB), and Verizon Wireless (VZW) are used on many popular handsets marketed in the United States today (among others).

In Europe, in addition to the country’s CSC, local CSCs of mobile providers are also similar. All phones of a specific model have the same model number. Still, they all have separate CSCs because unique software for mobile carriers is only available in certain regions (in some countries).

The essential thing to remember is that all OTA updates use the CSC region code to determine whether or not your Samsung device has been approved for a new software update that includes a new Android or security patch.

How to Check Samsung Region Code

Samsung servers look up the CSC code of your Samsung device and compare it to the geolocation where it is being used to determine if it is compromised. The CSC of a Samsung Galaxy phone firmware contains the codename of the nation or territory for which the firmware was developed and released.

To obtain legitimate updates, you can notify Samsung servers that your phone is indeed located in a different nation or area by changing the setting on your phone. In a similar vein, if you flash the firmware intended for a foreign country onto your device, you will not be able to get any further updates unless you reinstall the appropriate software.

To find the CSC on your phone:

1. Use Download Mode

If you are unfamiliar with Download Mode, it is necessary to boot your device into it. It might be difficult for individuals who are not familiar with it. It’s something that everyone should be familiar with (in my view), and it’s simple once you get the feel of it.

On the other hand, Samsung often changes how these covert boot modes may get accessed. When using the Samsung Galaxy S10 Download Mode, you must hold down the Volume Down and Bixby keys while connecting the device to a USB port.

When using Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Download Mode, you must press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously while connecting the device to a computer via a USB cord.

Alternatively, you may conduct a Google online search using the name of your smartphone and the phrases “Download Mode” to locate a tutorial that can assist you. To accomplish this, you must first boot your device into Download Mode, which shows a large amount of text on the screen.

This wall of text has a line that begins with the letters Carrier ID. It is the line that you are looking for. Following that text, however, you should be able to see your 3-letter CSC region code!

2. Go to About Phone

The About Phone function may get used to determine the correct CSC code for any Galaxy. Follow these prompts:

1. Open the Settings program on your phone.

2. Scroll down and select the “About Phone” option from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the “Software Information” option from the drop-down menu.

4. And check for the “Service Provider SW Ver.” section under “Service Provider.”

5. You’ll find the CSC code in this section.

3. Use the Phone Dial Method

If you have a Samsung smartphone, you will find that it comes pre-installed with a phone dialer. It is beneficial because using a dialer code to determine your smartphone’s region CSC code is one of the easiest ways to determine its region CSC code.

These codes are often seen on Android devices, and they are used for debugging services or for gathering information about the device.

To find the CSC:

1. Open the dialer on your phone.

2. When you dial *#1234#, you should see that the dialer menu has disappeared.

3. A black screen will replace it with some firmware information.

4. Take a look at the CSC section; it should be located after the model number.

Carriers CSC Code List

Samsung CSC refers to Consumer Software Country Specific or Customization Code. It is a code used when it comes to Samsung firmware binaries, and from here, you will find specific firmware, system configurations, and localizations, among other settings.

This is because Samsung creates such products specific to countries. So, you may get the same model of phone in a country, but different CSCs, for different regions.

The United States is one of these cases. The United States is a large country, and you will find different CSC codes for various regions.

The truth is that very few common Samsung users know about the CSC code and even how to find it. For this reason, only enthusiasts who are deeply concerned about the phone, settings, elements, updates, and other things will know about this code.

The Country Specific Code/ CSC code provided by Samsung is crucial as it provides the company with the ability to design and provide updates directed to users in specific region. This is because different regions use different network providers among other differences that are crucial when it comes to Firmware updates.

So, knowing your CSC will come in handy when you need to dig deep into your phone and update the entire firmware provided by the manufacturer. You must have the code for Samsung to provide you with the right update according to your location.

Below, you will find the United States Carrier CSC codes list. However, note that things are subject to change. They include the following.

United States Carriers CSC Code List

  1. BST – Unkown
  2. LRA – Bluegrass Cellular
  3. ACG – Nexttech / C-Spire
  4. GCF – Unknown
  5. ATT – AT&T
  6. CCT – Comcast
  7. TMB – T-Mobile
  8. USC – USA
  9. XAS – Unkown
  10. VMU – Virgin Mobile USA
  11. TFN – Tracfone
  12. VZW – Verizon Wireless
  13. SPR – Sprint
  14. XAA – USA Unbranded

Canada Carriers CSC Code List

  1. BWA – SaskTel
  2. RWC – Rogers
  3. TLS – Telus
  4. VTR – Videotron
  5. BMC – Bell Mobile
  6. CHR – Canada Unbranded
  7. FMC – Fido Mobile
  8. XAC – Canada Unbranded
  9. KDO – Koodo Mobile
  10. GLW – Globalive Wind Mobile
  11. MTB – Belarus
  12. ESK – EastLink
  13. VMC – Virgin Mobile Canada

Vodafone Carriers CSC Code List

  1. CYV – Cyprus Vodafone branded
  2. ATL – Spain Vodafone branded
  3. MTL – Bulgaria MTL branded
  4. SIM- Slovenia Si. Mobile branded
  5. VD2 – Germany Vodafone branded
  6. AFV – Albania Vodafone branded
  7. ATL – Spain Vodafone branded
  8. VDC – the Czech Republic Vodafone branded
  9. VGR – Greece Vodafone branded
  10. SWC – Switzerland Swisscom branded
  11. OMN – Italy Vodafone branded
  12. MOB – Austria A1 branded
  13. CNX – Romania Vodafone branded
  14. VIP – Croatia VIP-Net branded
  15. XFV – South Africa Vodafone branded
  16. VOD – United Kingdom Vodafone branded
  17. VGR – Greece Vodafone branded
  18. VDI – Ireland Vodafone branded
  19. VDH – Hungary Vodafone branded
  20. PRO – Belgium Proximus branded
  21. VDF – Netherlands Vodafone branded

Global List of CSC for Samsung Galaxy Android Global

Global list of CSC for Samsung Galaxy Android, cover codes for all the countries where Samsung sells its phones. So, whichever country you are in, note that there is a CSC code for your Samsung phone. Here is the list.

Afghanistan – AFG

Algeria – TMC

Argentina – ARO

Argentina (Claro) – CTI

Argentina – ANC

Argentina (Personal) – PSN

Argentina (Movistar) – UFN

Austria (A1) – MOB

Austria – TTR

Austria (3 Hutchison) – DRE

Austria (T-Mobile) – MAX

Austria (Telering) – TRG

Australia (Optus) – OPS

Australia – XSA

Australia (Vodafone) – VAU

Australia (Telstra) – TEL

Baltic – SEB

Bangladesh – BNG

Belgium (Proximus) – PRO

Bolivia – BVO

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH TELECOM) – BHT

Bosnia and Herzegovina – TEB

Brazil (Claro) – ZTA

Brazil (Oi) – ZTR

Brazil – ZTO

Brazil (VIVO) – ZVV

Brazil (TIM) – ZTM

Bulgaria – BGL

Bulgaria – GBL

Bulgaria (VVT) – VVT

Bulgaria (MTL) – MTL

Cambodia – CAM

Caucasus Countries – CAU

Chile – CRC

Chile – CHO

Chile (Entel PCS) – CHE

Chile (Nextel) – CHX

Chile (Claro) – CHL

Chile (VTR) – CHV

Chile (Telefonica) – CHT

China (China Telecom) – CTC

China (Open China) – CHC

China (China Mobile) – CHM

Colombia (Comcel) – COM

Colombia (Movistar) – COB

Colombia (ETB) – COE

Colombia – COO

Costa Rica – ICE

Croatia (TELE2) – TWO

Croatia (Bonbon) – DHR

Croatia (VIPNET) – VIP

Croatia (T-Mobile) – CRO

Cyprus – CYV

Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone) – CYO

Czech Republic (T-Mobile) – TMZ

Czech Republic (Vodafone) – VDC

Czech Republic – ETL

Czech Republic (O2C) – O2C

Dominican Republic (Orange) – DOR

Dominican Republic – CDR

Ecuador – ECO

Ecuador – EBE

Egypt – EGY

Fiji (Vodafone) – VFJ

France – XEF

France (SFR) – SFR

France (Orange) – FTM

France (Bouygues) – BOG

Germany (O2) – VIA

Germany (T-Mobile) – DTM

Germany (Vodafone) – VD2

Germany (1&1) – XEG

Germany – DBT

Germany (Congstar) – DDE

Greece (Cosmote) – COS

Greece – EUR

Greece (Vodafone) – VGR

Guatemala – PGU

Guatemala – TGU

Guatemala (Tigo) – CGU

Hong Kong – TGY

Hungary (Telenor) – PAN

Hungary (T-mobile) – TMH

Hungary – XEH

Hungary (VDH) – VDH

India – INS

India – INU

Indonesia – XID

Indonesia – XSE

Iran – THR

Iraq – MID

Ireland (Three) – 3IE

Ireland (Meteor) – MET

Ireland – TSI

Ireland (Vodafone) – VDI

Israel (Cellcom) – CEL

Israel – ILO

Israel (Orange/Partner) – PTR

Israel (Pelephone) – PCL

Italy (H3G) – HUI

Italy – ITV

Italy (TIM) – TIM

Italy (Wind) – WIN

Italy (Vodafone) – OMN

Jamaica – CWW

Jamaica – JDI

Kazakhstan – SKZ

Kenya – KEN

Kenya – AFR

Korea (LG Uplus) – LUC

Korea (SK Telecom) – SKC

Libya – BTC

Luxembourg – LUX

Macedonia – VIM

Macedonia (T-Mobile) – MBM

Malaysia – XME

Mauritius – MRU

Mexico (Telcel) – TCE

Mexico (Movistar) – TMM

Montenegro – TMT

Morocco (MWD) – MWD

Morocco (MAT) – MAT

Nepal – NPL

Netherlands (Vodafone) – VDF

Netherlands (Ben NL) – DNL

Netherlands (T-Mobile) – TNL

Netherlands – PHN

New Zealand – TNZ

New Zealand – NZC

New Zealand (Vodafone) – VNZ

Nigeria – ECT

Nordic Countries – NEE

Norway (Telenor) – TEN

Open Austria – ATO

Panama – PBS

Pakistan (PAK) – PAK

Panama – TPA

Panama (Claro) – CPA

Panama (Cable & Wireless) – PCW

Papua New Guinea – PNG

Paraguay (Tigo) – TGP

Paraguay (Claro) – CTP

Paraguay (Personal) – PSP

Paraguay (Tigo) – TGP

Peru (SAM) – SAM

Peru (Nextel) – PNT

Peru (Viettel) – PVT

Peru – PET

Philippines (Globe) – GLB

Philippines ( Sun Cellular) – XTE

Philippines (Smart) – SMA

Philippines (Globe) – GLB

Philippines (Open Line) – SMA

Poland – XEO

Poland (PLUS) – PLS

Poland (T-mobile) – TPL

Poland (Orange) – IDE

Poland (Heyah) – DPL

Poland (Play) – PRT

Portugal – MEO

Portugal (Vodafone) – TCL

Portugal (TPH) – TPH

Portugal (Optimus) – OPT

Puerto Rico – PCT

Romania – ROM

Romania (Vodafone) – CNX

Romania (Orange) – ORO

Romania (Cosmote) – COA

Russia – SER

Saudi Arabia – ACR

Saudi Arabia – KSA

Saudi Arabia (STC) – XFU

Saudi Arabia – WTL

Serbia (VIP) – TOP

Serbia (Telenor) – MSR

Serbia (Telekom) – TSR

Singapore – MM1

Singapore (StarHub) – STH

Singapore – XSP

Singapore (SingTel) – SIN

Slovakia – TMS

Slovakia – SIO

Slovenia (Si.Mobil) – SIM

Slovenia (Mobitel) – MOT

South Africa – XFA

South Africa – XFE

South Africa (Vodafone) – XFV

South America (Open Line) – NBS

South America (Moviestar) – CRM

southeast Europe – SEE

Spain (Orange) – AMO

Spain (Vodafone) – ATL

Spain – PHE

Spain (Movistar) – XEC

Sri Lanka – SLK

Sweden (Tre) – HTS

Sweden – VDS

Switzerland (Swisscom) – SWC

Switzerland – AUT

Taiwan – BRI

Thailand – THL

Trinidad and Tobago – EON

Trinidad and Tobago – TTT

Tunisia – TUN

Ukraine (Kyivstar) – SEK

United Arab Emirates – LYS

United Arab Emirates – XSG

United Kingdom – BTU

United Kingdom – VIR

United Kingdom (O2) – O2UU

United Kingdom (EE) – EVR

United Kingdom (H3G) – H3G

United Kingdom/Ireland – XEU

United Kingdom (Vodafone) – VOD

Uruguay – UFU

Uruguay (Claro) – CTU

Uruguay – UPO

Uzbekistan – CAC

Vietnam – XXV

Zambia (MTN Zambia) – MTZ

How to Use PDA/CSC to Download Samsung Firmware Update File

As earlier mentioned at the beginning of the article, the CSC code is used as a product code in Samsung phones to acquire and download firmware updates. As a result, there are specific steps you can follow to download the firmware update file into your phone.

There are several websites that will allow you to download the Samsung firmware update. These websites include SamFirm, Sam Mobile, and Updato.

In this article, you will get steps to follow to download the update through SamFirm. It is a tool that is easy and quick to use. SamFirm in full means Samsung Firmware.

1. The first step is to download the SamFirm tool.

2. Install and launch the tool once you have downloaded it to your computer.

3. You will find a text box requiring you to provide details of your model, and this is where you put the model number of your Samsung device. Get the model number by going to Settings on your phone, then scroll and open the About Phone option.

4. You will also need to fill the region field. The region field requires you to fill in your CSC code according to your region. Again, you can refer to the list of CSC codes above or check it using the steps explained earlier.

5. The next step is to click and check for the updates by clicking the “Check Update” key on the system.

6. Once you check the update, the SamFirm tool will show details of the updates available. You will get three versions of CP, AP, and CSC and will also indicate their size.

7. The next step is to download the file. The file will be downloaded in zip format.

8. When you unzip the files, you will get Home CSC, CP, CSC, AP, and BL files.

Can You Flash Different Country Firmware Samsung?

Yes. This is possible. You can flash different country firmware Samsung. However, it is crucial to note that, at first, the firmware is specific to a country. This means that the process has to be specific, and you have to be very careful to avoid messing with the system.

In some cases, you may need to change the CSC. This happens in cases where you get a phone built for a different country. If the network and other services are having problems, you may need to change the CSC. You may also be moving to a new country with your phone and decide to change the CSC to be able to receive necessary updates.

You may experience a few changes when installing the firmware, but they are minor. As long as your network carrier in the country does not have a huge difference, you will be okay.

How To Change Region On Samsung Phones

Changing region on Samsung phones is not so difficult. All you have to do is follow very precise instructions, and you will be able to do this. People may want to change regions for various reasons, and it is completely okay. One of them is if you are shifting from one country to the other.

Here are the steps you should follow.

1. Open your phone and go to your Play Store application.

2. Click on the Menu. The menu is on the top left. Click the three lines.

3. Navigate and tap on the “Account” option.

4. Then on the menu, tap on “Country” and Profiles.

5. Here you will be given options to select a new country for your device. Follow the instructions and then update the payment method.

6. The next step is to reboot your Samsung phone. Once you reboot the device, the region details will have been updated. You can proceed to install any other apps you want.

The Takeaway

The firmware build number for Samsung devices is divided into two portions designated as PDA and CSC. The PDA contains the update build number with Android system modifications, whereas the CSC includes updates that are specific to a particular nation.

If you are only getting legitimate Samsung OTA updates, you do not need to worry about CSC.

On the other hand, advanced users who root their Samsung smartphone using the current TWRP recovery may find that they need to restore their device to its factory state at some time to upgrade their device’s firmware manually.

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