Have you ever been sent a video on Facebook Messenger that you wanted to download to your phone instead of just having it in the messages forever? Maybe you made a video, or a friend made a video that you were in and you are wanting to save it to your device. whatever the reason is, there are ways to make it happen.

There used to be a download button that you could hit to download videos straight from Messenger. That option doesn’t seem to be available anymore except for videos that are sent from one of the persons’ galleries.

If the video was simply shared from Facebook to you via Messenger than this option probably is not available. The reason behind this is probably that Facebook wants users to stay on their platform as much as possible.

They want you to have to get on the app to watch the videos rather than being able to save them to your device and watch them without accessing the app.

As you could have guessed, people don’t like this too much and have come up with two ways to save videos to your device without using and downloading random software. The two methods to do this that will be listed only involve a browser or a web based app that requires no downloading of software.

Open the Video in a Separate Tab

This is a method of downloading to your computer more than for a mobile device.

1. You will need to open the video in a separate tab, and then let it play until the end of the video.

2. When the video ends, you need to right click on it and choose Save as.

3. Now you need to name the file and choose a save location.

Now, the video should download to your computer and you should be able to watch it in your video player. The file should be downloaded as an MP4 file, and therefore, should be able to be played universally. That’s all you have to do with this method.

Using a Browser Trick to Download a Video

There is a well known hack out there that allows you to download videos from your Facebook Messenger by extracting the URL of the video, then switching it to a mobile version of the webpage, then allows you to download the video after inspecting it.

1. Go to the video that you are wanting to download

choose the Copy video URL

2. Then, right click the video and choose the Copy video URL at current time option

3. Now, you need to paste the URL you just copied into a new browser tab

delete the www. part and replace it with m.

4. After you paste it, you need to delete the www. part and replace it with m. to go to the mobile version of the web page

5. Go to the page and let the video play

6. Right click on the video again and choose the Inspect option or on a Mac you can press Alt+Cmd+J on the keyboard together

7. Now, you need to find the video URL that ends with MP4 and copy it

paste that into yet another browsing tab and let the video play

8. You need to then paste that into yet another browsing tab and let the video play

choose the Save Video as option

9. Right click for the last time on the video and choose the Save Video as option

This is a very popular and widely used method to save videos from Messenger, but also to download videos from other websites. This works on most web browsers as well, which makes it a fairly universal way to do this.

If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, there is one last option here that may work for you and seems to be a great way to download videos straight to your computer or mobile device when the previous method didn’t work for you.


1. You need to follow the same steps as the method directly above this from 1-7 to get the proper video URL

2. Go to fbdown.net and paste the URL into the box in the middle and then click the Download option

3. Then, choose a place to save the download to if asked

This will work with no problems as long as you have the right video URL. This site works rather fast and a very effective tool to have at your disposal.