How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat


Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging platforms – it allows you to messages your friends in more fun ways as opposed to conventional platforms. For example, you can text your friends normally, send them photos or video snaps, and reply to their stories. Compared to other platforms, you can only really send them normal texts.

As a messaging platform, Snapchat has a lot of social aspects. You can add your friends using the search bar just like any other social media platform. When you first create your Snapchat account, you’re prompted to provide your email, phone numbers, and date of birth. This is so that Snapchat knows whether you’re old enough to use the app – they also use this to notify others that it’s your birthday.

If you’re not sure when your friend’s birthday is, you can use Snapchat to find this out. Although Snapchat won’t notify you right away, there are ways that you can tell right away.

Using the Friends List

When it’s someone’s birthday on Snapchat, you can use the friend’s list to find out when their birthday is. When it’s someone’s birthday, the cake emoji will show up on the right side of their name. This only happens when it’s someone’s birthday. If you want to find out if it’s someone’s birthday that you don’t talk to, then rather than using the chat list, you can use the friend’s list.

When you’re in the friend’s list, you want to scroll down moderately fast until you see the cake emoji next to someone’s name. This will indicate that it’s the person’s birth and from here, you can snap them a happy birthday message.

When someone snaps you and it’s their birthday, you’ll see that the snap will have a gift wrapper on it. This can be for a normal chat, red snap or purple snap.

Look at your Stories

Another way to tell if it’s someone’s birthday on Snapchat is to look at your friend’s stories. If you have mutual friends with someone, usually their friends will be posting happy birthday to them on their story. So, you’ll need to check out your stories each day if you want to know when someone’s birthday is.

Unfortunately, these are the only two definite ways to find out if it’s someone’s birthday on Snapchat. Snapchat doesn’t announce to you when it’s someone’s birthday, you can only tell by using some indicator. Unfortunately, if someone hasn’t provided the correct birthday to Snapchat, you may snap them when it’s not their birthday. Only use the cake emoji as an indicator and not as a concrete way to find out if it’s someone’s birthday.

Ask Your Friend On Snapchat

Another way to find out if it’s someone’s birthday is to simply ask them. Or, if you’re not sure when your friend’s birthday is, then you can a mutual friend for their birthdate. Sometimes people set their birthday wrong on Snapchat, therefore, it’s impossible to know when their birthday would be on Snapchat without asking them.

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