Knowing your Dell PC’s model number is incredibly important if you need to troubleshoot, get personalized support or you’re looking for products that are supported. However, in order to get that specialized support or to troubleshoot correctly, you need to know the model number. But how do you find it?

As it so happens, finding out your Dell PC’s model number is a lot easier than you think; a few routes are available to you.

Find the Dell PC Model Number Label

The easiest way to get a hold of your Dell’s model number is by checking the product’s label. Where can you find it, you ask? Why, on your computer. If you have a Dell desktop PC, the model number is usually on the side somewhere in one of the corners. If you have a Dell laptop, turn the laptop over and look under for the model number.

Don’t have a model number label or removed it? Get in touch with Dell to access your service tag. Alternatively,

Use the Dell SupportAssist Application

Dell’s SupportAssist application is a great tool for troubleshooting your PC and comes pre-installed on Dell products. More importantly, it houses information on your computer, specifically the model number.

1. Start by opening the Windows Start menu. Then search for SupportAssist and launch the program from the search results.

2. Once SupportAssist launches, you’ll see your Dell’s model number on the main hub of SupportAssist.

If you happened to uninstall SupportAssist, you can download and install it again from Dell’s support page.

Use Windows’ System Information Window

Windows has its own way of providing information on your computer, like your PC’s model number, with System Information. It’s a perfect alternative if you don’t want to reinstall Dell’s SupportAssist.

1. Open the Window Start menu. See the gear icon in the bottom-left corner? That’s Windows Settings. Go ahead and click on it.

2. In Windows Settings, choose System. It has the subheading, ‘Display, sound, notifications, power.’

3. In the left-hand column of the System page, click About. It’s at the bottom of the column.

4. Locate the model number under Product ID.

Check Dell PC Model Number in BIOS

If you’re troubleshooting a computer and don’t have access to any programs or Windows System Information, you can nab the model number within the BIOS.

1. Restart your Dell PC and immediately when it starts powering on, start pressing the F2 key until you’re presented with the BIOS page.

Note: If Windows starts, you need to restart and try again.

2. In the BIOS, you’ll either see the model number on the main page or under System Name.

Bottom Line

Getting a hold of your Dell’s model number can be done in a myriad of ways, as you may have noticed by now. What helps is that it can be uncovered for just about any situation. For example, if you’re troubleshooting and in the BIOS, it’s right there. If you don’t want Dell’s SupportAssist installed on your computer, simply use Windows’ System Information page.