Podcasts are filled with amazing ideas and real-life dialogue that can really be intellectually stimulating. Today, more than 200 million people listen to podcasts around the world. The iTunes Store provides a massive collection of podcasts for mac OS and iOS users. The Podcast app is free to download on the Apple App Store. This tutorial will show you how to download podcasts from iTunes to your Apple device.

Access iTunes Podcast on Your Device

1. Open iTunes on your Mac.


2. Select the iTunes list above the right sidebar, and choose ‘Podcasts’:

If you have never used Podcasts in iTunes, it may not be on the menu. You may have to tick the Podcast box for it to appear on the menu. Hover next to ‘Library’ and ‘Edit’ should appear. Select ‘Edit’. An option list should appear. Make sure the Podcast box is ticked: Then click ‘Done’. The podcasts are now available for you to download from iTunes in the dropdown menu.

Subscribe to iTunes Podcast

When you subscribe to an iTunes podcast, you can download new episodes of the podcast automatically. Older episodes can be downloaded manually. The podcast episodes are organized in the iTunes ‘Podcasts’ section.

Select the podcast you want, and click on ‘Subscribe’ 

Select the podcast you want, and click on ‘Subscribe’

As you can see under the ‘Subscribe’ button, the users have ranked the podcast out of 1 to 5 stars. You can subscribe to multiple podcasts in iTunes and then organize and customize them.

Download iTunes Podcast Episodes

ITunes allows you to download a single podcast episode or a series of episodes. If you are using iTunes 12.6 or later use this method. Make sure that you’re iTunes is updated and that you have a strong Internet connection.

1. At the top menu bar, you should find ‘Library,’ ‘Unplayed’, and ‘Store’.

2. Select ‘Library’ to view all of your podcast subscriptions.

set the ‘Limit Episodes’ options to OFF

3. Click on a podcast and select ‘Feed’. All of the episodes for the podcast will be displayed. If there aren’t very many podcasts to choose from, go to the ‘Podcast Settings Menu’ in the upper corner. Look at ‘On This Computer’ and verify that podcast episodes are not being limited in the display. If the episodes are being limited, set the ‘Limit Episodes’ options to OFF

4. Then, make sure that the ‘Download Episodes’ option is ON.

5. Click ‘Done’.

To download all episodes of the podcast, go to your Podcast Library and select ‘Refresh’.

1. Choose the podcast show that you want for the download of all episodes.

2. Select ‘Feed’ to display the list.

3. Select one episode by going to Edit > Select All or using the ‘Shift’ key to select multiple episodes.

4. Once the episodes are highlighted, right-click, control-click, or select ‘Download Episodes’ from the menu. A simultaneous download of all episodes will begin.

5. To download a single podcast, select one podcast, and click on the download button for the individual podcast episode.

Once the podcasts are downloaded, you can listen to them offline.

  • If you are using an older version of iTunes, use this method. Make sure that you’re iTunes is updated and that you have a strong Internet connection.
  • Right-click on the podcast icon or the name of the podcast in the middle column.

Select ‘Download All’

A simultaneous download of all the selected episodes will begin. (You can pause the download process by selecting ‘Pause Downloads’ and unselect it to resume.) You can also customize your podcasts by selecting the ‘Podcast Settings Menu’ in the right panel and personalizing your options. You can limit how many episodes of a podcast can be stored on your device.

Once your podcasts have been downloaded, they can be synced with your other devices.

Note: Podcasts can also be added to iTunes by downloading them from sites on the Internet, or by receipt as email attachments. iTunes podcasts can be downloaded in two ways: manually or automatically. To set up automatic downloads, select a podcast, go to the podcast settings, and confirm new episodes are to be downloaded automatically:

Get Help from Apple Support

If you experienced problems downloading a podcast using these steps, contact Apple Support.