How to Do Slow Motion on Instagram Stories

How to Do Slow Motion on Instagram Stories

Can You Do Slow Motion on Instagram Stories

Yes, you do have the ability to put your Instagram story into slow motion. In fact, is really easy to do.

If you are looking to add the slow motion feature to your Instagram story, there are a few options available to you, and which option is right for you will depend on what you want your final product.

Read below to see just how it easy it is to incorporate slow motion into your Instagram Story.

How to Do Slow Motion on Instagram Stories

Adding slow motion to your Instagram story helps to create something visually appealing and can be a fun effect, depending on the video’s content.

The point of an Instagram story is to share moments from your life, and the more you do to the content in terms of editing, the more likely it is to be noticed.

Business and personal accounts both benefit from having high quality Instagram stories, and the ability to edit them well is a necessary tool if you want to use this Instagram feature.

If you are trying to figure out how you can adjust the slow motion of a video for your Instagram story, take a look at these different options:

1. Use the Boomerang Feature

The Boomerang feature is handy and already installed within Instagram, so there is no need to go out and download anything additional to use its capabilities to incorporate slow motion into your video.

To access Boomerang, go to your Instagram Story’s camera and then tap on the infinity symbol on the left to enter into the Boomerang mode.

Inside Boomerang, locate the infinity symbol on the top to access the available effects and then choose the “Slowmo” effect, which will appear as a stopwatch icon.

The automatic setting for “Slowmo” will be half of the normal speed, and the setting will apply to the entire video, meaning that you cannot pick and choose which portions you want to be in slow motion.

Record your video, and then choose “Done”. This will send you back to the previous page, where you can add effects or music.

Once finished, select the small white arrow in the corner to post to your story. Remember that Boomerangs are short, and only allow you to record about 10 seconds of footage.

So if the content you want to include on your Instagram story in slow motion is going to be longer than that, this might not be the feature that you are looking for.

2. Use the Slow Motion Feature 

An Instagram Reel is a feature unique to Instagram that allows its users to create fun videos that allow the user to share information, educate viewers, and market to potential clients in a business setting.

The Instagram Reel editor allows for you to put your videos into slow motion, meaning you can use this feature to edit a video and then post it on your Instagram story.

To use the slow motion feature for Instagram Reels, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Open the Instagram app on your phone and log in to your account, if you are not currently logged in.

Step 2 – Find and tap on the plus sign icon, and then look at the options available to you at the bottom. Scroll all the way to the right until you find the Reels mode. Select this mode to access the Instagram Reels editing platform.

Step 3 – On the left side of the screen, you will see different options that you can use for you Instagram Reel, including audio, effects, timers, and a speed feature.

Since your goal is to create a slow-motion video for your Instagram story, you will need to select the speed option and then choose which speed you want. The larger the number after the decimal, the slower the motion in the video will be.

If there is not a decimal, the video will be in normal speed if you select “1x” and fast motion if you select anything higher than that.

Step 4 – This part is more optional, but if there are any other features that you want to add to your recording, you could go ahead and select them now.

Choose any filters or songs that you might want to also add. You can always go back and do this part after the recording.

Step 5 – Record your video. Once recorded, you will see the draft of your Reel in slow motion. If you did not already do step 4 regarding filters or music, go ahead and add those now.

Step 6 – Once you have the video the way you want it, including the slow motion feature, locate the download button at the top of your screen. It will appear as an icon with an arrow pointing down and a line underneath it.

Tap on this and it will save the Reel to your videos. There is no need to post the video to your Instagram Reel to be able to upload it to your story.

Step 7 – Now, on the bottom, swipe away from your Reel option and back to the Instagram story option. On the bottom right, you will see a circle with an image from your phone with a small plus sign.

Tap on this to access material already on your phone. Select the Reel you just downloaded, make any adjustments, and tap on the small white arrow on the right of your screen. Your video will be added to your Instagram story in all of its slow motion glory.

3. Use a Tool/App to Slow Down the Video Before, then Upload It to Your Stories

If you have tried the suggestions above and still find that you are not getting the slow motion results that you want for you Instagram story’s content, you have the ability to use a separate tool or app to adjust the video.

After you edit the video inside the tool or app and save it to your phone, you will go back to Instagram, access the story editor page, and select the finished video from your device to upload.

Below are some options:

Option 1 – Over:

Over contains a ton of different tools that you can use to edit your Instagram story, including templates, animated graphics, and stock footage.

Depending on the content of your story, the stock footage gallery is helpful and allows you to choose from different options without having to go through the process of creating or downloading something usable elsewhere and then uploading it to an Instagram story editing tool.

Over offers your coveted slow motion capability as well as other features to make your video stand out. If you are interested in seeing what can be done with Over, they have a hashtag dedicated to the content users have created using their features.

Go to Instagram and search for #madewithover and view the creations to see if those videos are similar to what you are trying to make. Best of all? This app is free!

Option 2 – Mojo:

Mojo is a video editing software that allows you to add character to your Instagram stories through templates, and also includes a slow motion feature.

Other features available to you through Mojo include animated templates already created for you to use. If you choose to create your own template, you have all the power.

Your template is customizable, meaning you can trim videos, crop photos, combine photos and videos into one template for your Instagram story, and add different effects and animations. 

Option 3 – Hootsuite:

Hootsuite allows you to edit and create your Instagram story’s content and includes a slow motion feature.

The platform provides you with a dashboard so that you can customize your story however you like and then save it to your device, or store it directly on Hootsuite.

Hootsuite also has a scheduling feature that lets you create and upload your videos to Instagram Story when you choose, so products can be saved for a later date.

You can start with a free 30 day trial and then you will have to purchase a subscription if you want to keep using Hootsuite, so keep in mind that this option may cost you. The Professional account starts at $49 a month after the free trial expires.

Option 4- VSCO:

VSCO is one of the top rated photo and video editing platforms available, and it specializes in adding filters and edits to videos that you want to include on your Instagram Story.

With so many available features, VSCO can take your content and be edited to create something that has a more professional touch, especially because it gives you the ability to adjust components like coloring, textures, perspectives, lighting, and add slow motion.

They also boast that even if your original video is lower quality, their features can help you edit it to become something spectacular, so if you are not a professional videographer, you can still make something that looks like you are.

VSCO is free to use, but also includes additional premium features if you pay for a subscription.

Option 5 – Life Lapse:

Life Lapse is a bit different than the other suggestions on this list because it specializes in creating stop motion videos; however, that does not mean it cannot be used to edit your Instagram story’s content and adjust the slow motion component.

You can watch more than 50 different available tutorials and lessons to become an expert in creating quality stop motion videos.

Also, if you practice with Life Lapse enough, you have the opportunity to submit your videos into one of their frequent “Stop Motion Challenges” to win money or other prizes.

Life Lapse features video editing tools inside the app, the ability to do ghosted image overlaps to make shooting easier, and both an interval time as well as a one-shot timer to achieve your desired result.

It is free to use, and includes premium features that you can access if you choose to purchase a subscription. 

Option 6 – Motionleap:

Yes, the purpose of this article is to help you incorporate slow motion into your Instagram story uploads; however, what if you are starting with an image instead of a video?

Obviously, you cannot edit an image to be in slow motion because it does not move, but you can make it move and add a slow motion filter with Motionleap. Think Harry Potter’s moving images, but now they can be done in real life.

Motionleap specializes in animating a static picture and allows for elements and overlays to be added.

Once included, these elements and overlays can have their speed adjusted, meaning you will have taken a picture and created your very own slow motion video worthy of your Instagram story.

You can focus on the background of the image, small details of a person within an image, or anything else that you want to move.

The result will be a really visually appealing “video” that is sure to catch attention. Motionleap is free to use and includes additional premium features available for purchase. 

Option 7 – Boosted:

Boosted is designed to edit your Instagram content, including the photos and videos that you post to your Instagram story or Instagram feed.

Boosted offers video templates, text layering capability, and additional features including the ability to add a slow motion effect.

You can also combine multiple videos into one seamless video, meaning if you have multiple videos that you want to add to your story but want it to appear as only one story on your Instagram, you can edit them inside of Boosted.

Option 8 – Adobe Express:

The word “Adobe” can give some technology users a twitch, especially because it can be a mess sometimes, depending on what you need to use it for.

In recent years, however, Adobe has made vast improvements and now has Adobe Express, which can be used to edit and produce quality content for your Instagram stories.

Adobe Express has thousands of available templates for your Instagram Story and also includes tools and features you can choose to customize the template, including a slow motion filter.

It is really user friendly, and only requires you to select the template you want, upload the video destined for your Instagram story, and adjust the features like the text or speed of the video.

If you want to get technical, you can also do other things with Adobe Express like remove the background on some of your uploads or animate your videos. Adobe Express is free to use and has more features if you purchase a subscription. 

Option 9 – InShot:

InShot offers its users the ability to perform all sorts of video editing to produce high quality Instagram story content.

It obviously will let you adjust the speed of your video, but it also includes features that will you add and edit music and sound effects, incorporate voiceovers, choose from transitions of a cinematic level, add filters that are beyond what Instagram offers, and blur the background to make your subject stand out.

The tool is powerful, and can produce professional level content with a user friendly platform. 

Option 10 – Filmm:

If you have found that tried to create an Instagram story with slow motion and you did not get the aesthetic you were looking for, Filmm gives you all of the tools that you need to adjust your content and take it over the top.

It allows for anyone to become a professional when it comes to editing videos and includes features that you will not find on Instagram.

You can adjust the film lighting, add textures to your video to make it more or less crisp, and include distortions to your video that makes it look like it was shot by a professional.

With over 30 different text animations, more than 100 different available filters and effects, the ability to perform multi-clip editing, and a story-specific cropping option, you can not only incorporate slow motion into your video but also adjust it to be a cinematic masterpiece.

Do not be surprised if your Instagram story’s views skyrocket and your followers start asking you how you do it.

Filmm is free to use, but like most of the other options on this list, you will find additional available features if you pay for a subscription.

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