There’s no doubt that there are quite a few differences between Windows and Mac computers. Most people are accustomed to a Windows background, and for this reason, it can be very confusing when you change and join the world of Macs. Although Apple prides itself on providing users with an easy to use operating system, and simple designs, users who have been using Windows computers all their lives, will have trouble when switching to Macs.

One example of how Macs can be confusing at first, is when it comes to using the right click option. On Windows computers, just as the name implies, in order to use right click, all you have to do is press on the right-hand side of your mouse or trackpad. When you purchased your Mac, and tried doing this, you probably noticed that the click was registered as a regular click, and not a right click. This is because Macs don’t use the same right click method as Windows, for their default option.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enable clicking on the right side of your mouse or trackpad, in order to use right click. You most certainly can. In order to get started, and enable right click on your Mac, follow the instructions below.

Enable Literal Right Click

Before you get started and begin enabling the settings for literal right click, please be aware that the default method for right clicking on a Mac, is by using a two finger click. In other words, you simply tap or press on your trackpad by using two fingers, in order to use right-click. This method is actually much more intuitive and faster than the traditional method of using right click.

By using the two-finger method, you can access the right click option from anywhere on your trackpad, whereas the traditional method only works by clicking on the right side of your trackpad. Nonetheless, if you’re accustomed to the way you did it on Windows, and would like to enable the same setting on your Mac, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner of your screen.

2. Click on System Preferences.

3. Click on Trackpad.

4. Ensure that the Point & Click tab is opened. This tab should be opened by default, but if it’s not, click on the Point & Click tab. Note: If you’re running an old version of Mac OS, this tab will be called the One Finger tab.

5. Ensure that the checkbox for Secondary Click is enabled. Please note that Secondary Click refers to right-clicking.

6. Click on the drop-down menu, under the Secondary Click tab.

7. Click on Click in bottom right corner.

You’ve now enabled right clicking on your Mac, and can carry it out the same way, as you would on a Windows computer. As you may have noticed from the Point & Click tab, you can also adjust other settings when it comes to using your trackpad. You can adjust whether or not your click is Light, Firm, or Hard. You can also enable Silent clicking, which will dull the noise when you click on your trackpad. Feel free to explore the settings for your trackpad, and adjust them accordingly, based on what suits you best.

Alternate Method to Right Click

Believe it or not, there’s actually a third method you can use to right click on your Mac. Many users don’t know about this method, even though, it’s not only easy to remember, but also carry out.

All you need to do in order to use this method, is press the control key while clicking on something. This will be registered as a right click on your system. This method is referred to as control clicking. Many users also call this method alt-clicking, as it’s an alternative method. However, this name can be quite confusing, as you don’t use the alt key in order to use this method. No matter what you decide to call this method, the function it carries out will be the same, and you’ll be able to use the right click option. Feel free to use whichever method is best for you.