Maps in smartphones have to be one of the most productive technological advancements. Maps have made life easier for the people by taking them exactly where they want. You get the directions on go and reach the destination hassle-free. Apple maps, in comparison to Google maps, were not that helpful according to many navigators.

However, the recent developments by Apple have ensured that Apple maps are as functional and convenient as the Google maps are. They are easier to use as all you need to do is to drop a pin and they will take you to that exact location. If you aren’t sure about this, you need to learn how to drop a pin on your iPhone so that you are never lost.

How to Drop a Pin on Apple Maps Using iPhone:

1. Launch the Map app on your iPhone.

2. On the main screen, you would see a blue dot. That dot highlights your current location.
tap-hold on that area of the screen and you will see a red-pin dropped at that very location

3. Find the location where you want to drop the pin. Now tap-hold on that area of the screen and you will see a red-pin dropped at that very location.

4. This red pin is a suggestion that the pin has been dropped and the location has been marked.

5. You will also see the option Edit Location underneath the map. Tap on it.

6. Now your map will show you a more elaborated view of the place pinned by you. You can further zoom-in to see the surroundings and whatnot.

7. Once viewed, you can hit the option Done to go back to the main map screen or you can tap on the option remove marker to remove the pin from the map.

How to Get More from Your Apple Maps Pin:

Pinning a location isn’t enough as the next steps involve reaching that location. You can hit the option Directions and iPhone will map out the quickest route to reach that location.

Furthermore, you can scroll down a little to see the options like Remove, Add to, and Share. From these options, you can remove the marked location, add it to the new collection like office/workplace and you can also share it directly to the friends that may want to join you at that location. To send the location to a new or existing contact on your iPhone contacts list, tap Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.

You can also save this location as a Favourite. You’d usually do that if you visit that place frequently. You just need to tap on the option Add to favorites. Likewise, you can remove it from the favorites by tapping the option Add to Favourites again.

Your maps also allow you to add a missing place nearby the location. For example, if you think that a business or landmark, street or address, or any other location is missing then you can tap the respective option and then add it. Enter the name of that place, and hit the option Submit at the top right of the screen.

Apple will then look into the matter to see if the information you have provided is right or wrong. You can follow up the progress via email. All in all, it is a good feature, but you need to be very authentic to add a location as Apple hardly misses any locations on their maps.