How to Find Out Whos Behind a Fake Twitter Account

How to Find Out Whos Behind a Fake Twitter Account

Is someone using a Twitter account to that isn’t you? If this is the case, then this article will guide you through how to find out who’s behind it.

Can You Find Out Who’s Behind A Fake Twitter Account?

Yes, it’s possible to find out who’s behind a fake Twitter account. There are no obvious ways, but there are ways to bait the owner into revealing who they are, as well as using sneaky methods to find out the owner behind the fake account.

How to Find Out Whos Behind a Fake Twitter Account

1. Use Grabify IP Logger

One way to find out who;s behind a fake Twitter account is by using Grabify IP Logger and baiting the owner.

To do this, go to, then create a randomized URL, then start a conversation with the fake account you’re trying to find who’s behind, send them the link, and once they press the link, their IP address will be revealed.

Obviously, having the fake account’s IP address doesn’t reveal who’s behind it, but if it’s someone that’s tormeting you or pretending to be you and you have suspicions, knowing where they live can bait who they are.

2. Click Forgot Password, Then Enter Their Username Then Look At The Email Twitter Says They’ve Sent The Recovery Link to

A more sneaky way to try and find out who is behind a fake account is by trying to log into the fake account with their username.

Once you have typed in the username, tap on forgot password and Twitter will send a password reset link to the email that the fake account was made with. If you know this email or their name is the email, you can figure out who it is.

3. Look Through The Fake Accounts Following and Followers

By looking through the accounts that follow the fake account and who they follow, you can try and figure out who they are. Sometimes, people will follow their fake accounts with their personal accounts or follow their personal accounts with their fake accounts.

If you know someone who the fake account is following that has no other correlation to this account, there is a possibility that they have followed themselves and you just caught them.

4. Sync Your Contacts and Check If The Fake Account Comes Up

You can also sync your contacts into Twitter to try and know who is behind a fake account. Once you do this, Twitter will show you a list of your contacts, and if the fake account comes up, you know you have their number, and this will allow you to run some tests to find out who they are.

5. Ask The Fake Account Who’s Behind It

A very straightforward and easy way to find out who is behind a fake Twitter account is to simply ask the fake twitter account who they are. You can do this by directly messaging the account.

6. Ask Friends If They Know Who’s Behind the Account

Similarly to asking the fake Twitter account who they are, you can also ask other people who may know the account as well.

Especially if this fake account is big in your friend group or maybe with your colleagues, there is a chance that someone around you will know who runs the fake Twitter account.

There is no harm in asking and it may even allow you to finally know who is running the fake Twitter account.

7. Check For Clues On Their Profile

There also might be some little clues and hints on the fake Twitter account as to who the owner is. Maybe they are named Katie in real life and just decided to use the same name for their fake account, but changed it a little bit to Katy.

Or, maybe the initials of the fake account are the same as their real account. A lot of times when people do make a fake anything, they struggle to separate from their true identities and leave little traces like these behind.

Another little hint that might exist is in the bio of the fake account, where they may give away too much information, and you can use that to figure out who they are.

Can Someone Track My Fake Twitter Account

1. If You Add Your Real Number and Email

One way that people are able to track your fake Twitter account is if you add your real number and your real email to this fake account. By adding your real information, you are tying the account to information that is undeniable to you.

Tip: If you use your number for a new Twitter account, they will be notified. If you’re wondering how this works and how to avoid it, I’ve done an article on it.

This will allow anyone who has your phone number to know that one of their contacts is on Twitter and it is your fake account that appears with the number.

Additionally, by using your real email, any information that is emailed about your fake Twitter account from Twitter will be going to your real email.

This will absolutely allow anyone to see that this fake Twitter account is yours because your email was used to create the account.

2. If You Use Your Name

Another way that people can easily track your fake Twitter account is by creating the fake account under your real name.

Even if you have a common name that is popular where you are located, people will still assume it can be you behind this fake account because you have the same name.

Even anything similar to your name can be linked back to you and allow people to track your fake Twitter account.

The best thing to do to avoid people being able to track your fake Twitter account based on your real name is to make the account under a fake name that is in no way similar to your real name.

3. If You Follow Your Personal Account or It Follows You

If you decide to follow your personal account on your fake account, or decide to follow your fake account with your personal account, this will be an easy link between your real identity and your fake Twitter account.

When creating a fake account on Twitter, do not interact with your personal account at all. Never interact with your fake account with your personal account either.

If either account is following the other, this can make people who are tracking the owner of the fake account include you into people who might be the owner of the fake account.

Play is safe if you have a fake Twitter account and never interact with anything personal of yours.

How to Prevent Your Fake Account From Getting Found Out

1. Don’t Use Your Real Details, including Name, Number, and Email

When you first create an Twitter account, there are certain details you need to include in order to make an account. Twitter will require your name and email to officially make an account.

If you are making a fake Twitter account, do not use your real name or email to keep your identity away from anyone finding out. It is very easy to make a fake email account to use for your fake Twiter account.

Go to any email site, such as or, and simply just create an email account using a fake name that has no correlation at all to your own. You can also make it as basic and common as possible so your name is not questionable.

Then, use this fake email and fake name to create your Twitter account. This way, there is no connection to your real name and real email, making it harder for people to find out who you actually are.

2. Don’t Click Any Links Someone Sends in The DMs

If there are any direct messages sent to your fake Twitter account, you can view these messages, but do not click on any links that may be sent to your direct messages.

The links often hack that once you click on, will take you to a page that is incredibly difficult to navigate off.

Once you are on the website that the link takes you to, it can obtain information from your phone and whoever sent you the link can get their hands on this information then.

The best way to avoid these hacks is simply by not clicking on any of the links that may be sent to your fake Twitter account in your direct messages. This will help you further protect yourself and keep your identity hidden.

3. Don’t Follow Your Personal Account or Follow Your Fake Account From Your Personal

When you create your fake account, do not make any connections to your real identity, no matter how minor these connections may seem.

One mistake people with fake accounts often make that end up playing a role in revealing their identity is by following themselves with their fake account or even using their fake account to follow themselves.

If people are trying to find out who is running the fake account, they will check out everyone that the fake account is following as well as their followers.

If your personal account is either being followed by or following this fake account, those who are investigating the fake account will try to figure out what the connection is to your personal account.

This can lead to them knowing who you are. So, to keep your identity as safe as possible, do not follow your personal account and do not follow your fake account.

4. Use A Throwaway Phone to Make The Fake Account

One of the best ways to make sure that no one can figure out what phone is being used to create a fake Twitter account is to use a throwaway phone to make the account.

That way, if someone can figure out what phone made a fake account, there are no ties to you as the phone no longer exists. If you are going to do this and use a throwaway phone, make sure it is one that has access to the internet.

If you buy a throwaway phone that has no way to connect to the internet, you will not be able to make the account because the throwaway phone you bought has no way to access Twitter.

This means that you will have to spend a little more money on this throwaway phone, but it will be better for you in the long run as it will keep your identity more hidden than if you were to make the account with your own personal phone.

This is another way you can help keep yourself unassociated with your fake Twitter account.

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