If you’re being a grumpy old fart, stuck in their ways and refusing to use Paint3D, you can still rock at editing a photo in Paint, one of Microsoft’s longest running applications. Paint is equipped with a number of important photo editing tools, not quite as robust as, say Photoshop, but if you’re looking to make some quick editing, minus the fanciness, then Paint is a viable option.

Let’s start editing a photo in Paint and see what it has to offer.

Opening Your Photo in Paint

1. First and foremost, opening a photo to edit. Start by launching Paint from your desktop and or Windows Startup menu. If you’re using your Windows Startup menu, type “Paint” anywhere in the menu and select it from the search results.

choose Open

2. Next, open a photo for editing by clicking File in the top left corner of the blank canvas. From the drop down menu that followed, choose Open.

click Open

3. Locate the photo on your computer and, when found, click Open. Your blank canvas is now filled with your photo.

Adding Text to Your Photo

You have the option of adding text boxes to your photos, providing funny quips or setting up a dank meme, like so:

1. At the top, where your toolbar is, locate the Tools section. One of the icons is called “Text,” which is represented by a black “A.” Click it.

text box that adheres to the font sizes

2. By clicking on your image, it will provide a text box that adheres to the font sizes.

create a larger text box to work

3. On the other hand, if you click and drag, you can create a larger text box to work with.

change the color of your font

Additionally, you can change the color of your font, whether the text box is opaque or transparent and even bold, italicize, or underline or all of them at once. And yes, you can change the font, too.

Drawing On Your Photo

Drawing in Paint is an easy to learn tool, but also has a high skill ceiling. That means that just about anyone can make use of it, but highly skilled users can do some fantastic work with it; you just have to know what you’re doing and be very clever with your editing. Regardless, you can always use it to draw whatever you want by using your mouse, like so:

Pencil tool

1. On your toolbar at the top, and to the right of “Tools,” you’ll see Brushes. Clicking on it will open a drop down menu that contains different styles of brushes. If you want to go with a basic pencil style, click the Pencil tool under “Tools.”

pick a color from the color palette

2. Once you’ve chosen a style, pick a color from the color palette, as well as choosing the Size of your brush.

Edit Colors

3. Additionally, you can add new colors by clicking Edit Colors to the right of the color palette and create your own colors. You can pick a color as well as the strength of the color.


4. Now paint away!

Cropping Your Photo

Arguably, the most used function in Paint is making use of the Cropping tool. With the right amount of cropping you can remove those annoying photobombers or cleaning up an image that has too much happening on both sides.

choose Select All

1. On the toolbar, look for the Image section. Within that section, click Select. From the drop down menu that followed, choose Select All.

tiny white boxes

2. With your entire photo selected, you can crop the photo by hovering over the tiny white boxes at the edge of the canvas and clicking and dragging them back and forth.

Selecting Portions of Your Photo

You can free-form select or use a rectangular-type of selection, like so:

Image section

1. On the toolbar, look for the Image section. Within that section, click Select. From the drop down menu that followed, choose the kind of selection shape you want, whether it’s Rectangular Selection or Free-form Selection.

choose Rectangular Selection

2. If you choose Rectangular Selection, click and drag to select a portion of the photo, then drag the section to where it needs to go.

3. Free-form Selection is more freeing since it isn’t limited by rectangles and squares. Clicking and dragging your mouse will produce a line. Be sure to connect the lines at the end to provide a cleaner cut.