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Assume you get a spam message or a call from someone’s TextNow number and want to know who is using it. How are you going to hunt down and identify the owner of the TextNow number?

According to TextNow support, the owner of a TextNow number cannot get traced since TextNow does not provide information about the person’s identity using the number. But don’t worry; in this post, I’ll show you three methods for tracing and determining who owns a TextNow number.

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What is TextNow?

TextNow is simply an application that contains an end-to-end phone service. You receive complimentary messages and free calls over WiFi, which means you don’t have to pay for calls whether you’re at home – or on a WiFi network.

TextNow began as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, allowing you to make calls and send text messages over WiFi by supplying a free phone number. We now have an application that can execute the same processes as before, but its services are increasing. We also have WhatsApp, Telegram, and a plethora of other messaging applications that allow us to make calls and exchange text messages via WiFi.

The distinction between TextNow and other messaging software includes end-to-end telephonic capabilities. It’s comparable to how your network service provider gives you a SIM card so you can utilize network data services to make calls, send text messages, and connect to the Internet.

After you join up, you will be asked to provide your location’s area code, and TextNow will supply you with a number based on that. This number is now available for phone calls and text messages.

  • The TextNow software transforms any wifi-enabled gadget into a phone with its phone number, even if the device lacks a phone plan.
  • Users of the TextNow app may send regular text/SMS messages that will not appear on their phone bill.
  • Users may add the software to any of their devices, which means that whenever someone calls or texts their TextNow phone number, they can speak on the computer, tablet, smartphone, or even iPod Touch.
  • Users may also use the TextNow app to make local and international phone calls.
  • Users may make free international calls on the app by completing offers, watching advertising, or purchasing the premium membership.

What Can I Use TextNow For?

If you already have a phone for which you pay a monthly charge, you may save money by downloading and using the TextNow app. With TextNow, you can make free WiFi calls, so whether you’re at home – or work – you won’t have to spend your minutes making calls since you can do it all via TextNow.

Similarly, if you have an old phone lying around, work from home, and want to keep your professional and personal lives separate, you might use the TextNow number as your business number. It means that ALL of the calls you get via TextNow are business-related. You may then make free business calls.

If you don’t want a landline in your home and would instead use a mobile phone for “house calls,” reusing an old phone that runs Android or iOS is one of the simplest and least costly methods to do it. You wouldn’t have to pay anything since you already have the phone, and TextNow is entirely free to use.

Can You Track A TextNow Number?

If you are getting many unknown calls and messages on TextNow and want to know who is behind them, there is a formal method for that as well. TextNow, on the other hand, does not divulge the users’ identities depending on their privacy settings. As a result, identifying the primary user behind all spam calls is difficult.

If you intend to contact their support service, that will not be useful to you. However, you might try accessing the profile of the TextNow number you wish to monitor. You will be able to trace the user if they have submitted the necessary information.

There is no formal method to monitor a person using his TextNow number in practice. However, there are several tactics you may attempt that may or may not work for you.

TextNow Number Lookup

We discovered that contacting TextNow support doesn’t help, so allow us to present the most excellent methods to track a TextNow number.

1. Check The Email Address

If the user has supplied the proper email address, there is a chance that you will be able to get exact information from that.

2. Check The First or/and Last Name

Examine the first and last names on the account credentials. If the information is correct, you will instantly learn the caller’s name.

3. IP Address Information

According to the TextNow Privacy Policy, they keep track of their users’ IP addresses and identification, validated by utilizing the telephone number you give upon registration.

The IP address information may also get used to trace the number. This information may get traced back to the device; however, IP-related knowledge is tough to come by.

This method collects data such as the IP address, email, device history, phone call history, phone record, messages, and other communicative elements. Their privacy policies permit this; however, TextNow will not share it with you further. If you are an investigator, a federal agent, or a government employee, you may access these documents and data with the court’s permission. The firm will only access this information if your background is critical.

4. Check Your Phone Call History

Examine the history of phone calls to see whether the number is on the list. From here, if the person’s number is in your call history and you’ve spoken to them before, you can try and identify who they are.

5. Check Your Text Message Records

Checking Your Text Message Records to determine whether you have already had text convos with this individual is a very straightforward approach to finding a TextNow number.

On the TextNow website, you may find your Conversation History.

  1. Visit TextNow’s website.
  2. Access your TextNow account.
  3. On the left side of the screen, you will see all of the past calls and messages you have made and received in the order of newest to oldest.

6. Use SpyforMe Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup

TextNow number lookup is one of the functions accessible in SpyforMe, which is one of the greatest and most widely used testing tools.

SpyforMe may assist you in spying on others if you get scam calls, are a victim of cyberbullying or cyberbullying, or live in an untrustworthy relationship.

Do you want to find out who is behind the TextNow number? If you answered yes, let’s go through the following steps.

Rather than arbitrarily searching for other platforms in a person and expending all of your energy in vain.

TextNow Lookup Procedure:

Many users utilize the numbers offered in the TextNow app because they are simple to replicate and difficult to track. But don’t worry; use the SpyforMe forum, and you’ll be able to find out who that individual is in a matter of minutes.

Follow the instructions below to get the TextNow number in the SpyforMe tool.

  1. Enter the number in the search field first, then click the “View” button.
  2. Allow 20-50 seconds for the site to look at your personal information.
  3. After viewing the site, you will be routed to a page containing all your personal information.

7. Create Second TextNow Account

If you utilize a captivating story to build rapport and trust with the unknown textnow number that messaged you, you will most likely be able to discover who owns a TextNow number.

You may open a new TextNow account, receive a unique phone number, and then text that individual. To draw the person in, you must create an intriguing or relevant story. From there, you can start to identify who they are.

8. Use A TextNow Number Lookup

You may use a TextNow Number Lookup to get highly personal facts about the caller, such as name, address, location, and other background information, by going to the TextNow number lookup. Go to TextNow, input a number, and then look it up on the TextNow Number Lookup. Furthermore, various internet sites may give you further personal information such as phone numbers, complete profile images, and social network profiles. Regardless, not all websites should get trusted since some are reputable while others are not.

First, go to your TextNow Number Lookup site to determine who owns a TextNow number.

  1. Now, input the TextNow number whose identity you wish to discover into the TextNow number lookup tool.
  2. Wait for the TextNow Number Lookup report to be generated. It may take a few minutes for the TextNow number search tool to get all of the information associated with the TextNow number.
  3. When the TextNow reverse lookup tool has completed getting all of the information, you will be forwarded to a page with all of the information on the TextNow number you looked for.

9. Text The Number Asking Who They Are

Texting is becoming a more popular way for individuals to interact with one another. If you have a TextNow number, you know that texting is faster and less expensive than phoning.

Unknown numbers may sometimes appear and send you a random text message. Some may come from fraudsters, while others may come from prospective customers or friends. If you wish to find their TextNow number, you may ask them for their identification.

By speaking casually and briefly, politely inquire about the person’s identity behind the unknown number.

You may introduce yourself and inquire about their company. Converse with them like you would with anybody else in real life.

Receiving a text from someone you don’t know might be intimidating. However, if you are cautious, you will discover that most messages are harmless. Respond and wait. You’ll see that the problem may get remedied on its own.

10. Truecaller App

Truecaller is a well-known software accessible on both iOS and Android devices. The software offers several functions, including call management, SMS messaging, spam filtering, and caller ID.

The app employs the CrowdSourcing idea to deliver you information.

When you download the app, you must provide certain rights, such as the ability to create and manage call records, access conversations, and send and see SMS.

Your phone’s contact information is synchronized with the Truecaller website as you allow all permissions. In addition, the data of all Truecaller users is synced on the Truecaller website. As a result, when a person gets an anonymous call, they may see the caller’s name, location, and phone number.

It is now effortless to trace a TextNow number using the Truecaller app. Let’s move on to the following steps:

  1. First, install the TrueCaller app and provide all necessary rights.
  2. Fill up your profile by entering your name, address, and email address.
  3. Now, go to the top search box and type in a phone number or a name.
  4. You will get presented with your data that has been synchronized with the app’s Truecaller website when you click on your profile.
  5. You will see your name, address, and location on the page. When you click on a place, Google Maps will appear, and you may track someone from there.

11. Ask Your Service Provider

Network providers keep call records so that you may inquire about specific calls. However, they only provide the location and state from where the call got made, and even if you have entirely validated your account, it is the only information they can reveal.

You may also request that they search up the phone number in their system and see if anything indicates that the phone number is from the same provider. Agents can only supply you with the owner’s name, but this will give you a good sense of who was contacting you.

12. The Police Might Be Able to Identify Them

According to the privacy policy, it does collect a lot of user data such as IP addresses, email addresses, device information, telephone log information, messages, and a lot more. Still, TextNow will not share any of it with you.

Only if you are an investigating officer in a case or a government law enforcement official with a court-ordered authority to access such data will the firm disclose user-related data with you. You should also consider reporting the TextNow number, checking if it’s still an active number, or changing it.

What is the procedure for reporting a TextNow number?

To report a TextNow number, send an email to [email protected]. Furthermore, you must provide the phone number and dates when someone contacts you in the email. If you didn’t have an issue with Textnow with the abuser and want to stop spam, you can do it yourself through the Textnow app.


So there are possibilities, and you don’t know who owns the TextNow number. People currently utilize toll-free numbers that provide services to cheat on their romantic partners or closest buddies.

You may find out who owns the TextNow number by using this article. Please share this content with your friends and family if you find it beneficial.

If you have any questions concerning this topic, please leave them in the comments section, and we will attempt to answer them as quickly as possible.

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