Windows has always had a dedicated place for photos to live, the aptly named “Pictures” folder. But, unfortunately, photos don’t always make it into that particular folder. Sometimes you save a picture in the Downloads folder, other times they make their way into a nesting folder—a folder within a folder, within a folder. There’s got to be a better way of finding all photos stored on a Windows 10 computer. It just so happens there is!

If you want to know how to find all the photos stored on your Windows 10 PC, look no further than the Photos application.

Find All Photos Stored with Photos App

Windows 10 comes equipped with a pre-installed program called Photos. What this wonderful piece of software does is bring every single photo and video stored on your Windows 10 PC to one platform. Not only is this incredibly helpful and convenient, it has some added features that are unique to Photos that make it far more useful than the File Explorer.

For example, Photos has a “People” tab, which can group together photos of a single person based on facial recognition. It’s pretty handy if you’re aiming to find a specific person.

First, let’s launch the app and see what it has to offer.

1. Open the Windows Start menu by either clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner, along the taskbar or by tapping the Windows key on your keyboard. It too resembles the Windows logo.

2. With the Windows Start menu now opened, search for Photos. When the Photos app appears in the search results, go ahead and open it.

3. Now, from here you’ll see your entire collection of photos. Of course, you can scroll through a find one you need or, if you know the file name, use the search bar in the top left corner to find it or locate it using the Folders tab.

4. Maybe you don’t know the name of the file. What do you do then? If you at least know the date, you can use the timeline on the right-hand side to narrow your search. This will actively change when scrolling through photos.

5. Want to scroll through photos faster? Alter the thumbnail sizes between Large, Medium, and Small with the size icons in the top right corner. More photos fit into one space, making it easier to scroll through hundreds of photos.

6. Maybe you want to narrow down the search to a specific person, which can easily be done with the People feature. It groups together photos of a single person through facial recognition. Click the People tab in the top-left corner. Use the search bar at the top to find a specific person.

Note: This will not work if the People feature has been disabled.

7. In order to take advantage of the People feature, it must be enabled. Click “Take me to the app settings page” to enable it.

8. Move the slider to On.

Bottom Line

As you can see, finding all the photos stored on your Windows 10 computer can easily be done through the Photos application. It presents a far better alternative than using File Explorer, considering it brings together photos and videos from your entire computer rather than everything related to keywords.