Being able to store data on a cloud server and torrenting are both extremely useful tools for people that use the internet. Torrenting is an effective but controversial way of sharing and downloading files from one person to another. Cloud storage is where you are able to save data on a server instead of to a device. It is extremely useful and there are several cloud services out there now. Google Drive is one of the best and most popular cloud services out there.

The fact that both of these services are extremely useful makes it pretty obvious that using them both together wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Having your torrent files automatically save to your Google Drive would be great. Not having to manually upload them would be a nice break. The good news here is you can absolutely do that. In fact, there are a couple of ways to do it.

Cloud Torrenting

The ability to download torrents straight to your Google Drive is made possible by using the services of cloud torrent providers. The cloud torrent providers have taken downloading torrents to the next level and makes things easier than ever. Instead of using the old school BitTorrent clients on your computer to download the files directly to your hard drive, you can use a cloud torrent provider to download and save files to its own server, and then you can have access to them whenever you would like.

Some cloud torrenting services go even further with their service to you and transfer the torrents you downloaded directly to your Google Drive. There are two providers in particular that make this possible that are worth mentioning.

Offcloud and Bitport are both paid services, but the only real way to download torrents directly to your Google Drive is to pay a little money. Offcloud has a free version but you only get three torrents a month for free which isn’t going to be enough if you really want to take advantage of this service.

Bitport also has a free version that gives you one torrent a day but doesn’t allow you to download it straight to your Google Drive unless you pay for one of the paid services they offer.

How to Download Torrents to Your Google Drive


1. You need to log into your Offcloud account first

2. Then you need to go to the Account tab

3. Choose the Remote Accounts option and a new one

4. Find the text field titled Account Type and choose Google Drive

5. If you want, you can also add a link to a specific folder at this point too

6. Now, you need to choose Authenticate Google Drive and then log into your Google Drive when asked for your info

After you have set this up you can move on to actually downloading a torrent.

1. To download a torrent, find the Offcloud menu and choose the Remote option

2. Copy and paste the link to the torrent you are wanting into the box

3. Then you need to select Google Drive from the menu and hit the Upload

4. This is awesome because Offcloud will then download the torrent, save it to your Google Drive, and then send you an email alerting you when it is done

Offcloud is an awesome and easy way to download all the torrents you want directly to your Google Drive without having to do twice the work to get it there.


1. First thing is first, log into your Bitport account

2. Go to the dashboard and you should see a box titled Add Torrent Link

2. You need to copy and paste the link to the torrent you want here and then hit Add New Torrent

3. Wait until the torrent is fully loaded

4. Then, choose My files

5. Choose the folder you want the torrent to be saved to

6. If you have the paid version that allows it, you can choose your Google Drive

7. If so, choose it and then hit Choose folder

8. The first time you do this you will be asked to grant access to Bitport so you will need to follow the prompts

9. Finally, start downloading the torrent and it will end up in your Google Drive

Warning about using torrents with Google Drive

Torrenting isn’t an illegal act but using it to gain access to copyrighted content is. You need to be careful what torrents you are getting and saving to your Google Drive because you can face serious consequences for breaking the law in this way.