Twitch is one of the most popular video streaming platforms right now. All kinds of users get on Twitch to watch their favorite streams from all over the world and across different categories. The platform has something called as VOD, which stands for Video on Demand. This allows users to watch completed broadcasts from their favorite streamers after the live stream has ended.

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to download Twitch VOD videos so you can watch the stream offline. You can download the videos to your computer, or you can upload them elsewhere so it can be viewed by more people. This post will show you how to download your Twitch videos as well as videos from other users. Let’s get started!

Download Your Twitch VOD Videos

If you’re a Twitch streamer, then you can download your older streams right from the website with a click of a button. Twitch will give you a time period between which you can download a previous stream. This usually varies from 14 days for regular users and up to 60 days for Twitch Partner and Affiliate users. If you don’t download the video in this time, then the stream will be deleted forever. Here’s how to make sure that your videos are saved in archive:

1. You will need to enable the auto-archiving from the Twitch Settings.

2. Open Twitch on your desktop and log in with your username and password.

3. Now, click on your display picture located on the top right corner.

click on Channels and Videos

4. Select Settings and the click on Channels and Videos.

5. Here, scroll down to the bottom for the ‘Uploaded Videos and Archives’ option.

6. Now, click on the Moderation Settings and find the option to Automatically archive my broadcasts. This option will only appear if you have videos on your account.

clicking your profile picture

7. To download the archived videos, head back to the main page and select the drop-down menu by clicking your profile picture.

8. Select the option that says Video Producer.

9. Here you should be able to see all your videos.

start the download

9. A Download link should be available next to the thumbnail for the video. Click on this link to start the download. The video will be saved on your computer.

And that’s how you download Twitch VOD videos from your own profile.

Download Others Twitch VOD Videos

To download another users Twitch VOD video, you will need to download an external app. The most popular app that can download Twitch VOD videos is called Twitch Leecher. This is a free app that has been made just to download videos from the streaming service. You can use the app to download videos from any users. Read on to know how to download and install Twitch Leecher on your computer.

installer for Twitch Leecher

1. You can get the installer for Twitch Leecher via its official GitHub page.

2. Download the installer that has the .exe extension.

double click on the installer to install it

3. After downloading the program, double click on the installer to install it. Remember, this currently only works on Windows.

4. Follow the instructions to finish installation of the program.

5. Now, click on the Start Menu and look for Twitch Leecher.

6. Launch the app to begin downloading Twitch VOD videos.

7. A Search option is available at the top of the program. You can add your favorite channels here.

8. You can also launch your default browser and head over to the Twitch website.

9. Now look for the channel whose videos you want to download.

10. Once you’re on their profile, click on Videos to view all their content.

11. Look for the video that you want and then right click on it to copy the link.

12. Now head back to the Twitch Leecher app and paste the link in the URLs tab. Click on search to find the video.

13. The video should now appear with a Download link next to it.

14. Click on Download to start downloading the video.

15. Before the download begins, you can choose the size of the video, the resolution, the download location, and change its name. You can also choose the start and end points of the video, in case the stream is several hours long and you only want to download a part of it.

That’s it. You have now successfully downloaded a Twitch video from your favorite streamer. And that’s how to download Twitch VOD videos with ease. We hope you have found this tutorial helpful.